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1. I have read a good book, like a friend. - Zang Kejia

2. Study for the rise of China. ——Zhou Enlai

3. The ideal book is the copper spoon of wisdom. --Leo Tolstoy

4. Books are tools for making souls. - Hugo

5. Only when you climb the top of the mountain can you see the scenery there.

6. Even if the road is bumpy, the wheels will move forward; even if the rivers are rough, the ships will sail.

7. Only creation is the real enjoyment. Only hard work is the fulfilling life.

8. Those who dare to declare war on the darkness must be filled with light.

9. A lofty ideal is like a flower growing on a mountain. If you want to get it, diligence can be the rope of climbing.

10. The seed keeps in mind the shackles of the raindrops and enhances the courage to take the lead.

11. There is no ups and downs in nature, and the earth will not be spring and autumn.

12. As long as you can harvest sweetness, there will be busy bees in the thorns.

13. Aggressive use of sweat and blood is a song of struggle and hope.

14. Life is sweet or bitter, but it can't be tasteless. You can win or fail, but you can't give in.

15. To open up your Internet cafes for your wonderful hopes and pursuits, nine hundred and ninety-nine times have been lost, and there are still a thousand times...

16. Opportunities are only open to enterprising people, and mediocrity can never be patronized.

17. Those who walk only on the concrete floor will never leave a deep footprint.

18. The meaning of vitality lies in hard work, because the world itself is an arena.

19. The character of the waves is that it has been crushed by the reef countless times and countless flashes to the reef.

20. Because the eucalyptus is rooted in the deep soil, the green shade of life will grow longer and flourish. The scorpion enjoys the same treatment as the seedlings, but it is not the grain.

21. Pride is a kite that has broken its lead and is fleeting. Inferiority is a bird that has cut wings and is difficult to get into the sky. Both of these are taboos for becoming talented.

22. If the sapling refuses to pruning because of fear of pain, it will never be mature.

23. After a tempering of the sea, the pebbles become more beautiful and smooth.

24. The rapids of life have emerged into the cliffs, and as long as they go further, they will become magnificent waterfalls.

25. Go ahead, swing the boat of life, do not have to be attached and trustworthy, the ship that breaks the waves will open all the new flowers all the way.

26. The bonsai show wood was shattered by the love of others, and it was the dream of becoming a pillar.

27. If you compare talent to sword, then diligence is a sharpening stone.

28. The baptism of the fire will also have a strong body.

29. The spring water of the mountains sang a wonderful song after a twist.

30. When the waterfall crosses the steep wall, it is extraordinarily majestic.

31. Through the roads in the clouds, only the climbers' footprints are kissed.

32. Those who only fantasize and do not act will never realize the joy of harvesting fruit.

33. Diligence is the code of your life, and you can translate your magnificent epic.

34. It is not a pity for the climbers to lose their past footprints. It is dangerous to lose the direction before they continue.

35. The strugglers drove the boat of their careers to the ideal shore in the rivers where the sweat gathered.

36. Bees who are busy collecting are innocent in front of people.

37. The warriors rushed out of the storm without sinking, and the coward would drown in the calm.

38. The climbers who are aiming at the peaks will not be enchanted by some footprints along the way.

39. The waves are smashed by hurricanes and rafts for funeral boats.

40. The mountain road is not as crowded as the people.

41. The rushing forwards can appreciate the wonders of the rivers and rivers.

42. If both feet of the compass move, a circle will never be drawn.

43. If you want to climb the peak, don't use the rainbow as a ladder.

44. How can the footsteps keep moving forward? Keep your footprints behind you.

45. No matter how steep the mountains are, there is always a way to climb for those who are not afraid of hardship.

46. ​​Those who are surrounded by the full stop of life cannot be half-step ahead.

47. Books are the world's nourishment. There is no book in life without sunshine. There is no book in wisdom, just like a bird without wings. - Shakespeare

48. Birds want to fly high and flutter their wings first. ——Li Ruochan

49. I am familiar with the 300 poems of Tang poetry. - Sun Wei

50. Ask the canal to be clear, so that the active head comes alive. - Zhu Xi

51. The human influence is short and weak, and the influence of the book is broad and far-reaching. - Pushkin

52. The ideal book is the key to wisdom. --Leo Tolstoy

53. Things often go against people, and things are always artificial.

54. The horse is running out, and the strong soldier is playing.

55. The rudder of controlling fate is a struggle. Don't hold a little fantasies, don't give up a little chance, don't stop working hard every day.

56. If you are afraid of the rock that has fallen in front of you, life will always be a pool of stagnant water.

57. A weak person can only wrestle, and a savage person can only be burned, and only a truly brave person can be invincible.

58. In our world, we never give a medal to a sad laggard.

59. The ladder steps are never used to rest your feet. It simply puts people's feet for a while so that the other foot can go up.

60. Usually, there is no sprint to defend the kilometer. It is difficult to make a sprint of 100 meters.

61. There is no torrent, it can't be called brave, and no mountain can't talk about climbing.

62. The mountain road twists and turns, but after all, it extends towards the top.

63. Travel thousands of miles and read thousands of books.

64. Shushan has a road to work, and there is no end to learning the sea.

65. Reading is broken, and there is a god in writing.

66. Any valuable knowledge I have learned is derived from self-study. - Darwin

67. Young and hard, the boss is sad.

68. The black hair did not know how to work hard, and the white head regretted reading late. ——Yan Zhenqing

69. Bao Jianfeng smashed out, plum blossoms came from bitter cold.

70. Reading is three: heart, eye, mouth

71. Jade is not awkward, not a device, people do not learn, do not know righteousness.

72. There is no book in a day, and Pepsi is abandoned. - Chen Shou

73. The book is the ladder of human progress.

74. Do not read a student on a day, do not write a hand on a day.

75. I rushed to the book like a hungry man on a loaf of bread. - Gorky

76. When the book is used, it hates less, and the matter is not difficult. - Lu You

77. Reading a good book is like talking to a noble person - Goethe

78. Reading all good books means talking to many noble people. - Descartes

79. Learning is never too late. - Gorky

80. Less and eager to learn, such as the sun of sunrise; strong and eager to learn, such as the light of the sun; eager to learn, such as the light of the candle. ——Liu Xiang

81. Learning without thinking is awkward, thinking without learning is awkward. --Confucius

82. Reading gives people happiness, glory, and talent. - Bacon

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