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What is the power of the wild, but it is sticking to the teeth

This spring, I interviewed a well-known local entrepreneur.

The business of tens of thousands of people has been running smoothly. The CEO is very peaceful, with a faint smile on his face, the kind of softness that has been worn by fate. I was relieved of my nervousness and started to talk to him with an interview outline.

I asked: Is your business so good, is it always smooth?

The entrepreneur smiled bitterly: Hehe, doing business like a roller coaster, suddenly going up and down, how can it be smooth sailing, do you remember the financial crisis of 2008?

That year, our company was the most affected. In the past few months, we only received a few scattered orders, and the wages could not be opened. I was anxious to burn my eyebrows every day. Later, there was a big order in the Middle East, and we did not carefully review the contract. Workers have to work hard, have wages to earn, and the company can operate.

As a result, the goods arrived at the other side of the coast, and no one answered the goods. When we checked, it was a problem with the other party’s letter of credit. The shipment was thrown on the coast and the company was in a desperate situation. I went abroad with an interpreter. In an unaccompanied foreign country, I am going to translate a family to all the customers who are eager to buy our goods. Even if they lose money, they can't throw it.

After living for a month, the visa expired and the seller was not found. We had to come back. After a while, we went again. This time, we finally found a buyer, but the other party kept the price low and the cost price was more than half. No way, no longer selling, the loss is even greater, the goods on the coast will also have to collect storage fees. One bite, signed the contract, the other party to pay for the goods.

At the airport I came back, I looked up at the sky and wept with tears. I don't know what the fate of the company will be.

Speaking of this, the entrepreneur closed his eyes and I knew that he was agitating the excitement brought about by the past.

After a while, he opened his eyes: Well, it’s gone, it’s all gone, and the hardest moments have passed.


Saying goodbye to the entrepreneur, I thought about walking on the road.

What am I doing in 2008?

That year, I just changed a department and it was still very difficult for the new job. But I have no internship period, because I am the old man of the company, and the department is to cultivate my comprehensive ability. Professional knowledge, new software, new systems, new programs, and new processes must all be re-learned.

Others work eight hours a day, and I work for ten hours a day. After work at noon, I bought the meal back to the office and ate it while facing the computer. After work in the afternoon, always the last one out of the office building. The assessment system is like a tiger behind me. If the performance of the new position is worse than before, I will be demoted to lower the salary.

I remember it was also in August, at the Beijing Olympics.

That day, my husband was on a business trip. I want to go home early to accompany my daughter to watch TV. The leader hurriedly came, holding a folder, let me work overtime to make a plan, and I will report to the province tomorrow, which is some reference materials.

I called my mother and asked her to pick her daughter to her.

I started looking at the information on a page and then summarized it. When I was working on a plan, I still had to use an office software that I had just touched. I used the software for a long time, or I couldn’t make a picture, and I couldn’t count the numbers.

Looking up at the wall clock on the wall, it is already 10 o'clock in the evening, and my plan has not yet a word.

The most terrible thing is that the software I will not use. The whole building is silent and can only hear my own breathing. I cried on the table. However, is crying useful?

I was helpless, I called a colleague for help. I scared him with a crying voice, thinking that I was bullied this night. Listen to me to explain the situation, he said, don't worry, I will teach you remotely.

At eleven o'clock in the evening, I finally learned to use the software.

I will do the project a little bit as required. At 0.30, I sent the plan to the leadership mailbox. Looking at the "mail has been transmitted" displayed on the computer, I took a long breath.

When I came outside the gate, I greeted the security and went to the roadside to rent. The passing vehicles on the roads are very rare, and most of them are private cars. Occasionally, the past taxis also have "stopped" lights.

After waiting for nearly twenty minutes, I saw it at one o'clock in the morning and had not waited for a taxi. I decided to walk and take a step closer to home.

The company is in the suburbs, walking out of 100 meters, the doorlights behind it are not bright, only the dim street lights are languid. There is no pedestrian on the road, my heart mentions the eyes of the blind, and the back is cold sweat.

I looked around in horror and hurried forward. Suddenly there was a moment when the wet shirt collar was stuck on my face, and my sweat and tears were wet.

At 2:30 in the morning, I finally saw the gate of the community. My heart slowly recovered from normal speed.

When I entered the door, I was hitting a neighbor who rented my attic. He sold the skewers at the night market and just returned. We both go home together. I asked him how to fight, what is the wish, he said that he wants to have a home in the city. He asked me again. I said that I want to get a promotion and get a car and buy a car I like.


Eight years have passed. In the Olympics in 2019, when I saw the "power of the wilderness" that the woman's 100-meter backstroke bronze medalist Fu Yuanhui said, I laughed, but my eyes shed tears.

The entrepreneur, me, and the neighbors who sold the skewers, also used the power of the wild to come to the original place of the dream.

In fact, who is born is not a force of invincibility, forcing you to move forward, not even the poetry and the distant side, but the abyss behind you.

Tagore said: In addition to passing the road of the night, there is no way to reach the light.

Yes, when you meet the fate, the road is very long, the night is very dark, you have no retreat, you can only engrave a "courage" on the chest, restrain all fears, and bite your teeth through the lonely night road.

Walking, the sky is bright.

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