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Heartache after falling

When you set foot on the track, did you ever think that after the fall, no one will give you valuable hands to help you heal the wound for you? Have you ever thought of standing up and laughing at the gorgeous figure? Have you ever thought of countless turns on the court or where did you go alone and want to leave? ...? My dear friend will always be a person in his journey. Remember to never let others say what you are doing. Doing yourself is a reward for your own life. No matter how embarrassing the game is, you must remember to smile. Get up and wave your hand and tell yourself that I can do it; no matter how ambitious the starting point is on the track, remember that you can't be on the court, not letting go is the best reward for those looking forward to you...

Once again set foot on that track and put on the pair of familiar and strange skates, it was also the time of the sunset, when the middle school students ran back to the classroom, and when the farmer uncle put down the heavy burden to go home to eat... And I am still playing this leisurely and leisurely dance with the elegant singing on the ice rink... Tonight is another Saturday without a problem. Some people are dating, some are preparing for the exam, some are screaming, and for me, nothing is done. Just sit down and hear a brother in the next dormitory back to the dormitory. The voice, I think he has nothing to do at this time, it is better to ask him to go outside for a walk, talk about the past, talk about the present, and talk about the future. I stood up and said goodbye to my roommates. When I went to their dormitory to open them, he and his dormitory were still so casually in a few days, but from his small size I saw the bright and capable eyes of our southerners. I explained that after I came to know, I had to do everything, three people to be companions, and we reached our destination in the chat. He paid the money very generously, and then the boss gave us three pairs of skates skillfully. We found a better place to sit down, take off the jacket and put on the skates. I remember when I first went to the frozen season, it was my third day. At that time, I was studying in a closed school. I had to take a week off. I couldn’t leave the school except the shortcut. I had to take time off, so we During the holiday, I will go out and relax with a few friends from my hometown or my classmates. For the first time, I was led by several of my more good friends to play in the center of the county far away from our school. Because it was noon, people didn’t have much more people we imagined, only the same school that just had a holiday or Other school people. Before I went, I also didn't go because I had to go through it, because I heard that my first skating fell to my ass, so I went there with a shadow and went there.

For the first time, I didn't even wear shoes. I saw that they had already walked into the ice rink with a quick smile. I especially wanted to join them. For the first time, when I put on my shoes and walked on the ice rink, I just held the bars and watched the seniors playing with me in every position, and I never dared to join them. Finally, I was in a Under the guidance of my friend, I asked me to hold the bar and slowly find the feeling. I tried to let my hands slowly let go and then stepped on my feet and joined me. For the first time, my slanting action fell on the floor, and when I stood up I realized what was the center of gravity. Later, I fell in love with wrestling, because I have to swear that I want to be as comfortable as they are in the shortest time, so I let go of my concerns and make me a man’s side. After countless falls and friends’ pointing, I finally The previous slanting slant did not dare to go to the present flexible, but still did not have those difficult moves.

Many years have passed. When I experienced the baptism of the college entrance examination and the setbacks in life, I looked back at the people I met. Everything was over the horizon. Now, I am leaving my hometown. I am in a different place. I came here to study. I have been there for a few skating before, but every time I come here with a different mood and different people, every time. Give me different feelings and aftertaste at one time. Tonight, I put on the shoes again, and by the diffuse neon lights, let go of the burden on my shoulders, and started another journey of my life in this bustling city, but this journey is bitter and helpless. But I believe that soon I will say goodbye to this journey and start a new journey.

Time left and right, the three of us took off our shoes, put on our coats, walked down the steps, crossed the road, and a few passing vehicles flew over, and I couldn’t find me on the night without stars and moon. The fate of the home.

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