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-- Life must go through the countercurrent to move to a higher level. The most important thing is to always be able to see yourself.

One day a farmer’s scorpion accidentally fell into a dry well. The farmer racked his brains and tried to save the scorpion. But after a few hours passed, the scorpion still mourned in the well.

In the end, the farmer decided to give up. He thought that the donkey was old and it was not worth the trouble to rescue it, but in any case, the well had to be filled. So the farmer invited the neighbors to help bury the scorpion in the well to avoid its pain.

The farmer’s neighbors shoveled the mud into the dry well with a shovel. When the nephew learned about his situation, he began to cry very miserable. Surprisingly, after a while, the donkey was quiet. The farmer curiously probed the bottom of the well and saw him appear in front of him:

When the dirt shoveled into the well falls on the back of the scorpion, the reaction of the scorpion is amazing - it shakes the soil aside and then stands on the shovel into the dirt pile!

In this way, the scorpion shook all the soil that had been shoveled on it to the bottom of the well, and then stood up. Soon, the scorpion triumphantly rose to the wellhead, and then ran away in the expression of surprise!


Just like the situation of the scorpion, in the journey of life, sometimes we will inevitably fall into the dry well, and will be dumped on us by all kinds of mud, and the secret to get rid of these dry wells is to shake the sand. Fall, then stand up!

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