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Thousand meals

Before I went to school, I grew up eating thousands of meals. At that time, my parents worked in the South and left me in the north, so I was fostered in the homes of many relatives. I am like a wild horse galloping freely, it is a very wonderful day.

The day when my grandmother lives is the most comfortable. The three aunts have already married, and there are only aunts and uncles left in the family. Because it is the youngest child, Xiaogu and his uncle are also spoiled. But my arrival broke this convention.

The staple food at that time was Wowotou, which was made with corn flour and rarely eaten rice. The only rice that Grandma’s family had was brought back from the South by Dad. Every meal is basically in a large pot. Below are stewed potatoes, eggplant, cabbage, radish, etc., steamed with wolf heads. After the food in the pot is done, Grandma will use a wooden stick to gather the fire in the stove and steam a small box of rice for me. I will always wait at the stove until the fragrance in the lunch box. Grandma is a clever woman, and the food she made is particularly fragrant. In order to seduce me to eat a little coarse grain, she will make the wolf head into a small animal shape, or a shape of fruit. When eating, Grandma always asks: "What do my granddaughter want to eat today, is it a chicken or a duckling?" The aunt and uncle were staring at me with disdainful eyes. I replied: "I want a duckling." Grandma smiled and said, "My granddaughter will eat the most. Ducks are the best to eat, come and eat one." In Grandma’s sweet words, I feel that the wolf head in my hand is really a duck. Every meal, I almost finished eating in the anxious waiting of my aunt and uncle. They are waiting for the rice in front of me. Every time I really can't eat it, my grandmother will ask: "Is my granddaughter really can't eat it?" I patted my little belly and said, "Look, drum." Grandma smiled, and my aunt and uncle immediately took the rice left in front of me and ate it. One rice grain was not left.

My special treatment is far more than that. Grandma has a hook on the roof in the middle of the main room. There is a basket hanging on it. There are delicious things in it. For example, the moon cake returned by the Mid-Autumn Festival father, the uncle bought the biscuits last time, and a few candy. As long as my grandmother took the basket, I knew there was something good to eat. And this basket grandma is not for aunts and uncles.

The grandmother's open space is not willing to plant a little snack, all used to grow cabbage, potatoes, corn and other full-fledged crops. Occasionally, a hawker carrying a basket passes by the door and sells "cherry", "apricot" and "melon seeds". At this time, Grandma will always take my little hand and walk out. Vendors never use scales, they all use a small cup, or a large cup. Usually my grandmother is for me to buy a few cents a small cup. Don't underestimate this small cup, you can eat it for a few days.

Whenever night falls, in addition to listening to frogs, our family of four will listen to grandma telling stories together. I listened while eating snacks. At this time, my grandmother will also let me give my aunt and uncle. I simply couldn't understand the aunt's and my uncle's longing eyes, but I really hoped to hear a grandmother's praise: "My granddaughter is sincere, knowing to share things with my aunt and uncle."

Grandma’s story is a lot, and I’ve been convinced of the story of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl. On July 7th of the lunar calendar, Niu Lang and the Weaver Girl will meet. Two people are separated by the Tianhe River. It is difficult to meet each other. On this day, all the magpies of the world flew to the Tianhe River and set up a bridge so that the Cowherd could pick up their children to meet the Weaver Girl. At 12 o'clock in the middle of the night, if you sit under the cucumber rack and comb your hair, you can hear the conversation between the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl. Unfortunately, every time I can't hold on to 12 o'clock, I have already fallen asleep in my grandmother's arms.

For me, in addition to my grandmother, there are three other aunts who are married. Once, my grandmother had to go to work in the field very early with the youngest aunt and uncle, so I lost my family at home when it was not bright. Say, my aunt will pick me up very early. But when I opened my eyes and found that everyone was not there, the three aunts did not come, scared to cry. I have been looking at the door through the curtains, looking forward to the three aunts coming early. When the three aunts appeared at the gate, I quickly wiped away the tears and pretended to be okay. When the three aunts came into the door and looked at my red eyes, they smiled and said, "Yeah, Dabao is afraid, crying?" I said embarrassedly, "The people didn't cry."

