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The most beautiful rainbow after the storm

The rainy season arrived as scheduled, and Lao Wu got up early as usual. Make breakfast and open the store. One person, one cigarette, one bench, one newspaper. It seems that he is very busy today, as if there is no work to do, but looking at the door of the store, the vehicles on the road come and go, such as the water dragon. Old Wu took a deep breath and slowly spit out, watching the smog on the hover, he started to stay. It’s almost the end of the month, this is the tenth rain of the month. When will it be sunny? Thinking of this, he looked up at the gray, rainy day, his hand slammed and slowly released. In fact, Lao Wu was not like this before. Since he opened the store and did the work, he seems to have made a beam with the rain, but the rain is impossible for people to control. He hates the current rain, and he looks like this is the long rainy season when it is a head!

"How is it raining again, old Wu, oh, the rent is coming at the end of this month! This rain is going on again, let's close this store early!"

Lao Wu’s wife complained as usual and put on her overalls to come to Lao Wu. Watching his wife come over, the old Wu Hao's sly face, immediately piled up a smile, seemingly relaxed smile, said faintly: "Rain, this is beyond our control, summer is coming, it should be next Just have to, you think, the bigger the rain, the more muddy the ground, the car will be easy to get mud, it will be dirty, when we have more work, the days will be good, God is still good In the face of his wife's repeated complaints, Lao Wu can only smile again and again, repeatedly and persuaded. The business he once said is so helpless that it is so helpless. [organized by Www.DuanMeiWen.Com]

Now a family is pointing at this, but the fact is a loss at a time.

Lao Wu continued to read the newspaper smoking, and his wife sighed and went back to work - washing towels and stacking towels. Lao Wu is driving a car wash shop. It is a micro-water car wash and a two-liter wash of a car. Lao Wu thinks that this is an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly business. It is in line with the present, so he used almost all of his savings to do this. He took a regional general agent and thought that he could break the tradition and succeed in one fell swoop. But the reality is like this rainy season, it is damp, and the business will not be able to improve on the day of opening. He forgot that there is no shortage of water in this area, and people here are used to the thrill of water guns! And now the continuous rainy days have made the already horrible business worse. Grateful words

Lao Wu took the smoke and finished reading the newspaper, and got up to help his wife work together. After finishing his work, he and his wife turned on the TV. The boring life was always a little happy, so watching TV became the greatest joy of their rainy season. Lao Wu often laughed and recalled that the day when he opened the store was the most he watched TV. The day is also the longest day with his wife.

The rain seemed to sympathize with the old Wu, and the sky finally cleared. Lao Wu finally ushered in his first big single in his car wash career, 20 cars. He didn’t idle for an afternoon, and his wife went from 6:30 in the morning to 8:00 in the evening! In the meantime, Lao Wu did not let go of every detail of every car, and strive to be the best! Many customers have affirmed the attitude and efficiency of Lao Wu. They have raised their thumbs. Because of this, there are more and more people washing cars, and the business is getting better. Life is sunny and rainy, and it has never been smooth sailing. What he can do is to complain less, face it positively, and live happily!

Today, Mei Yu, Qingtian is good! When the rainy season is coming, let it come. There will always be a rainy day, and there will always be a sunny day. The rainbow after the storm is the most beautiful.

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