Inspirational story

We came to this world to see a wonderful performance.

In a novel written by a foreign writer, there is a small town that came to the circus. Because there are a lot of chores to do, they are temporarily recruiting in the local area. Those who do three hours of work can give a ticket to the field for six hours. You can enter the infield, if you do it all day, you can get a ticket in the middle of the top row. There are brothers of a poor family who have been coveting the circus bears, lions, and clowns for a long time. Because they have no money to buy tickets, they go to work. So they started a hard job. Move props, set up platforms, lift water to sweep the ground... From the sun to the fall, work all the time.

In the evening, two tired and hungry boys finally greeted the show after hard work. They sat exhausted in the first row, covered in dust, and the big blisters on the hands and feet. When the host appeared, everyone applauded enthusiastically, and the two poor children fell asleep in the applause.

The world is wonderful, just like the circus. And each of us is eager to sit in the best position to watch this show. In fact, we have always been spurred by the recipients. Since the beginning of the world, there have been various voices reminding you to make every effort to get to the forefront. Then look back, you are willing to pay only what you can, happy to watch the performance in the field, or willing to fight the head to break the blood, sleeping in the middle of the first row?

Active and hard work, this is of course a good behavior, but at the same time, we must do our best. In fact, many times we feel physically and mentally exhausted because we are doing something beyond our capabilities. You can force yourself to the road of hardship. There are always people who like to blindly incite others, just like no matter how brave and confident you are, you can't fly into the sky. Blind encouragement by others may only make you deviate from the normal track of life and go astray.

Have you gone astray? Do you feel overwhelmed? Stop and take a good look at it and give life a more accurate position. Remember, we came to this world to watch a wonderful performance, rather than sitting in the best position to sleep.

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