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Cherish the time maxim

1. Time is a great author, it will give everyone a perfect ending. - Chaplin

2. The time is the most unbiased. It is twenty-four hours for anyone; time is also private, and it is not twenty-four hours for anyone. - Huxley

3. Those who forget today will be forgotten tomorrow. - Goethe

4. Hard bees never have the sorrow of time. - Black

5. As long as we can make good use of time, we will never be able to use enough time. ---German poet Goethe

6. Regardless of how embarrassing time swallows everything, we must strive to gain our reputation when this interest persists, so that the sickle of time cannot harm us. - Shakespeare [British]

7. Don't sigh in the past, it is no longer coming back; be wise to improve the present. It is necessary to invest in a confusing future with a determined will without fear or fear. - Longfellow [beauty]

8. Don't sigh for the lost years, you must face up to the hurried time. - Brecht [German]

9. When many people are on the road, they have to let a road open and let those who cherish the time rush to their front. - Socrates [Ancient Greece]

10. Those who dare to waste even an hour of time say that he still does not know how to cherish the full value of life. - Darwin [English]

11. The coming day is much longer than the past year. - Forster [English]

12. The group will grow into a tower and gather into a tower. Although not long, it is a great era in the eternal long river. - Fletcher [English]

13. Of all the criticisms, the greatest, the most correct, and the most genius is time. - Belinsky

14. People who never waste time, no time to complain about not enough time. ____ Jefferson

15. Time is my property, my field is time. ____ Goethe

16. Spring is not self-sufficient, no wonder the east wind is evil. - Shakespeare

17. Abandoning today’s people will not have tomorrow; yesterday, it’s just a matter of running. ——John Locke

18. All savings, in the final analysis, boil down to time savings. ---Marx

19. Time to use is an extremely advanced law. --- Engels

20. Don't wait for tomorrow, what you do, don't wait for others. ---Goethe

21. What I should do today is not done, and it will be delayed sooner tomorrow. ---裴斯泰洛齐

22. Wasting time is a big sin. --- Rousseau

23. Do you love life? Then don't waste time, because time is the material that makes up life. -- Franklin

24. Think of every day of life as the last day of life. -- Helen Keller

25. Procrastination, there is not much to come in the next day, twenty miles, please come kiss me, the grass is dry, the youth is easy to pass. --- British playwright Shakespeare.

26. Ordinary people only think about how to spend time, and talented people try to use time. --- German philosopher Schopenhauer.

27. The golden age is before us and not behind us. ---American writer Mark Twain

28. Life is too short. If you are dying, your short life will be too long. --- British playwright Shakespeare.

29. There is a long time between today and tomorrow; when you have spirits, learn to do things quickly.--Goethe

30. If we want to live, we should build a clock full of feelings, thoughts, and actions for ourselves, and use it to replace this boring, monotonous, sorrowful and sorrowful soul, with time blaming and coldly ticking. --Gorky

31. The way to get the job done is to cherish every minute. -- Darwin

32. Arranging time reasonably means saving time. --Bacon

33. It should be carefully observed in order to understand; it should be understood with difficulty and in order to act. --Roman Roland

34. Every bit of progress is slow and arduous, and one can only tackle a limited goal at a time. -- Beveridge

35. Success = hard work + the right way + less talk. --Einstein

36. There is no way to make time for me to knock on the hour that has passed. - Byron

37. All human skills are nothing more than a mixture of patience and time. - Balzac

38. Any savings are ultimately savings in time. - Marx

39. Time is the place where capabilities and so on develop. - Marx

40. Time is the soil of all achievements in the world. Time gives pain to the dreamer and gives the creator happiness. - McKinsey

41. Time is a great mentor. - Burke

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