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1. Business can control efforts and investment, but cannot control the results.

2. Find out the way when you are proud of your life. If you are frustrated, you will have a way out. BMW has a spare tire. What about your life?

3. How many talented losers in the world, there are many unemployed people in the world who are highly educated – because they choose the wrong bet, win once; follow the right person, win the world, don’t know the goods, half the life; don’t know people, I Hard life is not about living long and short, but about the early and late of the epiphany

4. Three stages of life: more talents; more than financial resources;

5. If a person frames himself within a certain range, it is easy to limit his own thinking and pattern. It is better to read thousands of miles than to read thousands of books. It is better to read thousands of miles than to read countless people.

6. The teacher is easy to get, the teacher is hard to find

7. People without goals will always work hard for those who have goals.

8. The boss can only give one position and cannot give a future.

9. The stage is big, people go to tea and cool, don’t think about how high they think, no absolute victory, no absolute failure.

10. The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.

11. Don't bother, don't forget to smile; be anxious, pay attention to the tone.

12. If you are bitter, don’t forget to stick to it. If you are tired, you must love yourself.

13. Behave as a person, treat people with things: the king of the heavy division, the heavy friend, the heavy one

14. Being unsuccessful, success is temporary; being successful, unsuccessful is temporary

15. Low-key people, you will be more stable than once; high-profile work, you will be a one-way line than an excellent life, one road will not work, you can turn

16. Take exercise as the foundation and learn to be healthy; learn from the principle of learning and learn to know;

17. Take the morality as the foundation, learn to be a person; adapt to the principle and learn to survive

18. Four basic principles of life: know how to choose, learn to give up, endure loneliness, and stand the temptation.

19. When everyone is low-key, you can be high-profile, but you can't run lazy like rust, it consumes more body than labor.

20. You can not treat everyone as a friend, but you must not treat a person as an enemy. At least you can play as a classmate. You can’t play, don’t play, or you will lose nothing. People are constantly calculating, and they will lose very badly at the end of the day, so they should maintain a peace of mind! Some things are not what they want, but some things must be done, that is also a special training for themselves.

21. Knowledge is not as good as knowledge, knowledge is not as good as doing things, and doing things is not as important as life. It is not hard work, not struggle, but choice of stupidity and not stupidity. It depends on whether you will be stupid.

22. The reason why angels fly is because they see themselves very lightly...

23. The reason why people live tired is because they can't put down the shelf, can't open their faces, can't solve the plot. If sincerity is a kind of injury, please choose a lie; if the lie is a kind of injury, please choose silence; if silence is a kind of injury, Please choose to leave. Don't make a promise easily, the promise is the debt you owe

24. Don't forget the past when you are successful; don't forget the future when you fail

25. What is a good job: one does not affect life and work, the second does not affect family reunion, and the third can support the family.

26. Slowly know that true love for a person does not necessarily pay off, and people you ignore tend to be the ones that value you the most.

27. Don't get angry with people around you when you are in a bad mood, longing for them to understand you, people are not your parents, now you can understand how important parents are to themselves.

28. Happiness can be obtained through learning, even though it is not our native language.

29. A friend is a person who has seen you through, and who likes you.

30. Silence - is the most effective weapon for men to deal with women in quarrels

31. Not every sentence is "sorry", it can be exchanged for "it doesn't matter."

32. The earth is moving, and one person will not be in the position of the enzyme forever.

33. When others start to say that you are crazy, you are not far from success...

34. There is always a gap between ideals and reality. Fortunately, there are still gaps. Otherwise, who is still rare? Love is like the sand in your hand. The tighter you are, the faster you lose.

35. There are two major tragedies in life: one is that you don’t get what you want, and the other is that you get something you don’t want.

36. Man - When he does not belong to you, let you sigh what is perfect; when she belongs to you, let you sigh what is true.

37. People, beautiful women who are not as beautiful as live, are happy for themselves, and men are poor for themselves.

38. Don't say that someone else's brain is sick, the premise that the brain is sick is that there must be a brain. The bad guy is not terrible. The terrible is the fake good guy.

39. What is romance? I know that she doesn't like you and still gives 99 roses to her. What is waste? I know that she likes you and sends 99 roses to her. Ideal is full, the reality is very skinny

40. A woman kissing a man is a kind of happiness, and a man kissing a woman is a kind of happiness.

41. When I was young, I took a lot of photos and showed them in the living room. When I was old, I realized that the photos were taken for myself.

42. When most people are paying attention to the high and low altitude of your flight, only a small number of people care about the tiredness of your flight. This is friendship.

43. Beauty can only provide happiness for others, but not necessarily for happiness.

44. The most exciting thing in life is not the moment to realize your dreams, but the process of persisting in your dreams. Life can be done, and life can be stressful.

45. Good horse doesn't eat back, because there is no grass when you turn back. The biggest advantage of telling the truth is that you don't have to remember what you said sometimes. It's not that the other person doesn't care about you, but you look at the other person too much. Make a promise easily, the promise is the debt owed

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