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Inspirational story: African natives wear shoes

Inspirational story: African natives wear shoes

Mind: This story is a bit like the story of selling a comb to a monk. In the same situation, there are different opinions and conclusions. In fact, if we often think about bad or negative aspects, we will miss many "success opportunities." On the contrary, if we continue to think about problems in a positive and positive way, we will unearth many unexpected opportunities, even if the crisis may contain infinite vitality.

In the United States, there was a shoe factory. In order to expand the market, the factory owner sent a marketing manager to a sub-island in Africa for market research. After the market manager arrived there, he found that the people who were there did not wear the habit of wearing shoes. When he returned to the hotel, he immediately took a power report and told the boss: "The residents here never wear shoes, there is no market here."

When the boss received the telegram and thought for a long time, he told another marketing manager to go to the field to investigate. When the market manager saw that the local people were barefoot and did not wear any shoes, they were very excited. They immediately told the boss: "There are no shoes for residents here, and the market potential is huge. Send a million pairs of shoes."

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