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You are not cured, I am afraid to be old.

At the Rio Olympics, Grandma’s Chusovkina appeared again.

41 years old. Participated in the Olympic Games seven times. This is the gymnastics world known as the "Veteran" at the age of 20, and it is a unique myth.

When Chusovkina first won the gold medal at the Olympics, most of her current opponents were still not born.

The story of her fight for her son has touched the world.

Many young Chinese people know her in the composition material.

They recited her legendary experience and even wrote about her in the middle school or college entrance essay.

Therefore, when she appeared vividly in today's Olympic Games, running, vacating, rotating, countless netizens were shocked: Scorpio, she is still there!

Yes. She is still there. And still strong.

Chusovich was born in Uzbekistan. At the age of 7, he started gymnastics training and at the age of 16, he won the first world championship at the World Championships. At the age of 17, she won the gold medal in the women's gymnastics team competition at the Barcelona Olympics.

Uzbekistan's training conditions are lagging behind, almost the desert of gymnastics. Most of the time, it is the gymnastics facade of Chusovkina who supports Uzbekistan.

Although almost one person was fighting, Chusovkina won 70 medals for Uzbekistan from 1993 to 2006.

The reporter who had seen her in the past still remembers that she was “very beautiful and very cute.” “Small but powerful, the vault is especially good, like a spring.”

After the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, 21-year-old Chusovkina once retired and married and had children.

Her husband is an excellent wrestler in Uzbekistan and also participated in the Olympics.

After a few years of happy little women, Chusovich’s calm life came to an abrupt end: her three-year-old son suffered from leukemia.

The nightmare begins.

As a mother, of course she must do her best to save her son's life.

The savings that can be made by athletes before are not enough to support the cost of treatment for more than $100,000.

She chose to come back. Because she can make money, only gymnastics.

Her husband gave up the wrestling movement he loved and took care of his son at home.

At the age of 26, Chusovkina returned to the game and moved towards versatility, training hard and playing everywhere.

Sometimes, she will participate in all women's events on a tour instead of focusing on one or two. She said, "A World Championship gold medal is equal to 3,000 euros. This is my only way."

The reason for her participation in all competitions is for money. For this, she never shies away.

She didn't dare to get sick, didn't dare to hurt, didn't dare to rest, didn't dare to slack off, and kept playing.

Winning a bonus and treating a child is all she has in her life.

Because of his son's illness, Uzbekistan did not receive good treatment, and Chusovkina took him to the German hospital.

This time the treatment is more expensive. The couple sold small apartments and cars, raised money around, and still could not afford it.

In order to get more bonuses, Chusovkina joined German nationality and fought for Germany.

At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Chusovkina seized a valuable silver medal for Germany. Just then, many Chinese people met her.

Three months later, she was unfortunately broken in another international competition. This is fatal to the gymnast.

At that time, everyone speculated that the 33-year-old veteran must have to retire.

Surprisingly, in 2019, she went out again. In both international competitions, they won the silver medal in the vault.

In the face of the marvel of the world, she said calmly: "As long as my son has not recovered, I will continue to persist. He is my motivation."

This sentence "You have not healed, I dare not be old", has let countless people instantly tears.

Fortunately, under the all-out efforts of this heroic mother, the child's illness has greatly improved. Nowadays, it is no longer necessary to receive treatment. It is only necessary to go to the hospital for an examination every year.

No need to run for his son, but Chusovkina still did not leave the gymnastics.

She returned to Uzbekistan and continued her passionate gymnastics career.

Her status is still very good.

Now, she can finally fight for herself.

The 41-year-old Chusovkina stood on the field, and the opponents around her were all girls of the same age as her son.

She looks a bit different.

She is not beautiful. The skin is slack, the wrinkles are revealed, and the waist is slightly thicker.

But what about this?

She said, "I don't think I am old, I always feel that I am still 18 years old." "Young opponents will not give me pressure, they have the pressure to be right, because I have experience."

She should be the most admirable player in this Olympics.

Her life is a big praise. How much applause and respect we give her is not an exaggeration.

Maybe you are like me, like to say "I am old."

When I was twenty, I wanted to learn the piano. I would say that I am old and my fingers are stiff and I can’t learn.

When I was 30 years old, I was very anxious. I thought that I was so old and I could not find the right person.

Forty years old to change jobs, don't dare - a young age, do you want to start from scratch with young people in their twenties?

I want to start a business at the age of fifty, and I am more timid. The heart is moving again, and I still give up - so old, or don't worry about it.

Because of the "old" set by myself, we don't know how much good we missed.

Look at Chusovkina, maybe you will have a new understanding of the "old" in your heart.

In fact, you may not be really old.

You just lack a powerful enough power, a big enough passion, and a strong enough persistence.

"I am old" is just an excuse for your slack in life.

Perhaps, we should say to myself and the world like Chusovkina: I am not satisfied. I want to try again. I have to keep going.

In our bodies, there may also be hidden forces.

If you don’t set limits on yourself, life will be different.

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