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Everyone is a legend

I don't understand if you have noticed that the narrow, long-looking electric tricycle's buttocks are generally labeled with the words "collecting waste, moving, doing chores", brown, or dark blue, fainting in the streets. Sometimes, I dragged a squirrel-tailed rope and dragged it long, attracting the white eyes of the pedestrians and avoiding them. The owner of the tricycle was driving his mount, greasy clothes, sweaty and black-faced faces, and was quickly overwhelmed by the city's hasty footsteps. Everyone is busy planning their own lives, those who have no real intersection with us, it is difficult to get our gaze for more than a minute. Those who drive three-wheeled electric vehicles, if they are scratched with people, are generally a party who apologizes and humbly apologizes. Only when we need it will we temporarily call them a "master."

With the wanderers, the cleaners, the migrant workers, and all the people at the bottom of the city's food chain, these "masters" are the targets of many who are so embarrassed to find superiority. I don't understand if I am such a bastard, but I did cast a sigh of sympathy on Lu Xun's treatment of the land with these "masters" and imagined that they might be entangled in whether they would be willing to eat a bowl. Full of face, I imagined the children behind them looking up at the thirsty eyes of the city's brilliant lights, imagining the price of food and the muddy roads of the villages on the land of their distant hometown. And my self, in fact, is still stepping on the ground under the laurels of a vain "writer."

One day, I screamed a master on the street and asked him to help me with some debris the next day. The master's dough is the color of the sweet potato skin, the hair is short and thick, thick and messy. It seems that I am in my forties. I thought of one of my poet friends. In my forties, I was always regarded as a handsome boy. The actual age of this master should be no more than 35 years old. What's interesting is that the master's eyes are actually smiling, and they laughed, and they still have a feeling of individuality. He simply asked me what to pull and then handed me a business card. Then, I found that the biggest word on the business card is "Qi Shi Fu", then the phone number. In addition, the business scope is detailed: what waste is collected, what kind of chores are done, and so on. Then, what I want to tell you specifically is - I saw the text under the QR code and QR code: scan my QR code and serve the home.

"Good fashion!" I praised him.

Master Qi shyly scratched his head and smiled.

When I moved things the next day, he decided from many books on the table that I was a "literary person". Seeing me do it with him and persuading me not to be tired. I told him that I also went down to the ground, went through the mountains, ran across the dock, and he immediately stopped me from being a person in another world. When I started to call my family, when I called my brother, I asked him about his age. He said with certainty: "100% is bigger than you, I am fifty-three."

It was me who was not old and pre-existing, ah, ah, Master Qi should sympathize with me.

He later proudly told me: "I have two children, a boy, a girl."

"Life is good." I am sure of his happiness, and asked him according to his own logic, "Is it all married?" In rural areas, children's family is the most worthy success of their parents.

"No. Boys are in Shanghai, graduated from graduate school, more than 20,000 a month; girls in college in Guangzhou, graduated next year, majoring in Chinese as a foreign language, want to go to New Zealand." He is still ashamed but unimpeded Smile, said thinly and faintly, while lifting the two heavy books together and stepping down the ladder.

His words shocked me. I immediately paid tribute to him and asked him later: "It is difficult for two children to go to school?"

"It's not difficult! I can't help but force my wife to go to the field to contract seven hundred acres of land. After five years, the money for school is enough, I will go home and do not do it. You don't understand, those years are exhausted. At this moment, I think that my arms and legs hurt." He exaggeratedly rubbed his teeth, as if pulling the plow's rope and pulling it on his shoulder.

I am curious: "How do you do this again?"

"It’s boring." He shook his head and said to me, "Can you talk to you?"

He smiled, and I laughed too. I was happy to encounter a legend that was covered with greasy and sweat stains.

Soon after meeting the master, there was a new security at the gate of the residential area. In the 60s, sitting in the pavilion, a pair of eyes wrinkled around the circle for a few moments to pay attention to everyone coming in and out. Always ready to listen to the appearance of the call. When he went to work the first day, he was taught by a perm woman who had forgotten the card: "What do I forget to bring the card? Your preservation is for our owners. What do you want to do for your service?!" Mouth, swallowed to open the door. Although I understand that the perm woman’s sense of superiority is shameless, she does not have the courage to teach her for the old-fashioned – our justice always turns back when we arrive at reality.