The three aunts helped me to comb my hair and took my hand to her home. The three aunts left me with just a few ripe tomatoes and took me to the store to buy ten candy. She gave me a small bag, let me put the sugar in it, and peeled one for me.

When the three aunts went to lunch, they put me in the yard to play. There are a few chickens in the yard and a chicken coop. A chicken has been lying in the nest, and I am also squatting across. I and the chicken look at each other. After a while, the chicken moved uncomfortably, and kept calling "Gigda" and got up. I saw an egg in my nest. I immediately walked over and picked up the egg with my body temperature, and I wanted to tell my aunt about this good news. I don't know why, the chicken suddenly rushed toward me, scared me to rush to the room and shut the door with the fastest speed. When I told my aunt to chase me with a cry, and gave the egg to my aunt, my aunt smiled softly and said, "Dabao is really amazing, dare to grab eggs with chicken." I am proud of my face. The aunt picked up the egg and went outside to put the egg in a gourd. I heard her scream. I hurried over, the chicken, her head stuck in the door, could not move. I suddenly understood that it turned out that I closed the door too fast, and the chicken was caught in the door and caught.

I was so scared to cry. Because my grandmother told me that it must be good for poultry and livestock. They provide us with a better life. We eat their eggs and eat their meat. Grandma also said that we must love crops because they provide us with food. I pinched the hen's hen's hen, and I dared not look up and kept crying. The aunt smiled and said: "What are you crying, my aunt would have liked to eat something good for Dabao, just right, just eat this chicken." I was sobbing, watching my aunt kill the chicken and stew the chicken. In the end, one side is crying red eyes, one side is a smile on the face, eating chicken legs.

I have been beaten once because of eating. Grandma, little aunt, and little uncle went out to do farm work. My grandmother entrusted me to my neighbor's house. I must go home on time at noon, open the door to the little aunt, and she will go home to eat. I played with my neighbors and forgot my time. When I was told to go home in the second instance, I remembered my grandmother’s words. When I ran home, the little aunt was crying in the yard, and I was scared. The little aunt picked up the stick and hit my butt. For a time two people cried into a ball. Grandma came back later and saw this scene, first hit the little aunt. I can't tell who is right or who is wrong, it is very sad. Because, everyone is too fond of me. When everyone is calm, Grandma said to me: "My granddaughter is really wrong today. You think about it, the little aunt has been working for a day, how tired, how hungry, can't eat at noon, and how to work hard in the afternoon. "My tears flowed out again and I felt very sorry for my aunt."

I don't know why, my foster life has been replaced by my aunt and my family. It should be due to a cousin's love for me, saying that I want to take me to live at home for a few days. The cousin loved me, but she took me home and didn't say hello to her aunt and aunt. When I arrived at Datun’s home, the big cousin, the second cousin, the big cousin, the second cousin, and the three cousins ​​all showed enthusiasm for me. The big cousin put me on my shoulders, went to the supply and marketing agency, put me at the counter, What to eat, just pick me. Wherever the two cousins ​​go, they will bring me. At that time, in addition to the work of the big cousin, other cousins ​​and cousins ​​were studying. Daxie and aunt also have to go to work. My placement on the day of school became a problem. The second cousin insisted on leaving me. She said that she could take me to school. The two cousins ​​and I have three chapters of the law, let me marry her and class, can't move casually, can't talk. My two cousins ​​made it clear in front of my aunt that I must do it.

The second cousin took my hand and happily went to school together. After the teacher and the teacher assured that I will not affect the class, the teacher allowed me to sit next to the second cousin. There was a small point in the class, which caused some commotion. I am very obedient, don't talk, don't move. I listened very carefully to every word the teacher said. Suddenly, I saw the teacher throwing a chalk head next to a student. I went to pick up the first time and sent it to the stage to the teacher. I said to the teacher, "Teacher, your chalk is gone." The whole class laughed and even the teacher smiled. At noon, everyone came with a lunch box, and everyone gave me the best things. What a pleasant day.

