Inspirational story

The ground your shoes have touched

My friend came from the field to my city. When I knew the message, she was already sitting in a small restaurant waiting for me.

I blame her for not telling me so early, so that I can pick up the station and help her get something. She smiled and said that she didn't want to trouble me. I asked her: "Is there still no place to live? Wait for me to accompany you to find a house."

"No, I have checked some information in the vicinity before I came online. I will go after I have finished eating, so I can get familiar with the environment while I am looking for a house. Besides, you are so busy, you can come with I am very grateful for the meal."

After dinner, she took a big travel bag from under the table and placed it on a big suitcase. Then she took a heavy bag and walked a little.

I used to help, she refused, and saw my face full of puzzles, she explained: "Do not misunderstand, not want you to help, but you can help me for a while, but can not help me.

If you help me temporarily reduce the burden, my heart will easily become dependent, but no one can help me all the time. If I form a habit of relying on others, I will have the courage and confidence to face the unknown.

I rebelled unreasonably in her words, but looking at her like this, my heart is not a taste. While still hesitating, she left me a big smile, then waved her hand and walked out without looking back.

The next scene, I have not forgotten for a long time - slender and thin, she pulled the suitcase slowly and walked forward slowly. The height of the two pieces of luggage was almost the same as her height, and the bag was still squatting. Severely pressed her shoulders down.

In July, when the sun is hot, even if I don’t take anything, I can’t stand it. What about her? I want to help her, but I think of her resolute attitude. I know that this independent and strong self-respecting girl will never let I am helping.

She is not willing to spend money to temporarily store her checked baggage, and she is not willing to give me trouble, but she can’t imagine a girl who is faltering like her in this big city, looking for a house in the hot sun. Hardships.

However, what I did not expect was that this was just the hard start that she had endured. Later, she called me several times, and the voice was tired more than once, but every time I told me good news, such as she found a house, got a job, and met many new friends.

Later, I learned that the young couple who had just started to share with her were insane and sinister, and did not give her much anger. Because there was no money, she couldn’t change the house. She had to endure; work hard and often work overtime, tired in the MRT station. They are all asleep, and their bodies are as thin as paper; during the festival, a person squats in the room to eat instant noodles... But even then, she has no complaints and "trouble" me.

After half a year, she asked me to eat. At this time, she has already established a firm foothold in this city, changed her place to live better, and the work after the job-hopping has also been done, and she has reconnected her network.

Talking about all kinds of things, she said to me with a red circle: "I really want to find you when I am the hardest. You are my most trusted friend in this city. But I know that this difficulty depends on the help of my friends. Protection, then you will always shrink behind others and you will not grow!

The ground that your shoes have touched is the way you really walked. Every step you take, and the hardships you have experienced after taking this step and the feelings of life give you all belong to you. It’s going to be hard, but if you go well, you will definitely go further.

At that moment, looking at her seemingly petite and weak, I admire it, what a powerful soul in her seemingly thin body!

We have all been stunned, we have all been timid, we all hope that someone will solve all the problems for us. But we never thought that once we have the courage to courage, not rely on anyone, no matter how difficult the future, and go without fear, then we will grow and harvest the gift of life and the beauty of life.

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