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Rule of the motto

At dawn, it will be cleaned up and cleaned inside and outside; it will be fainted, locked in the door, and will be self-examined. A porridge and a meal, when thinking is not easy; half a silk and a half, eternal hard work.

It is advisable to plan without a rain and to dig into the well. If you want to make a contract, the banquet must not stay. The utensils are clean and sturdy, and the scorpion wins the golden jade; the diet is about the same, and the garden is more precious. Do not camp in Huawu, do not make good land.

Three aunts and six women, the real agent of sinful thieves; beautiful and beautiful, not the blessing of the boudoir. Don't use a beautiful child's servant, and your wife and sister should avoid makeup.

Although the ancestors are far away, the sacrifices must not be dishonest; the children and grandchildren are foolish, and the scriptures must not be read. The residence period is simple; the godson must have a righteous side. Don't be greedy for money, don't drink too much alcohol. Trade with shoulders, do not take advantage of it; see poor neighbors, must be warm. Being a mean family, there is no long-term enjoyment; Brothers and uncles, need to be divided into more and more oligo, long and young inside and outside, Yi Fa Su Yan. Listening to women's words, licking the flesh and blood, 岂 is a husband, heavy 赀, thin parents, not adults. Marry a woman to choose a good 婿, no re-employment; begging for a lady, do not count thick.

It is the most shameful to see the rich and the poor, and the arrogant when it comes to poverty. At home, the lawsuit is final, and the lawsuit is the last murder; Do not force the forces and be solitary; do not greet the raw birds and kill the birds. If you are secluded, you will have more regrets.

If you hate less, you will be tired of it for a long time; if you are old, you can rely on each other. Listening to the speech, knowing what is inhuman? When you are patient, think twice, because of the conflict, do you know what is not me? Shi Hui has no thoughts, and he is forgotten. When everything is left, it is not appropriate to go any further.

People have joy, they can't be jealous; people have disasters, and they can't be happy. It is not good to see people who are eager to see, but to be evil. Seeing the color and getting kinky, report to the wife and the girl; use the dark arrow to grieve and blame the children. The home is harmonious, although there is no success, there are Yu Huan; the national class is finished early, that is, there is nothing to hide.

Reading ambitions in the sages, for the official heart of the kingdom. Keep your points and listen to the day. If this is the case, it will be close to you.

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