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People who have fallen into the trap of poverty

When I was reading, we had a pair of twins in our class. My sister always worked very hard. Not only did she have excellent grades, but she was also versatile and savvy. The younger sisters showed mediocrity. Everything was easy to follow, and they did not fight for it. The character was also pleasing.

After graduating from college, my sister was lucky enough to find a decent job in the provincial capital, and my sister returned to the small city to start a salesman. One or two years after graduation, the relationship between the two sisters was as intimate as before. My sister often brought back a lot of beautiful clothes and some new things from the provincial capital.

Later, the two sisters got married and gave birth to children. The good sisters took it for granted, but the younger sister became obsessed with the local miscellaneous. The miscellaneous will swear, and the younger sister fell in his sweet words and enthusiasm. This love certainly won't be blessed by his parents. Even though his parents and sister tried to dissuade him, his sister still steadfastly married him.

A few years later, my sister and her husband both promoted their jobs and raised their salaries by their own efforts. My sister was very bad. Her weak character could not keep a heart of a prodigal son. She and a lovely daughter. The connection between them has been unknowingly alienated. They are all reasons for their grandeur: they all have their own lives, but in fact, everyone knows that they are no longer a person in the world, even though their sisters are doing their best. To make up for this relationship, the younger sister is always uncomfortable.

On the first day of last year, when the people in the small cities cheered for the New Year, the two sisters were arguing with anger. The cause is very simple: in the past, on the first day of the year, the two sisters will make an appointment to give their parents a happy New Year, but this year, my sister first went to the leader of a city to worship the year, and when she returned to her family, it was past noon. This is a small thing of sesame, but my sister is not arrogant, and her older sister is more and more powerful, and she is more and more fond of the trend. Of course, my sister is very wronged. My sister can never understand her hardship. Is she trying hard to make her own small home? She subsidizes her meager salary every year, and she needs her sister to support her daughter. If her parents are sick, the medical expenses are all borne by her. It is not easy to get a raise and a life, and too many sisters do not understand the hardships.

Later, her sister used her connections over the years to find a job for her sister. The salary was enough to feed her and her children. After a month has passed, her sister resigned. She kept complaining to her sister that the job was too hard, but she did not know that her sister often worked overtime at the beginning of her work.

My sister swallowed and asked someone to find another job for her sister. The job time of this job is not long. Of course, the income will not be high. Sure enough, not long after, my sister resigned, of course, the salary is too low.

Several times, my sister’s husband naturally expressed dissatisfaction. The brother-in-law’s education sister said: “There has never been this thing in the world. You must not only support yourself but also support your children. You have already had an unfortunate marriage. Destroyed your own life? You are only in your thirties. As long as you work hard, this society will never starve anyone! But the most terrible thing is that you are so poor that no one can help you..."

The brother-in-law had educated her bit by bit, and thought she would grow up. I didn't expect her to rebut that they were speechless. The younger sister complained: "How about money? Is it like my sister?" I can't buy a few clothes in the year, wear them to wear old clothes. You look down on me, I still look down on you, don't know how to enjoy life! You have money, why don't you raise me and my daughter? Tell me about it. Work is either hard or you can't make money. Don't you just abandon me poorly? It's better to say that you want to help me, you are afraid that I am afraid of being embarrassed, afraid that I will become your drag, and I will sell me out impatiently!"

After the sister finished, she broke out and left the sister and brother-in-law who were shocked. My sister’s words fully show the idea of ​​a part of the poor living in this society.

It is very strange that they have been seeking equality, and they have equal opportunities for work with others, and their children are willing to enter a good school. Of course, the equality they seek is always on the right, and if they are responsible, they are not willing to pay for these rights. Ask the reason, they will answer: Do I have to be inferior when I am poor?

Do you know what the inferiority is? The inferiority is not the social status, money, or honor you have seen. What these appearances see is nothing more than the definition given by the outside world. There is no right or wrong. What is equality? Equality is spiritual independence, but this independence depends on the richness of matter. You don't have to confuse the lazy idea that you want to escape responsibility as "inequality."

If you have the right to education from an early age, you are not willing to read the nights like others. Later, if you look at someone who has a good job with your high education, you will assume that the family is the second generation or the second generation. You never Reviewing yourself is not practical, hardworking, and motivated. You will only complain and fantasize.

Like a younger sister, some unaffluent people are happy to criticize wealthy people for not enjoying life. And don't mention whether there is any self-consolation in this sentence, let's talk about the word "willing". As far as most elites in the society are concerned, their success is inseparable from hard work. The accumulation of wealth is not a breeze that you can imagine. It is not a life experience that has accumulated greed and accumulated wealth. I will not understand the "not willing" in the eyes of the middle class.

What is the sister’s so-called willingness? Even if you don't eat, you have to buy new clothes and decorate your soulless body. Where is the "willingness" of the middle class? Used to improve the quality of life and to cultivate a better next generation. So can you understand the difference between the so-called "willing" and "investment"?

I never agree with the statement that people are divided into three or six, and I never like to use a group of people to include a group of people. This is a somewhat one-sided statement. Although it is not the gold everywhere, as long as you work tirelessly, you will not be destitute and will need to help others to survive.

I admire equality in any form, especially at the spiritual level. It doesn't matter whether you have a good name or not. It only depends on whether you have a noble soul. If you are willing to go out, you will never need to bow down to anyone. All your gains are accumulated by bit by bit. No matter how much or less, it is worthy of being respected. For many years, people who have lived today, please don't abuse your sympathy, don't have to give up to anyone with condescending, you can't give them a good life, then please don't ruin their lives, wrong give them an illusion - Even if you don't work. Used to improve the quality of life and to cultivate a better next generation.

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