Inspirational story

Inspirational story: give endurance a goal

Inspirational story: give endurance a goal

Inspirational heart: To endure a goal, life will be hard. It is impossible to do this without great wisdom and bravery. It is impossible to have no firm belief.

Blindly patience is cowardice, but the patience of a goal can create miracles. Here are the three stories I heard.

The protagonist of the first story is a child. One day, my son and father were separated in a large supermarket. The father searched the entire supermarket and went to the surrounding streets for a long time. He still couldn't find his son. He is anxious to fly out. No way, I had to go to the supermarket to see. At the door of the supermarket, the son rushed over.

After the son and father were separated, they went to several nearby streets to find their father. In the end, he thought that the best way was to wait in the same place.

The father asked him, why not enter the supermarket on such a hot day, where there is a breezy air conditioner. The son said that standing in the doorway can see people coming from all directions. Everyone who comes on the road may be his goal.

My father was distressed. How did the son come over in these few hours? Fear, anxious, sad, and standing in the sun under the sun, if in peacetime, his endurance can only support him for a few minutes. The son said: "I didn't think about anything else. I just want to see you soon. The time is over."

The hero of the second story is a famous boxer. In the first game of his debut, he was stunned by the opponent. Everyone watching the game thought he would fall midway, but unexpectedly, he suffered a heavy rain-like attack and supported the game. Afterwards, the reporter asked him: "Unbelievable, how did you start from the second back, always insist on patience to the last?" The boxer said: "I have no patience! I only think of 'defense' and 'attack', then I There is no such thing as 'bearing' in my mind."

Not thinking of patience is the only reason to be patient.

The protagonist of the third story is a great man. When traveling in South Africa, be sure to go to the cell of Mandela to pay respect. The sleepy room is very small, only the size of the general bathroom. We can't imagine a person being imprisoned for a few square meters in a few squares without a mental breakdown. The great man is a great man.

Mandela’s gaze must not cross the four walls, but he has turned his eyes to the democratic politics shown by the state. Otherwise, if you are facing a few square meters of cages for decades, you will become a white eye without collapse.

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