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Thirteen times closed

In my twenties, I went to Europe and stayed there for 5 years. When I was studying at a language school in France, when I was in the middle of my family, I had to give up the cooking school I wanted to apply for and work immediately to support myself.

Young is my only capital, I want to go to an internship in a famous restaurant in Paris. The ideal is very full, the reality is very skinny, in the process of applying, I have eaten many times closed. No restaurant is willing to give an internship to an oriental who has not studied cooking in France, is not familiar with French, and does not even have a few connections.

At that time, I especially wanted to go to the most famous French restaurant, which is characterized by classical beauty. The restaurant has been ranked among the top three Michelin cuisines for nearly 30 years. Another well-known restaurant is the secret of strict confidentiality and refuses to accept interns.

I don't know where to come from, I decided to go to this restaurant to try my luck. It is said that people who graduated from the famous French cooking school can not find the opportunity to be an intern here. I took my resume and squatted at the restaurant gate for 30 minutes, just to see the chef Bernal Parker coming out. I took the first step and walked up to him. Standing in front of this idol-level character, my heart jumped wildly. It seemed that I had some difficulty in standing, but I still suppressed the excitement, said hello to him, and handed the materials to him. Mr. Parker looked and said, "There is no place for you here, please come back!" I didn't have time to comfort myself. A few days later I came to the restaurant with resume materials. Although I was rejected again, I still don't want to give up. If my teacher is a famous school, will it be less frustrated? The poor conditions of her own, in turn, become the driving force to constantly improve themselves.

The heat and the heat alternate, and half a year has passed. I studied hard at a small restaurant in Paris and applied for an internship at the restaurant of the gods twice a month. Finally, I was worried about it. At the 13th time, the manager suspected that I was obstructing the operation and reported the police. I fled in panic and took the MRT to run home. The long-standing grief rushed into my heart, tears lingered and flowed all the way.

When I went to the 14th time, I did not bring my resume material, but I took a ticket and an internship contract to Korea. I promised Bernard Parker, who was not ready to give me a closed door. Please give me 5 minutes, and I will never come again.

"If you are rejected again today, I will fly back to South Korea next week. In that way, Koreans will lose the opportunity to taste the food you have personally made. Even Koreans will think that French cuisine is just like this. You refuse me, not Not giving me a chance, but losing the opportunity to spread food culture to another country."

Despite the high level of slogans, I was extremely embarrassed. In fact, I couldn’t afford to buy a ticket at the time. I only took the unpaid booking ticket. Bernal Parker slowly flipped through my internship contract and then shouted the deputy head chef and said, "Look at this information and sign it. Then, you, next Tuesday. Come to the store to work."

The half-year effort finally came to fruition. I became the first intern chef in the finest restaurant in Paris.

Now, I often remember that time. I really feel that without the 13 times of disregarding the face and not being ashamed of the challenge, there will be no 14th success.

The 13 challenges are not failures, but the only way to success.

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