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Happiness maxim

1. Time flies, just like running water, never going back. Looking back, our past, our days have passed away, as if we were still yesterday, and everything has gone far, we can’t stay in time, the only thing that remains in our hearts is the most beautiful memories. Happy, painful, happy, unforgettable, everything, laughter, tears, sweetness. Of course, there is happiness in our own.

2. It is happiness to love each other. So simple, so difficult.

3. We live in this world, running every day, even running and chasing, is the need of the world, not the needs of the soul. Those who are rich in enemies may not find happiness; those who have the right to one may not find happiness. Happiness and happiness, after all, are not money and power, just a kind of peace and quiet in the bottom of my heart. We must not miss the beauty and happiness at hand.

4. See different people every day. Everyone is almost unhappy. The business is successful. The work is stressful. People who work quietly say that the industry has no future. If you don’t have a family, why do you still have no suitable person? It’s not appropriate to meet it. Happiness is like kicking and kicking in football. It’s just like trophy. In fact, what we have is our own happiness. We are fighting for hope, losing only memory, and happiness is from the heart.

5. In love, you always hurt each other, as if you can prove your love is very strong. However, there is nothing wrong with love. You love her, she loves you, it is enough. Don't try to make each other vulnerable and sad. To love each other, what is needed is warmth, happiness, sweetness and happiness. Don't declare war with silence, don't let each other, don't leave without saying anything. You know, when you are gone, your eyes are foggy, and her eyes are filled with tears.

6. When I miss you upstairs, you suddenly appear downstairs, then the laces are open, thank you for the shoelaces, let you stay in my eyes for more than a few seconds, so it’s good, I think Maybe one day in the future, even if we are old and can’t bend down, you can put your legs on the bed. I am sitting on a small bench and fixing the laces for you. That is what I want most in my life. Happiness.

7. Many times, we are always naive, always chasing the future chase, thinking about the happiness in the distance. After the innocence, we realized that the future is far away, and the imagination is boundless. We have designed the most perfect life path, but there have been few places to go. So we know that the experience is real, what is owned is its own, imagined like a cloud, can only be dotted in the heart, can not melt into life.

8. Happiness is to find a warm person for a lifetime. After the pain, it will not hurt, and some will only be an indifferent heart. Everything can be passed, but it's impossible to go back to the past. To how strong, dare not forget. You are overwhelmed by what I can't guess. I don't think it's irrelevant. I don’t have any acting skills. A person, a city, and his distressed.

9. In a rainy season, who broke his dreams, who is the heart of tears? Maybe after all, the rain is too big, the umbrella is too small, can not accommodate you and me, happiness is washed away in this desolate rainy season, leaving a place Sadness and loneliness. Perhaps, happiness is like the clouds in the rainy season, hurt, cry, and disappear into the blue sky, no one knows that she has been there.

10. Happiness is when two people search for all the places on the map that they want to go and then go together.

11. One of the happiest things in the world is that you can be both in a city and have a common taste and values. You only know that whenever and wherever you are in a good mood, you want this person to be with you.

12. Happiness is: I am hungry. When I see someone holding a meat buns in my hand, he is more happy than me. I am cold. When I see someone wearing a thick cotton jacket, he is more happy than me. I think of the cottage, just one. Pit, you are there, you are more happy than me.

13. The so-called happiness is a grateful heart, a healthy body, a heartfelt job, a loved one who loves you, and a group of trustworthy friends.

14. When I was young, happiness was a very simple matter; when I grew up, it was simple – it was a very happy thing.

15. I love you, nothing to do with you. The endless thoughts of the night are only my own and will not be brought to the dawn. I love you, nothing to do with you. Even if I am standing by your side, I still carry my eyes and don't want you to see. I love you, nothing to do with you. Why can't I remember your smile, but see infinitely, your upset. I love you, nothing to do with you. It belongs only to my heart, as long as you can be happy, my sorrow, you don't need to care.

16. Happiness is not a lifelong, not a big fish, not a right to blame. Happiness is the fulfillment of every smile and life desire. When you want to eat, you have something to eat. When you want to be loved, someone will love you.

17. At the right time, meeting the right person is a happy life; at the right time, the person who meets the wrong person is a heartache; at the wrong time, it is absurd to meet the wrong person; at the wrong time, It was a sigh to meet the right person. There are limits to life.

18. Happy families are similar, and unhappy families have their own misfortunes. -- Leo Tolstoy

19. Bad memory is a magic weapon to be happy. —— Rita May Brown

20. The secret of happiness is freedom, and the secret of freedom is courage. —— Xiudedes

21. The happiest place in life is the emotional network we have built. —— Anonymous

22. The more passion and ideal a person has, the more likely he is to be happy. —— Charlotte Catherine

23. Willpower is the source of happiness, and happiness comes from self-discipline. ——George Santayana

24. Happiness is not stifled by a huge disaster or a fatal mistake, but is broken down by a small mistake that is repeated repeatedly. - Ernest Timnett

25. When ambition is terminated, happiness begins. —— Anonymous

26. Happiness is like perfume, not on others, but on yourself. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

27. If you want others to be happy, then please learn to be sympathetic. If you want to be happy, then please learn to be sympathetic. —— Dalai Lama

28. Let others live comfortably. It doesn't matter if you don't have happiness. It is also comfortable to see others getting a happy life. Lu Xun

29. Only revolutionaries, whether they are born or dead, can give happiness to everyone. - Lu Xun

30. All happiness is exchanged for the blood of life. ——Wang Yumei

31. True happiness is hard to see. True happiness exists in invisible things. ——Yange

32. I am a member of the broad masses of hard work. I can help the people overcome some difficulties and are the happiest. - Lei Feng

