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Reading maxim

1. The bookworm wraps himself in the web of words and can only see the images of the things that others think of. - Hazlit

2. Some people read for the sake of thought - rare; some people read for writing - common; some read books for collecting money, these people account for the majority of the readers. - Colton's good books are the most precious treasures - the Belinsky book is the only thing that does not die - Chut

3. Books make people the masters of the universe - Bachelor's book is lying across the soul of the past - Carlisle

4. The influence of the people is short and weak, and the influence of the book is broad and far-reaching - the Pushkins leave the book and cannot live as if they left the air - Kololev

5. The book is not only a life, but also a source of present, past and future cultural life. The Kufayev books introduce us to the most beautiful society, and let us know the great wise men of all ages - Smithers

6. Books are the tools to transform the soul. What humans need is an inspiring nutrient. Reading is the kind of nourishment. - Hugo

7. A good book is the rich blood of a great soul. - Milton

8. Reading a good book is to talk to many noble people. - Goethe

9. There is no real education without going to school, and there is no possibility of discernment. - When Herzen was studying, I would like to stay in front of every good thought, just like staying in front of every truth. - Emerson

10. Books are ships of thought sailing in the waves of the times, carefully transporting precious goods to generation after generation. - Bacon

11. The book is a good medicine - Liu Xiang said: "The book is still medicine, and the good reading can be medical." The book is bread - Gorky said: I rushed on the books, like a hungry person on the bread. The book is Yiyou - Zang Kejia said: After reading a good book, it is like paying a friend. The book is a ladder - Gorky said: "The book is the ladder of human progress."

12. The book is the source – Gorky said: “Love books, it is the source of knowledge.”

13. The book is a ship – Keller said: “A new book is like a ship that leads us from a narrow place to an infinitely vast ocean of life.”

14. The book is a consultant - Kebs said: "The book is a consultant who is always at your side, can provide the knowledge you need at any time, and can repeat the number of consultants according to your mind."

15. The book is a miracle - Gorky said: "The book is the most complex and greatest miracle of all the miracles created by the class on the road to happiness and prosperity in the future."

16. The book is a society - Pirogov said: "A good book is a good society. It can cultivate people's feelings and temperament and make people noble."

17. The book is a nutrient – ​​Shakespeare said: “The book is a nutrient for the world.”

18. The book is a legacy, advice, and command—Herzen said: “Book—this is the spiritual legacy of another generation. This is the election of the old man who is going to live, the young man who just started living. This is OK. The commander who will go to rest will be ordered by the station guard who will take over his post."

19. “Books are the beacons that stand in the ocean of time.” – Whipple

20. “Books are nurturing our mentor, without whipping and clubbing, without words and reprimands, without tuition fees, and without formality.” – Debury

21. Mind and eager to learn, not ashamed to ask - Confucius

22. Industry is good at diligence, absurd in play;

23. If you don’t think about it, then you don’t think about it.

24. Those who know are not as good as those who are good, those who are good are not as good as those who are happy - Confucius

25. Threesome, there must be my teacher. Choose the good person and change it from it, the one who is not good - Confucius

26. Happiness in "Poetry", standing in courtesy, becoming a pleasure - Confucius

27. Do not do it to others - Confucius

28. Reading a thousand volumes, writing like a god - Du Fu

29. There are three readings, that is, the heart is coming, the eyes are coming, the mouth is coming - Zhu Xi

30. Standing on the basis of establishing a school, taking a study based on reading - Ouyang Xiu

31. Reading thousands of books, traveling Wanli Road - Liu Wei

32. Black hair does not know how to work early, white hair regrets reading late - Yan Zhenqing

33. The book is more like a deceased person, and the morning and the ecstasy are happy with each other - Yu Qian

34. The book is also a medicine, and the good reading can be medically foolish - Liu Xiang

35. Young and hard, the old man is sad - "Han Yuefu. Long songs

36. Mo is idle, white head, empty and sad - Yue Fei

37. I’m fascinated with the words of the world, and I am determined to read the book of the world – Su Shi

38. The bird wants to fly high and flutters first, and the person seeks to read the book first - Li Kuchan

39. Determined to be true and considerate, reading must be hard work - Qian Yuan

40. Non-indifferent, no ambition, no peace and no distance - Zhuge Liang

41. Don’t be evil, don’t be good or small – Liu Bei

42. I am familiar with the 300 poems of Tang poetry, and I will not be able to make poems.

43. When the book arrives, it hates less, and the matter is not difficult.

44. Asking the canal is so clear, for the active head to come to the water - Zhu Xi

45. The old book is not tired of reading back, familiar with the self-knowledge - Su Shi

46. ​​The book is idiots must work, the art idiots will be good - Pu Songling

47. Reading a hundred times, his righteous self-seeing - "Three Kingdoms" A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step - Laozi

48. The road is long and the road is long. I will go up and down - Qu Yuan

49. Qi Wen has a total appreciation, doubts are like analysis - Tao Yuanming

50. The method of reading, step by step and gradual, familiar and thoughtful - Zhu Xi

51. My life is also in the world, and there is no end to knowing - Zhuangzi

52. Non-study is not talented, and there is no way to learn - Zhuge Liang

53. Jade is not awkward, not a device; people do not learn, do not know - "Three Character Classics"

54. The omnipotent person is really powerless, and the experts who are all-inclusive are really nothing...

55. Intensify learning, grasp the center, Ning Jing do not mix, Ning special do not want more. ——Zhou Enlai

56. Reading is also like mining. Zhao Shuli

57. Books are the world's nutrition.

58. The book is the ladder of human progress - Gorky

59. Books are the president of human knowledge - Shakespeare

60. "The book is the spiritual legacy of this generation for the next generation." - Herzen

61. Read more, but don't read too many books. - Franklin

62. “Books are the ladder of human progress.” – Gorky

63. "The ideal book is the key to wisdom." - Tolstoy

64. “Excellent books are precious milk that nurtures outstanding talents. It is preserved as human wealth and serves the further development of human life.” – Milton

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