Inspirational story

Inspirational story: There is a blind girl smiling

Inspirational story: There is a blind girl smiling

Two years ago, on a sunny afternoon, a mother with her daughter asked me to ask questions about studying in the United States. The mother looks like she is in her forties, simple and kind. As she greeted her daughter to sit down, she introduced to her: "This is our teacher Hu who has made an appointment in advance." The daughter didn't even look at me, just nodded "hmm". If I don't see a shallow, courteous smile on her mouth, I might mistake her for being dissatisfied with me.
I carefully looked at the girl wearing a goose yellow T-shirt, what a beautiful girl! Snowy skin, exquisite facial features, and through the big brown sunglasses, I can see that she has a pair of big eyes, watery like a clear spring. She sat quietly there, like a beautiful water lily in the windless lake, with a shallow smile on her mouth. But it was strange that she didn't look at me from beginning to end.
"She is a blind person." The mother seemed to see my mind, and I was embarrassed to explain it.
I was shocked, and a sour feeling came up, and I tied a knot at my chest. What a pity, such a beautiful girl, she could not appreciate her face in the mirror. Applying and smearing the mirror, looking around, is what many beautiful girls like to do. I dare not show too much surprise and sympathy. I am worried that this will touch the sadness of my mother and daughter, but the girl next to me always smiles calmly. I know that there is a strong force behind this smile.
My mother introduced me to her daughter. The girl could not be seen from an early age, but the mother never gave up her training, and she never gave up her determination. Accompanied by the mother day after day, the daughter not only went to school like a normal person, but also admitted to a university in China with excellent results and studied piano. During the university, the mother resigned from her job and went to the school to take care of the girl's life. The girl’s performance at school was excellent, and she was also selected to be a famous dance group in China and also participated in the Spring Festival Evening. I don't know how she did it. I believe there should be a lot of hardship in the process.

Now the girl is going to graduate from college. She hopes to go to the United States to continue her master's degree in piano and get a full scholarship. I know how difficult it is to get the full prize of the American piano major. Although there is no absolute thing, the special experience of the girl may really impress the members of the admission committee, but the scholarship is still not good. I tried to euphemistically express this fact to the mother and daughter to avoid being too disappointed. But the girl is very determined. She said that even if she is successful, she is willing to work hard. She believes that there is a will.
The girl has been laughing throughout the conversation. This kind of laughter is not a disguise, but a peace of mind. In the face of misfortune, what I saw was not a complaint, but an optimistic attitude beyond ordinary people and confidence in overcoming all difficulties. God has never preferred her, but I believe her world must not be dark. Her inner strength is fire, enough to illuminate everything. I believe she is happy.
I haven't forgotten the blind girl and her smile for a long time. There are many unhappy people around me. They are all darlings of God, healthy and decent, but they don't feel happy and rarely smile. Because I can't tolerate a little bit of life, I rushed to the road of perfection.
Have a healthy body, enough money, a successful career, a good and dedicated lover, and a harmonious relationship... Everyone wants to lead a perfect life. However, God is shrewd and stingy, and he will not easily give all the good things to the same person. The business is successful, but the family life is not harmonious; there is not enough money to buy everything that you want; good lovers are often not specific, but single-person lovers are not excellent... everyone can easily live from life Pick out a lot of disappointments. Therefore, the pursuit of perfection is like a high-lifting whip, driving people to climb to the peak of happiness in their imagination, but there is no time to stop and think about whether happiness really lives there.
In fact, if we can feel the preciousness of what we already have, and how proud and cherished we are, we will feel like a spring.
When you feel unhappy, please take a look at the beautiful sunrise or sunset, look at the beauty of nature, and look at your young face in the mirror. Then tell myself that in a corner of the world, perhaps the United States, there is a blind girl smiling.
After two years of hard work, the blind girl named Dou Wenhui finally got the admission notice of the piano performance major at the Catholic University of Texas in the United States. Later, we will also tell her story of the application, and I hope to give reference to everyone who has a dream.

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