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Integrity motto

1. Stop greed, greed without product; arrogance, arrogance, ignorance;

2. The greed of greed is like falling into the water, without the power of blowing dust, and it will eventually become a disaster. If you want to go up the mountain, you will need to step by step to climb the peak.

3. Do not forget the image of the public servant in one word and one line, and always think about the people's warmth and cold.

4. One heart is for the public to be insulted, and the two sleeves can be upright.

5. Nothing is worthy of the public, and the weight is not changed.

6. There are not many thousands of things to be obtained, and there should be a lot of points that should not be obtained; the embankment of a thousand miles collapses in the ant hole; only the anti-micro-duration can be clean and honest. - Zhang Wei

7. It’s better to be a good year, but it’s hard to be greedy. ——Tian Wei

8. The flowers are beautiful and beautiful, and the officials are clean and noble. ——Yao Zongling

9. Integrity and education, don't be "not allowed"; be open-minded, always thinking about the next generation. - Li Zhaoxing

10. If the tree is upright, it can be a great material; if a person is upright, he can clearly understand the overall situation. - Yang Minggan

11. The water is not dirty, and the political integrity is not fascinating. - Yang Minggan

12. Swinging the sleeves of the breeze, smashing the heart and calm, the tree is upright, leaving a word of mouth. - Yang Minggan

13. Lotus is honored by cleanliness; man is justified by honesty. ——Wang Shuyin

14. For the sake of political integrity, the family walked straight. ——Wang Shuyin

15. The mirror is not dusty, it can be taken care of. ——Liu Bo

16. I don’t forget the image of the public servant in one word and one line, thinking about the people’s warmth and warmth. ——Liu Jing

17. Greed is like a fire. If you don't stop it, you will save the original. If you want to be like water, you can't stop it. ——Cheng Jun

18. Let honesty engrave life and keep innocence in the world. ——Qi Runfang

19. Life is only honest and heavy, and the world must be supported by qi.

20. Qing is in good morality.

21. Being upright and self-defeating.

22. Multi-planted lotus ponds are self-cleaning, and they are anti-corruption----------------------

23. Unable to stop today's lure and confusion, will lose the happiness of tomorrow.

24. The wise man is not confused, the brave is not afraid, the diligent is not poor, and the inferior is not corrupt.

25. Being diligent in thinking of the people, honesty and morality, and ignoring the ambition, quietly to cultivate.

26. Cheap and clean, full of integrity; diligent and awkward, two sleeves breeze. ——Wang Zhongmin

27. Manage your brain, don't want to think about it; manage your mouth, don't eat it; take care of your own hands, don't take it; take care of your feet, you shouldn't go The place does not go. ——Yang Jingchun

28. Do things with diligence first, and for officials to be honest. ——Liu Xia

29. The disease is from the mouth, the corruption is from greed; the integrity is clean, and the law is strict. ——Yao Jixia

30. The feet of the monks are not high, and the things of corruption and defeat are not in school - Zhao Fanyu

31. Greed will lick your hands and feet, and integrity will make you happy for a lifetime. ——Huang Junhong

32. Integrity is the foundation of our happiness, and self-discipline is the source of our happiness. ——Zhang Mingrui

33. Words and deeds are correct, and they are justified as a teacher; they are clean and self-satisfied, and they are nurtured to feed peaches and plums. - Zhang Xiudong

34. The human heart is like a scale, weighing who is light and heavy; the people - meaning mirror, showing greed and greed. —— Luo Wenping

35. Gan Shouqing’s report to the country is not for greed and shame. - Da Zhanghui

36. Le Ziqing is in the middle, and he is troubled by greed. - Ning Li

37. The love of all people before the birth, not to let the breeze come naturally. ——Zhang Aimin

38. Based on the principle of self-improvement, self-cultivation is the first. ——Sun Zhaofeng

39. Jinsong is at risk and is full of personality. ——Jia Xinghong

40. Mo is an official hamster, Gan is a scorpion cow. - Peng Min

41. Fan Gongdian Fan is in the aftermath. ——亓玉杰

42. If you want more, your heart will be scattered, and your heart will be weak. ——Wang Wenxiu

43. Corruption - defeated the tiger, honesty and self-discipline forever happiness. ——Zhang Lixin

44. For the sake of political greed, for the sake of integrity; to maintain honesty and self-discipline, self-cultivation is self-motivated. ——Zhao Xia

45. Being a person is just right, and the officials are spotless. ——Chen Ying

46. ​​For the sake of political integrity, to be honest and sincere; to speak in the letter, to do things seriously. ——Da Zhaohong

47. Desire, human nature, but must have degree; if greed, it will eventually destroy itself. - Wang Lianzuo

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