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Health maxim

1. There are thousands of diseases, but there is only one type of health. ——Berny

2. Health is the first happiness of people, the second is the nature of warmth, the third is the property that is righteous, and the fourth is to share happiness with friends. ─ Luo? Herrick

3. The room is wide and wide, not as wide as the heart.

4. Thousands of health care, health care, balance of mind is the key.

5. Senior officials are not as good as Gaozhi, Gaozhi is not as good as high salary, high salary is not as good as high life, and high life is not as happy.

6. "Four Nos" is a long-lived and prolonged year: no urgency, no annoyance, no old age, no laziness and longevity.

7. Health is not a matter of physical condition, but a matter of mental condition. - Mrs. Eddie

8. Joy is health, and depression is a disease. - Hallidad is hard to find and happy, and Dasheng is fortunate. ─ Xie Lingyun

9. God's body is light and self-motivated. ─ Wei Yingwu

10. The taste of the world is Qing Huan. ─ Su Shi

11. The ambition is due to reduction, aging and disease. ─ Bai Juyi

12. The real way to stay healthy is to extend the heart of youth. ─ Collins

13. Long-term disappointment and troubles can cause people to die in poverty. ─ Brown

14. The longevity is that I have a happy personality. ─Abbass Hasa

15. Although pessimistic people are still alive, optimistic people are immortal. ——Byron

16. All the fun of reason, all the pleasures of faculty, are in the health, quiet and rich life. But health alone and temperance coexist; and quiet, oh, where the virtues are, you don't need foreign objects. ─ ─ Pu Po

17. There are three doctors: the first is called a diet, the second is quiet, and the third is happy. ─ milliel

18. You have 10,000 kinds of functions. You can conquer the world and even change the race. You have no health, you can only talk empty talk.

19. The wise man wants his career not to forget his health, and the fools are only looking after the road.

20. People can do a lot of stupid things in their lives, but the most stupid thing is to ignore health.

21. Exercise can replace health supplements, but all medicines and health supplements are not a substitute for exercise.

22. With physical energy compared to gold diamonds, gold and diamonds are useless waste.

23. Weaknesses and deceptions, and strong people are bullying.

24. When you are young, give up health and gain wealth; when you are old, you will give up all your wealth to restore your health.

25. A healthy body is the living room of the soul, and a sick body is the forbidden room of the soul. - Bacon

26. Health is the best gift, contentment is the greatest wealth, and trust is the best character. ———Sakyamuni

27. Don't decorate yourself with treasures, but arm your body with health. - European slang

28. The first condition of happiness lies in health. - Curtis

29. Maintaining health is the responsibility of being a human being. - Spinoza

30. The ideal person is a person of morality, health, and talent. - Kimura Kiichi

31. Those who are physically fit are often young; those who are not ashamed are often rich. - Martoft

32. The body is the baggage you must carry for life. The more baggage is overweight, the shorter the journey. ——AHG

33. Pray for three things: a good wife, a good appetite, a good dream. - The Jewish maxims are comfortable when they are in the sun, but they are miserable when they are in the yin. ─ Zhang Heng

34. Regular life is the secret of health and longevity. - Balzac temperance is the best medicine. - Born

35. There is plenty of daylight. ─ Nightingale

36. Whoever wants to live and make money, please start early today and get up early. ——Byron

37. It is better to eat coarse tea and light meals calmly than to eat big and big meat with fear. ─ Aesop

38. Getting up early and getting up early makes people healthy, rich and wise. ─ Franklin

39. The relationship between rest and work is just like the relationship between the eye and the eye. ─ Tagore

40. The disease is the interest that Yile deserves. -- Bacon is a temporary suicide. ─ Russell

41. Healthy, living and festival, can prolong life. Life is not controlled, and life is often shortened. ─ Cervantes

42. Rest is a great medicine for workers. ——Petrak

43. More people died in the wine glass than in the sea. ─ Foley

44. Life is in motion. ─ Rousseau

45. The doctor can't cure the disease and can only help rational people avoid getting sick. If people live formally and eat properly, they will not be sick. ——Shaw Bernard

46. ​​A person who has worked hard to work, if he does not exercise his limbs regularly, is a very painful thing. ─ Lev Tolstoy

47. You must take an hour or two to take a walk every day. This kind of hard work and hard work will damage health. ——Lenin

48. How beautiful life is, fun and fun! ─ Pushkin

49. Only activities can remove all sorts of doubts. ─ Goethe

50. Organs are not exercised and are as extremely harmful as the organs are over-stressed. ─ Kant

51. Walking can promote my thoughts, my body must keep moving, and my brain will start. ─ Rousseau

52. If the water stagnates, it loses its purity, and the heart is inactive and clear. ——Da Vinci

53. Moderation and labor are two real doctors of humanity. ─ Rousseau D

54. Those who know work but don’t know how to rest, like a car without a brake, are extremely dangerous. People who don't know the job, like the car without the engine, are not useful. ——Ford

55. The food is not tired, and it is not too thin. The fish roe and the meat is not eaten, the wine market is not eating, the color is not eating, the smell is not eating. ─ ─ "The Analects of Confucius" An Yan and blood is not inert, tired and full of looks. ─ 荀子

56. Has been hungry for food, not enough to stop. ─ Su Shi

57. In the way of nature, to raise the natural life, not to blame the thief, but to do its best, than the ancient wisdom of the past. ─ Ouyang Xiu

58. Less sleep is self-contained. ─ Wang Yangming

59. It is the material basis for self-cultivation to improve one's own body and maintain a reasonable and regular life. ─ Zhou Enlai

60. Spiritual and peace of mind. Eating a diet, cold and warm. When you are living, you will work evenly. ——Mei Lanfang

61. Life wants to be safe, when there are five things: First, clean the air; Second, clarify the drinking water; Third, the circulation ditch; Fourth, sweep the house;

62. Any young person who is willing to contribute to society and become a major event for the country must cherish his physical health. ─ Xu Teli

63. Revolution, the ability must also be physical, for the revolution, you can sacrifice life; for the revolution, you must have the existence of life and the survival of life. ──Xie Jue

64. Good health and the pleasant emotions that come from it are the best funds for happiness. ——Spencer

65. Pleasant laughter is a reliable indicator of mental health. ─Chekhov

66. Optimism is the only secret to health, often worrying and anger, enough to make a healthy body weak and more than enough. ─ Turgenev

67. A good mood can relieve physical fatigue and pain more than a good medicine. ─ Marx

68. A happy mood is the best health law for the body and spirit. ─ George Sang

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