Inspirational story

Star in my heart

"A person can have a lot of things in his life, but he can't live without hope."

This is a person who is very important to me. She is the star in my heart. Maybe she is very ordinary, but I admire it.

She is an ordinary star. In the community, the flashing figure is hers. She is Lin Ayi. In an exam, I suddenly fell into the endless abyss from a far-reaching position. It was very dark. I was very scared. I was sitting on a bench in the community, and my hair was under the wind. Messy. The sun that is about to fall in my thin figure is even more lonely under the sunshine.

'Maybe, my hope is like the sun that is about to fall, disappearing into the blue sky. 'The sun will rise again, and your hopes can be regained. 'I asked the reputation, Lin Aunt sat beside me, she said, 'You can have a lot of things in your life, but you can't hope without it. '

I didn't understand much at that time and nodded. Since Lin Ayi gave me encouragement, I have been working hard. Finally, I succeeded. I saw the red sun shining hope to the earth, including me. It was at this moment that I finally realized the words of Aunt Lin. As long as you have hope, your wishes can be fulfilled.

Until, I went back to the original community in the middle of the country, and changed a lot. The only constant is only people.

'嘤嘤', a cry made me pull back from a distant country. Who is it? I went over and wanted to comfort the little girl. I only hear the little girl, don’t cry, it’s okay to test it. As long as we continue to work hard, as long as we have hope, we can test it. Remember, people can have many things in their lives, but they can’t hope without hope. Do you understand. 'I cried, crying with a hint of whimper. I rushed over and hugged you, and I couldn’t speak.

Your hair is a lot pale. You used to be like this. Your hand feels a bit blunt, trying to touch a piece of wood with deep and shallow gullies, but you are still the star of my heart.

A star is lost, and the entire starry sky is faint; a flower withering, ridiculously the whole spring; a water disappears, and the whole river cannot be dried up. As Aunt Lin said, 'There's not a lot of things in a person's life, but there can't be no hope. '

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