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An inspirational little story dedicated to 2012

An inspirational little story dedicated to 2012 <br /> This is a new story. I witnessed and deeply felt in Xiamen, Fujian half a month ago.
Xiamen Gulangyu Longtou Road is a famous snack street of the famous small island. The people who walked around the island came together from all directions, making this pedestrian street like Beijing Nanluoguxiang bustling and lively. The famous restaurants with different flavors are located on both sides of the street. The two most popular types are fish balls and sea bream.
Because it is not the tourist season, the small stalls are not overcrowded despite the continuous business. Therefore, we saw that there is a long queue of Haitang fried small shop, we believe that it will have a long-lasting reputation, racing peers. So we lined up the team and curiously looked at its scorpion and environment. The store is very small, about five square meters inside, the door has a double-eyed stove, and the twenty-small brother is operating as a furnace. Another little brother outside the store is responsible for maintaining queues, collecting money, and completing the final process. Outside the window of the shop, there is a huge leather shoe with a banner on the No. 189 Longtou Road. The book has three big characters.
We asked the little brother, I know the "market effect" of the big leather shoes, it turned out to be a custom-made genuine code 189 shoes! The purpose is to let the customer remember: Although there are many stores selling the sea bream in Longtou Road, there is no such thing as No. 189, and there is no semicolon.
The shop's sea bream is fried with two eggs and a prepared sea bream. The younger brother of the operation is very skilled, taking care of the sea bream that is being fried. At the same time, the egg is falling, the eggshell is opened, the mixture is stirred and beaten, and it is poured over the fried sea bream, about three minutes, and then put in Disposable lunch boxes, handed to the little brother outside.
I have observed that from the passenger flow and the number of queues, it is okay to sell fifty copies an hour. Every ten yuan, affordable, and seeing is believing. The taste is OK, the purchaser is very enthusiastic.
The two little brothers may be brothers or just partners. The shops in this street are expensive, but such a small area does not take up too much money. (Inspirational story) Xiamen's climate is suitable for tourism in the four seasons. The number of tourists in the Gulangyu peak season is only a lot compared with today. Even if it only takes six hours every day, deducting rent and production costs, the two younger brothers’ net profit should be More than a thousand dollars.
In fact, this is the simplest small food business. If you are skilled, it is like screwing the screws in the assembly line. Don't have too much inventory, don't worry about inventory and working capital. The price is cheap and unique, and there are tourists who will never lose business and have no money to earn.
After careful observation, I feel that the two younger brothers have a marketing mind. There are ten small shops in this street that make similar sea breams, but none of them have such a long queue. There is a shop opposite this shop, you can eat it without waiting in line, but people still prefer to spend more than ten or twenty minutes to eat their home. The advertising effect of the big leather shoes is impressive, and the confident propaganda words make people believe in this "brand-name store".

In short, Haishu Fried, which is simple in production and common in raw materials, has already brought a lot of income to young people under the management of two younger brothers. You don't have to be old, you don't have time to complain about injustice, just busy bowing your head and raising your head. Hard work is visible, but the return is pretty good. I admire the two, especially those children who have spent a lot of money to send abroad to study abroad and return to the sea, then to stay in the sea, or to work in low-paying jobs that they don't like.
I wish the two younger generations who have not met each other have a better business in the new year. I wish you all the best in the new year of the acquaintance of the camp.

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