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Dream piano

"Hey, hey, hey." I turned on the metronome again, and the familiar rhythm sounded again. I couldn't help it. I opened the dusty tarpaulin, how much happiness I had brought, how much fantasy. The piano is still the same, I opened the lid, the familiar sound of the piano sounded again, the hand, although some strange, but the sound of the piano, still so beautiful. I fantasized that I was wearing the sky blue dress again, standing on the stage that was so eye-catching, and once again becoming the focus of everyone... Suddenly, everything was blurred, and I couldn't see anything.

Dream is another dream.

I don't know how many dreams I have already done, but I really don't dare. I am afraid that the teacher will be as terrible as before. I am afraid that I will not persist. I am afraid that I will lose face. I am afraid that I will not be able to do anything. To cope with such a big pressure, I am afraid...but I really really want to play the piano, but I don't have the courage to touch the piano.

I went to the closet and looked at the sky blue dress. I was stunned. My hand couldn’t help but pick it up. I changed it. It was still so temperament. Suddenly, I wanted to play the piano. I walked quickly. Next to the piano, the piano cover was opened, and the metronome was old and could no longer be used. I didn’t know where the power came from and played the best song I had ever played in my life. I was shocked!

A week later, I re-find the teacher. I like it very much. Sometimes, I am fortunate that I have not given up the piano.

A year later, I put on the sky blue dress again, once again, standing on the world stage that is so eye-catching, let my beautiful piano sound drift again...

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