33. I feel that life is alive, only hardworking, hard-working, creating wealth with one's own hands, and contributing everything to human liberation, communism. This is the happiest. - Lei Feng

34. The happiness of each of us depends on the prosperity of our motherland. If we harm the interests of our motherland, each of us will not be happy. - Lei Feng

35. Only by perfecting for their own contemporaries and working for their happiness can they achieve their own perfection. - Marx

36. When choosing a career, the main policy we should follow is human happiness and our own perfection. - Marx

37. Those who work for a common goal and thus become more noble, history recognizes them as great men; those who bring happiness to the majority of people, experience praises them as the happiest. - Marx

38. If we choose the profession that works best for human welfare, then the burden cannot overwhelm us because it is a sacrifice for everyone; what we feel at that time is not poor, limited, selfish pleasure. Our happiness will belong to millions of people, and our cause will exist silently, but eternally, and in the face of our ashes, noble people will shed tears. - Marx

39. When a person is specifically planning for himself, his desire to pursue happiness can only be met in very rare circumstances, and it is by no means beneficial to himself. - Engels

40. To seek happiness in the love of wealth, power, honor, and monopoly, not only will not be happy, but will also lose happiness. --Leo Tolstoy

41. Happiness exists in life, and life exists in labor. --Leo Tolstoy

42. There is happiness when you have life. --Leo Tolstoy

43. Feel that you are the one you need and close to you – this is the greatest enjoyment of life, the highest joy. This is the truth, don't forget this truth, it will give you unlimited happiness. - Gorky

44. The sun is happy because it shines four times; the sea is also happy because it reflects the joy of the sun. - Gorky

45. Books have turned me into a happy person, making my life a brisk and comfortable poem, as if the bell of a new life is ringing in my life. - Gorky

46. ​​All who create their own happiness should be the craftsmen and creators of all workers and peasants. When he becomes a craftsman of all happiness, he will become his own happy craftsman. - Kalinin

47. Working for the happiness of mankind, what a magnificent career, how great this purpose is! - Saint Simon

48. The greatest happiness that each person may have is among the greatest happiness achieved by all. ——Zola

49. True happiness can only be realized when you truly recognize the value of life. - Munir Nasuf

50. People who have a taste of research are happy! Those who can free their minds from research and rid themselves of vanity and new people are happier. - Lametelli

51. Think of the happiness of others as your own happiness, give flowers to others, and leave the spines to yourself! - Valdes

52. As long as you have a reasonable thing to do, your life will be particularly beautiful. - Einstein

53. Science is by no means a selfish pleasure. Those who are fortunate enough to be committed to scientific research should first serve their humanity with their own knowledge. - Marx

54. Even if you become a soil, as long as it is paved on the road to the truth, let your partners rush forward, is the greatest happiness. ——Wu Yunyu

55. The purpose of all human efforts is to achieve happiness. - Owen

56. The only revolutionary, whether he is born or dead, can give everyone happiness. - Lu Xun

57. Happy families are similar, and unfortunate families have their own misfortunes. --Leo Tolstoy

58. Happiness is not due to external causes, but to our attitude towards external causes. A person who is used to working hard can not be unfortunate. --Leo Tolstoy

59. Happiness does not manifest itself as causing even a little bit of pain for others, but as a direct contribution to the happiness and happiness of others. In my opinion, it can be expressed most concisely in this respect: happiness is not to be evil, to forgive and to love others. --Leo Tolstoy

60. Yes, the best way to achieve true happiness in life is to spread the cosmic love of cobwebs from all over the world, like a spider, to capture everything that falls on the Internet. --Leo Tolstoy

61. Love and goodness are truth and happiness, and are the real existence and the only possible happiness in the world. --Leo Tolstoy

62. In order to live happily, we should believe in the possibility of happiness. --Leo Tolstoy

63. Being loved and loving others is the same happiness, and once you get it, it will last a lifetime. --Leo Tolstoy

64. There should be more good deeds in order to be a happy person. --Leo Tolstoy

65. I feel that a revolutionary should have to put the interests of the revolution first and contribute everything to the cause of the party. This is the happiest. - Lei Feng

66. It is true happiness for a person to eat well and wear well, not to be happy. Only those who are poor in the world have a good life. ——Wang Jie

67. A person's life is short-lived, and my career is infinitely long. Although the individual suffers from misfortune and many pains, our labor is integrated into the collective victory. This happiness has a part of me. As long as I live a day, I must work for the party for the people for one day. What is the greatest happiness? It is unfavorable to others. ——Ai Runsheng

68. If the pain is in exchange for meeting the truth and upholding the truth, it should be consciously and withheld. At that time, only then will the pain be turned into happiness. ——Zhang Zhixin

69. A person becomes himself, and that is the culmination of happiness. —— Desidu Erasmus

70. True happiness comes from the full commitment to the pursuit of our goals. —— William Cobb

71. Happiness will never visit those who do not cherish all of them. —— Anonymous

72. Not because of the situation in which you are, but because of the spiritual world, people are happy or sad. - Roger Lesterrange

73. Happiness comes from a sense of accomplishment and comes from creative work. -- Franklin D. Roosevelt

74. Stupid people look for happiness in the distance, and smart people plant happiness at their feet. —— James Auburnham

75. Know the music, the benevolent Leshan. The knower moves, the benevolent is quiet. Know the music, benevolence. —— Confucius

76. True happiness encompasses the full use of one's abilities and talents. —— Douglas Fagers

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