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Inspirational story: no eternal poor, only lazy people who are unwilling to get wealth

Today in the newspaper, I saw such a sentence, saying: There is no eternal poor, unless he is a downright lazy. I remember, I don’t know that in this magazine, I read a little story like this:

In other words, a certain province, a county, a township, and a village have a family, and the old couple of their family only gave birth to one son. The name is Xiaobin. This child does not like to go to school and go to school in the village.

Now Xiaobin has grown up. Xiaobin, this young man, young, strong, and alive, is doing nothing. He often said that his hometown is as small as a well, and the sky is so big, he wants to develop, and he has to go to the world.

His parents are honest people, don't want him to go out, but he can't listen, he doesn't listen, he has to take out all the family and let him go.

Xiaobin took the money and walked away. It was two years. In the past two years, he has found a lot of work, and he is too tired and earns less. At the end of the day, I didn’t do it. The money was spent only a little bit, just enough to go home. He was in the car and returned home. He was hesitant when he arrived at the door. He was empty and had any face to see his parents? He frowned and sat down, close to his door, on a large rock.

At this time, an old man who was driving the sheep passed by him and saw him sitting on the big rock. He couldn't help but ask: "Hey, this is not Xiaobin, how do you sit here? Your parents chanting you every day, hurry. Go home!"

Xiaobin looked up and saw that he was a neighbor, Uncle Wang. He was embarrassed to say: "It’s Grandpa Wang! Your old body is okay! I am..."

After talking about the empty hands, the face is difficult.

Uncle Wang seems to understand that he took out the dry smoke and sat next to Xiaobin and said, "You kid, don't make money when you go out?"

At this time, Xiaobin nodded, not shaking his head. He sighed and said: "Hey! I am suffering, if I was born in this little fart place, I was born in a big city, how could I make trouble and empty hands."

Uncle Wang said with a smile: "It is this reason, but you are born in this bandit. It is an indisputable fact. Can't you go back to your mother's stomach to regenerate?"

After saying these words, Uncle Wang laughed.

Xiaobin was flushed and smiled coldly. He said: "It’s all of you who are poor in life, so that we don’t have the opportunity to turn over. If you grow your family business, we don’t have to work so hard for others. A little bit of money."

Uncle Wang saw him move, and smashed the smoky bag at the sole of his shoe and said: "The kid! China is gone, there are rich people in the poor, if you have to be a personal person, blame, resentment, resentment Parents are useless, it is better to think about how to make a solid foot in the three-point land of this acre, so that future generations will also blame you."

At this time, Xiaobin suddenly paused and thought about it. Wang’s words also had some truth. When he went out, he also smashed it. He proved that he really did not have the strength. He could win a place in the outer world. Now he is empty and back. It is better to use this empty hand, to fight hard, to work hard, to work hard, maybe it is not poor to leave it to future generations.

At this time, Grandpa Wang stood up and patted the soil on his body and said, "Let's go! Is it necessary to go home empty-handed?"

Xiaobin nodded and said, "Yes! It's time to go home."

He said, he stood up and leaned his waist, and walked firmly home. Go dry? Of course, it starts from scratch. So I said this story is a testimony. If you don't study, you don't have a good fruit to eat. Although Xiaobin has now realized it, there are still many children like Xiaobin in various parts of the country, especially in the marginal countryside. Whether they are willing to be lazy or diligent, this is something we need to ponder.

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