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Take the 501 bus home

Every time I feel lonely, oh, no sense of direction, I will go to the bus to go home, because the people on the station and bus are the most dense, people of all kinds can give me a lot of life enlightenment and sentiment.

1 Just walked to the door of the station ticketing hall, there was a dilapidated bowl reaching in front of me. There were three or five yuan coins lying on it. I looked at it and a woman in her fifties yelled at me. Said: "Little girl, doing well, good people are safe in life." I didn't want to give it. My mother-in-law is older than her, and she makes money herself. But she is really old, look at the two pieces of change that are ready to take the bus, forget it, give it to her, it is for her sentence "good man's life is safe"! Hey, this is good, I have to change the change. The small traders who are stalling at the station, everyone seeing me laughing, "Little girl, what?" It seems that they are very familiar with me. In fact, I know that they are familiar with money, not familiar with me. I am a woman of two children. I am a little girl, but I am not disgusted with this kind of praise. It seems to be a little proud. Just when I was proud, I found a lot of people around the side of the ticket hall. I squeezed in. I was dressed in a fashionable and clean fashion, my face was white and delicate, my hair was black and waist, I tied a tall ponytail, and my stomach was slightly raised. A girl who seems to be young is in my eyes. Strange, how did she lie on the ground and be surrounded by so many people? I looked down and saw the paper in front of her. I used a marker to write a few lines of characters. "I am a teacher in a poor mountainous area. My husband is working here. I heard about him and a woman at home." I am pregnant, I came out to look for him, but my husband heard that I came to him and ran away with the woman, my line was stolen by others, please help me, give me I want to buy a ticket to go home, thank you, "The teacher's "teaching" word on the left side of the word was also eaten by her, probably because there is no money to eat hungry, so I will not let go. Her line was stolen, and she would use her knees to pray for charity and mercy. Probably also the money written into the line, but also claimed to be a teacher, it is estimated that her language is taught by a mathematics teacher, I am surprised, she actually took a lot of money in her hand, the minimum face value of 10 yuan, the hand in her hand, estimated more than 500 How important is the value of this society, look at the value of money, you see, just that old man, the bowl is only a few yuan coins. I looked at her face carefully, the kind of grievances under the strong clothes, the joy that could not be hidden, and I was ashamed. I really want to open her slightly raised belly and see if it is a child or something else. Look, a man gives her 50 again. I look up and look at these onlookers. I am a man except me. I understand how much money she has in her hands. This society is still a "good guy" and a man is very popular. In particular, I saw beautiful girls, and the sympathy of the waterfalls, like the waterfalls that the mountains rushed down, could not stop them, and they were more spacious. I said to the man who just thrown 50 yuan, there is still an old man there, even more pitiful, you should give her some, and I got a bad eye, and I was a little shivering.

I looked at the girl, I really sympathize with her. Of course, I am not sympathizing with her experience, but sympathizing that she does not have a correct outlook on life, values, retreat 10,000, her story is true, then There are many ways to solve the problem. Fan is not humbled here. She is so big, she always has friends, she always has family, she takes a step back, no friends, no family. Then have both hands and feet. If you are harder and harder, you can’t sell your dignity. Who wants to get something for nothing, I think too. You see that her day's money is much more than I earned, but how can the dignity under the knee tolerate me to use squatting for sympathy and compassion. I would rather stand dead than live. I think, as long as you are not self-deprecating, who has forced you!

2 It’s hard to get on the bus. You want to find a quiet corner. It’s a luxury to stand up. It’s like the story in the costume drama. You think that if you take the emperor and do the scorpion, you will sit back and relax. Then you are very wrong. Wrong, you have to get to the right and left, be careful to stand on the heel. The same is true for buses. Every station has to come up with many people. The driver always screams: "Go inside, go inside." So you never have a fixed corner, even if you are not far from home, you must Keep moving. At this time, you will feel the great decision of the country to implement family planning.

The eternal topic on the bus - let the seat, on the bus, you will always see such a small poke, when you get on the bus and find a seat to sit, immediately take out your mobile phone, put on earplugs, a pair of non-human fireworks, and the world Isolated, never looking up at the surrounding, today, a young man, sitting on the old, weak, sick, disabled, dedicated seat, holding a mobile phone in his hand, ears with headphones. Next to an old man, with a little grandson, the little grandson was crowded and ventilated, and the people were so crowded that they cried, and they tried to lift their grandson. The hand didn’t help, and a cockroach almost fell, but it was crowded. . Otherwise it must have fallen. The boy who was sitting was not lifted, it seems that he is not in the same world as us. I really couldn't stand it anymore. I said to the boy, "Little brother, can you make a seat for the old man?" As a result, I won a contemptuous eye. Every time I can't help but be impulsive, I am nosy, so I don't have to talk about it, and I can't say what day I will be jealous. I think, if this old woman is our own mother or mother-in-law, that child is our child, then how can we bear it. Nowadays, the demise of morality and the indifference of humanity make everyone chilling. Finally I am standing, I am crowded from people, and at this time, you know that losing weight is an urgent task. Or think, if I have a good Sun Wukong, I can become a mosquito and fly out easily. Finally squeezed out of the car. The road to go home is very short, but I feel very long, and I am suffocating. After getting off the bus, I took a deep breath. There was no smell in the air, no fart smell, no bad breath. I thought that the bus drivers were not very pitiful and struggled in such a complicated environment every day.

Suddenly I feel that I am so happy, the people and things I face every day are so simple. Everyone's life is not easy. I shouldn't be humbled and self-pity. I shouldn't be self-satisfied. I shouldn't blame myself, and I shouldn't blame others. There are still many people, the status quo is not as optimistic as me, they have not given up, they are still working hard. Then, what reason do I have to indulge myself?

Self-esteem, self-love, self-improvement, self-discipline.

Bus 501 took me home.

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