That night, after sending the young literary critic Duo Duo left, the excitement as high fever has not yet receded, plus the summer night wind has opened a small fresh mode, to the door of the community, simply sit down and chat with the lonely old security. Starlight is in the sky, the lights are on the street, and the two of us started to fight guerrillas. Based on the stubborn nature of the storyteller, there is a lot of way to ask about the old situation in the middle. Lao Baoquan said that he is a rural person and he was born. However, the per capita cultivated land in the village is less than two points, and even the paste is not enough. Asked him how much money he saved in January, he sweared a swearword and said, "Two thousand are not there!" At this time, I have always had a kind of cuckoo emotions listening to the hardships of people's livelihood. I sighed an old farmer to cope with the difficulties. The powerlessness and helplessness of fate, heavy and faint.

Then, you understand what I mean by this article, so then it is the reverse story.

"How many children do you have? They are still working at such a big age, do they... agree?" I actually want to ask: Are your children who are not filial to the cockroaches willing to make you old and hard?

The old-fashioned expression slowly blooms under the light, like the autumn corn shining with a happy luster. He said: "I have three children. Two girls, there is a kid in the middle. They forced me out."

"Why?" I have already intended to describe myself with indignation.

"My wife loves watching drama programs. I love watching news programs. I used to fight for channels. My son suspects that we always buy a big color TV because of this, and it is still the kind of wall hanging. One person, one TV set, it is not quarreling. But it’s even more boring. Just there, I’m insured, my son just talked with his sisters and sisters, let me come, and said that if there is something to do, there will be no quarrel. Hey,” Lao Baoquan pointed to the next-door community, “My family is here. Next to the second building. More than one hundred flats, I came to work, more empty. If the day is on duty, my wife will come over to join in the fun, not quarreling at the moment."

Lao Baoquan probably felt funny and laughed happily.

"What are the children doing?" I admit, I am so old-fashioned.

"The boss used to teach at the university and talk to a foreigner. Afterwards, I went to see Australia with my boyfriend. Okay, it’s good. I decided to settle down with my son-in-law in Australia. My son started a design company and used more than a dozen people. The oldest and the youngest have no ability to work in a real estate agency, but they also buy a house to buy a car."

It’s an understatement, and it’s a low-key publicity. God, is it the father of a cow’s fork? I sincerely praise him: "The generation is stronger than the first generation, it is very powerful."

Then, Lao Baoquan was very humble and proud: "No, the boss is better than me, I can't teach the university. The two little ones are much worse than me."

You are a farmer who farms... To be honest, I think he is talking. Then, he actually said: "I started from selling chicken and came to the city. When I was the most prosperous, I opened four restaurants in the city at the same time. Each hotel has an area of ​​no less than 100. The maximum number of employees is one. One hundred and eight people, the number of Liangshan heroes. I was the first one in the village to buy a building in the city. The first one to buy a car, the first one to train three college students."

The old-fashioned tone changed the usual humility, and the high-spirited bamboo was in the chest. The imposing manner was clearly a giant in the latitude and longitude. Tell you, at that moment, I think this old man is very handsome, and the cow is dead! After a while, I can't think of a better vocabulary to express my feelings, but I can only apply it in an old-fashioned way. See the words after Master Qi:

Everyone is a legend.

Then, for many days, I feel that every corner of the city has a silent pride. They are tolerantly watching our shallow people screaming and showing off their poor talents. Seeing our pretense, we are deeply pointing out the lives of others. Must be very funny. Then, I dare not take a look at every seemingly ordinary person who hastily passed by me, and is always ready to give up the awe of self. I understand that each of us has overstated the suffering and misfortune of our own self, and too much exaggerated the efforts and results of ourselves. Since we live in the same world and belong to the same biological population, why is it that only the self is great?

Then, I confirmed that the self is a story-like book.

Then, more eager to win!

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