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Adaptation is another struggle

David H. Barlow, a professor of psychology at Boston University in the United States, has lived in a farm in the countryside for a while, and there is a forest in front of the farm. One day, when Professor Barlow walked through the woods, he found that the thickest and strongest redwood was covered with dense ants. Obviously, the ants regard the redwood as a comfort zone.

Professor Barlow hated these little guys and decided to drive them away from the trees. On the trunk, the professor found the ant nest. He first blocked the tree hole with wet mud. However, the next day, the professor came over and saw that the ants had bitten a hole from another place, and the mud was useless to them. The professor found a stronger wooden wedge, and as a result, he still couldn't stop the guys from entering and leaving happily.

Later, the professor heard people say that ants are very afraid of glue and mothballs. The professor mixed the glue and mothballs and applied them to the ant hole. This move seems to have some effect, and the ants are afraid to pass through the new hole. However, a week later, the professor regretted that the ants had reopened a hole in the trunk away from the mothball.

In the contest with the ants, the professor was defeated. What makes these small animals survive in the harsh environment of man-made manufacturing? The professor quickly found the answer: it is the ant's ability to adapt to the environment.

Back at Boston University, the professor told the students about this personal experience in class. He said: "Many times, we are misled by our struggles and believe that we must be unrelenting and brave. In fact, in the face of society and the whole of nature, we human beings are extremely small. Ants need to struggle in the tree hole, but they also need to struggle, but They have not been misled by struggle, they have not confronted powerful humans, but they have chosen to adapt. When they know that they cannot change the fact that the hole is blocked, they quickly adapt to it. With the lions and tigers, the living conditions are endangered. Than, the ant seems to know more about another meaning of struggle, that is adaptation."

Adaptation is actually another struggle. Only by preserving strength in the face of difficulties and re-opening the battlefield to cope with life will there be greater chances of winning.

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