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Father of Qing Qian Liu

Qingqianliu, a kind of alpine mountainous area that grows above 800 meters, the leafy country protects plants, its leaves can be processed into tea leaves, its unique high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high fat effect to people Life brings unexpected gains. And it is also the gospel of people with grade II diabetes.

The first contact with Qing Qian Liu originated from a financial leasing summit meeting in Qianhai, Shenzhen in 2019. Dai Mingze from Qingqian Liu Tea Company, who was known as the “father of Qing Qian Liu” in Hunan City, introduced the youth to the participants. Qianliu's original ecological protection, artificial planting, tea processing and health care effects.

Hunan Chengbu is an old revolutionary area. There is the old mountain boundary that the Red Army has long conquered. There are eighty miles of Nanshan, which is leisurely in the Nanshan Mountain. The millennium moss, the 100,000 ancient fields opened by the azaleas, is in the depths of this vast mountain. There are 2,775 acres of wild green money willow trees, all of which are over 100 years old. The father of Qing Qian Liu also came into being.

In the depths of Miaoshan Mountain, you will often see a figure of good-natured, middle-aged man who has been in the middle of no confusion. He is looking for young seedlings of Qingqianliu, and observes the growth conditions, soil characteristics and climate of Qingqianliu. Temperature, he is now the city of Miaoxiang Qingliu planting big family - Dai Mingze.

In Yuechengling, one of the five ridges that the Red Army marched through, there is a very high mountain of weeds, Dai Mingze, a simple Miao man, created a mountain weed, planted green money, and green hills. Forerunners benefiting the people, contracted 1,500 acres of barren hills, invited professors from the Chinese Forestry College and Zhongnan Forestry School to discuss the artificial planting techniques and tea processing techniques of Qing Qian Liu. Since then, he has formed an indissoluble bond with Qing Qian Liu. .

The night shrouded the entire mountainous area. Dai Mingze also weeded 800,000 green money willow seedlings carefully cultivated on the top of the mountain. He used all his funds and efforts on Qingqianliu. His spirit of Yugong Yishan made him Qing Qian Liu blossomed everywhere in Chengbu Miao Township.

Let more people "understand Qing Qian Liu, like Qing Qian Liu, fall in love with Qing Qian Liu" This is the motto of Dai Mingze, who is praised by the Miaoxiang people as "the father of Qing Qian Liu". I will devote my life's energy and limited life to the cultivation and sales of Qing Qian Liu, let Qing Qian Liu go out of the city, go to the country, let more people drink green tea, and give themselves a healthy physique.

Looking around, looking at the boundless mountains, a green picture. In the forest, a breeze blew, a feeling of pleasing pleasing to the eye, looking at the green money willow leaves covered with crystal clear dewdrops, a sweet bite into the lungs, through the body. Breathing the green money will give off oxygen, making people reluctant to leave for a long time.

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