Inspirational story

Inspirational story: the widow of the rich man

Robert is a rich man, a well-known computer genius, and his son Jack is a dude, spending time in bars and dance halls every day. Robert unfortunately got an incurable disease and left a testament to his son Jack before his death:

"The wealth I left is locked in the safe, and the password to open the safe is stored in the computer. When you unlock the password of the computer program, it is the time to inherit my wealth. If you try to save the safe, the safe The wealth will be automated to ashes"

For his father's death, Jack was sad, but he was glad that his father left all his wealth to himself. After Jack cremation of his father, he invited his father, the most trusted assistant to his father, Morad, and hoped that he could solve the computer program password for himself. Mo Morad said: "Your father is a computer wizard. I can't do it to unlock the password."

Jack tried to get a reward as a pretext, so he smiled and said: "You can rest assured that my father has tens of millions of wealth. As long as I unlock the password, I can take 10% of my wealth as you. Reward." Morad thought about trying to give it a try.

On the same day, Morad started working. Jack is accompanying him every day, and the table is full of good wine and good food. After half a month, there is no progress. Morad sighed and said to Jack: "Your father's design is too esoteric. I didn't have the ability to unlock the password."

Jack frowned, and then thought about encouraging him to say: "I think that as long as you stick to it, this password can be opened. We can only move on, not back. If God wants people to retreat, he will make people There are eyes behind my head. We must always move forward in the hope and victory. Dear, are you right?"

Morad nodded and continued to tackle the problem. After another half a month, he still had nothing to gain. He had to say to Jack: "Sir, I have done my best. It seems that you have to ask for another brilliant!"

After Morale’s farewell, Jack was indifferent and had to indulge in bars and dance halls. As the days passed, his pockets became less and less, and he began to feel the crisis of survival. One day, when he had a glass of wine and a drink, a friend said, "Your father has left you a fortune. What are you awkward?"

He said to his friend: "Can't solve the password, even if there is a fortune, it is also a fish in the water, look at the flowers!"

The friend said mysteriously to his ear: "I can introduce you to a very sophisticated computer hacker, but you must take 20% of the wealth in the safe as a reward."

Jack thought that instead of getting this wealth, it would be better to give up 20% of the pain and agree to ask the hacker to solve the password.

Jack's friend helped him to invite the brilliant hacker, and after signing the contract, he began to tackle the problem. However, the hacker spent a month, racking his brains, and unable to open the password. In the end, the hacker left without saying goodbye. When he left, he left a note. Jack saw it and said: "It seems that your father's property is only available to God!"

Jack saw the note and patted the table angrily. "My father is also a head, two eyes. He is not a god. I must solve the password he set!"

Since then, Jack has started with basic computer knowledge and has taken another esoteric computer book. Then he went to several famous universities and consulted the famous computer doctor. After five years of study, he set out to crack the password.

After two years of research, Jack is like an expedition, passing through the secluded forests of the sun, walking through the deserted desert, crossing the raging rivers, climbing over the rocky mountains... but no Find the "baby" he dreamed of

He seemed to be disappointed, and he tried hard to find a few days. He finally found a picture left by his father on the computer screen. Take a closer look, the paintings are magnificent mountains, mountain rocks, high cliffs, and the top of the mountain is flowing clouds, surrounded by blue clouds, exotic flowers and plants, a good fairyland. Jack knows that his father wants to tell him: Unlimited scenery is at the peak, try to climb!

Jack was encouraged by the paintings to give courage and confidence. He spent the day and night, sleepless nights, and after a year of hard work, finally cracked his father's password. He used this password to open the safe, but the safe was empty except for a piece of paper.

The note says: Congratulations on your inheritance of my lifelong wealth. Money is just a digital one. In the era of knowledge economy, it cannot represent a person's lifelong wealth. Only knowledge is. The money I have earned has been quietly donated to people who need help in the rest of my life. What I leave you with is the spirit of continuous learning and fear of setbacks and constant development. This is the endless wealth of life.

Jack finally understood his father's good intentions. Later, like his father, he became a talented person in the Internet age with his profound knowledge and the spirit of never giving up.

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