In the evening, the two cousins ​​were yelled to speak, and I had an ominous sign. She came back and frowned and said to me: "Dabao, it seems that I have to send you away, our family can't leave you. My dad said, I brought you, I have to send you away." I know that the second cousin is good to me, and I don't want to be embarrassed about her. In fact, I don't really care where it is. It is not bad to change places.

The next day, I was sent to the second home. The second family is poor, the big cousin is one year younger than me, and the second aunt has just given birth to a baby. When I was sent to the door, they were eating sweet potatoes. When I stepped into the main entrance, I saw that they hurriedly hid the sweet potatoes in their hands. I walked into the main room and saw the sweet potato skin on the ground. I saw that I stepped on it. This scene has been in my mind for many years. I don't like to eat sweet potatoes, I don't understand why they are like this. I can imagine the glutinous rice career of the second family, which is very short-lived. Almost no impression.

The last stop of my foster care is my aunt's house. It was the second sister who sent me to my aunt's house. My aunt's family is in the countryside, there are seven children, three of them started to do farm work, and four were studying. Although there are many children, my arrival has a great impact on them. I changed into another look in a moment. During the day, I played with these children and rolled in the soil with the big dog at the aunt's house. At night, the children slept with the dog. When eating, it is often a meal and a dish. The staple food is a pot stick. It is a big iron pot. The bottom of the pot is a stewed dish, and a round of tortillas is placed around. The side that sticks to the pot is crispy, and the children prefer to eat that part. My aunt has a lot of children, and when I eat, I am too small. I often have the rest. For example, the crispy skin of the pot has been removed by others. The vegetables are only hard and difficult to taste. Part.

After a long life like this, I decided to make some changes. One day, my aunt put the freshly baked pot in the basket and waited for dinner. When she didn't pay attention, I uncovered all the pans in the basket and put them in the clothes. I ran into the beans in the garden and hid. At the time of eating, everyone couldn't see me and found the secret of the pot stick, knowing that I did it. Soon I heard all kinds of voices calling my name. Finally, the little cousin I hated most discovered me. She ran to tell everyone about my hiding place. When she called everyone, I picked up a wooden stick from the bean rack and ran out of the crispy pancakes. Everyone saw me and surrounded me. I don't know where the strength comes from, I pick up the stick, don't turn around, everyone is hard to get close. When they didn't pay attention, I threw away the stick and flew out. A child ran hard in front, and the seven or eight people kept chasing afterwards, maintaining a distance of 50 meters. Finally, everyone can't run, they let me stop, after negotiation, they don't hit me, but I have to go home.

Just happened, my parents moved back from the South to work in the North. My aunt sent my uncle to send me back to my parents. At that time, my aunt was also beaten by my uncle several times for my reasons. Every time I took me to a neighbor's house to take refuge. I am gone, my aunt should be relieved. When my mother saw me, I first cut off my hair because I had a scorpion inside. My mother saw that my forehead had a piece of hair and asked me what happened. I proudly said, "I can't beat her with the little cousin. But when she sleeps at night, I pour a glass of water. Into her ears." All the clothes on my body burned, because they are also scorpions. Mom washed me seriously.

Because I still have half a year from studying, my family gave up and sent me to kindergarten. My mother has no time to take business with me. I can only go to work with my father. Dad works in the team, often goes out because of a task, and entrusts me to others. My time is often spent in the car, go home with my uncles to eat. If my father hasn't returned yet, my uncle will take me home for dinner and give me to my mother. I really like an uncle, and their family's meal is especially delicious. I remember the first summer vacation after the National Elementary School. I walked for nearly an hour with my memory and went to the uncle's house. They left me for dinner. When I was eating, my father came over and was a little angry. But the uncle said, "Don't criticize her, she used to eat my meal here."

That was the last time I had eaten someone else's meal.

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