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I haven't contacted the previous boss for a long time, but will send him a message during the holidays, and will be sent every year after his company leaves, especially in traditional festivals such as the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival. When I found out that he was selling his life to work under his hand, many of his thoughts were always in his throat, but he couldn’t tell the key moments. After he resigned, he was missing this scruples.

He never gave me a reply.

I didn't expect it, but it was a real and ideal result, like his style. The rupture of labor relations will give him a bad impression. He is a happy person. When he laughs, he must work with the skin and meat. Unlike the politicians or big business owners who are savvy, Taishan collapses. In the past, you can also brush the Weibo and reply to the comments. By the way, you can send a few private messages to the beautiful winter powder, and meet in the evening after a meeting.

I am grateful to these old leaders for their gratitude. For those who are new to the workplace, there are some lessons with a long incubation period. It seems to be too high. In front of you, you can raise your neck to 180 degrees, and you can’t see the value it brings to you until there is One day, when you went far, you suddenly turned back and found that the mountain peaked high.

The height of the mountain is no problem, but your height or angle is just not good enough.

The impact of the perfection on me is very short-lived. I can't say no, but I know better. For a small worker, the loss caused by the cooperation is not compared with the experience gained in the work. It is nothing. It is like talking about a love without ending. I will selectively remember those beautiful processes. The wounds of the results cannot be ignored. The greater value it can bring is to treat the next love, not because of waste.

visible. How incorrigible is the old and stubborn person.

Of course, if you encounter a more perverted boss, the above will make you feel very broken.

But my career experience has really developed me. I often look back with a grateful attitude and treat people who are just like strangers if there is no follow-up interest.

Last week, the department went to Melody's fart. It may be that during my screaming, his phone call came in. I changed the private room in the middle and found out that there was a miss.

Very strange, I haven’t replied to me for such a long time. I thought I had entered the blacklist of his spam, and I didn’t know what to call.

I found a quiet place.

He asked at the head, are you still learning?

This secluded place is squatting at the door, the wind is very big, but this sentence sounds dizzy.

Is it that the level of my newsletter is too low, or is he a cross-border training company? But no matter how you can't say no.

I said, yes, I will teach myself when I have time.

He said, um, that's good, there is a training company to open a personal resources annual meeting, the theme is about what human resources development trend, invite us to participate, there is a quota, I think if you want to go, I can add you on.

There are often things in this world that are unintentional, but if you think about it, it is not all unintentional. Those who are most concerned about you may not be in your FANS group. He is always watching you, but he doesn't want to bother you. You think that this person doesn't exist at all; or he hides in a corner and never has it. Speaking, but when you need it most, he can always appear, like the bridges that happen in the love story.

In fact, there is nothing really good, it is just a foreshadowing.

Just like the success of the world, it can be divided into two categories, most of which are because of persistence; very few are because of good luck, both factors are occupied by Jobs.

The lame booksellers can work hard to succeed in these two words, and the original two simple sentences can explain the truth of the white, arranged into a series of successful learning, motivational learning, soul chicken soup series... hype They are all blowing balloons. When the limelight passes, you go to see, the books that can't be borrowed from the major libraries, the most discounted bookstores, and ten yuan and one pound on the street book stalls are all such books.

It doesn't matter if you waste some paper ink. It is a pity that you waste a lot of time. Not only do you learn from the detours, but even your own legs are confused.

The most timeless test of time is fashion, followed by love, and secondly youth.

Fashion season may be outdated, love is often two or three years, and youth can be profligate for a long time.

Opportunistic methods must bear huge risks. When you choose how to give birth, you are given the corresponding death method. Persistence, it may be the most stupid risk, the smallest customer group, the most successful method, and many aspects are applicable.

There is no utilitarian insistence. I have never planned to return to his company since I handed the resignation report on April 1st, when I resigned, how can I pick such an auspicious day, but I know that I have not done his support and tolerance. Maybe it will be very difficult for me to go on the road of HR.

With a grateful attitude, using the most traditional Chinese festival as an excuse to tell him, the boss, although I finally resigned, but I am still very grateful to you for your help.

As a boss, there are countless people reading. I believe that he can see if what I said is true or false, not artificial, nor gorgeous, as dull as the flow of the year.

I thought that I had a training of my own next week. I called him today and said that time conflicts.

When I talked about the past, my memory was still aground. On April 1st, I always thought that it was yesterday's thing. After he said it, it was found that the change was turned upside down. The company is small, and frequent personnel changes are also the norm.

He has been paying attention to my growth and learning, and asked me to verify it.

I said that I took the test last year. The theoretical part only scored 36 points. It is ok, and the field has compiled one or two thousand words and got 85.

He told me that professional knowledge and practical experience are equally important. Expert knowledge determines depth, practical experience determines height, and it is difficult to make achievements without any one. It also teaches me a test preparation theory subject.

He is still the boss of a company, and I am no longer his subordinates, but he has given me the same experience as before.

I seem to insist on contacting him in order to thank the past. The past has indeed passed, and the friendship of the year has begun to continue.

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