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Youth maxim

1. Unable to turn to love, turn to love, turn over thousands of miles, turn into the heart. If laughter is just to cover your inner sorrow, then please let your eyes laugh together. I always look forward to life. Once I looked back, I found that Chunhua thanked me in the past; I always look forward to a sigh of life, but now I find that the meteor has passed away. The thoughts roam, broken into a little starlight, adorned in the arms of the night, arranged into a month of lullaby.

2. Many memories drift with the wind, go by the water, and disappear from the mind in the linearity of time.

3. In this July when this person turned upside down, my youth bloomed in the depths of my memory. Frustration, just a gust of wind, the share will come up with waves, the wind will not be traced. The flowers are fragrant and fragrant because of the breeze. Life is colorful because of my dreams. I am more hungry because of your trust.

4. Those memories bearing the footprints of youth may hang at the very top of the Ferris wheel, accompanied by the wind to tell the sadness and gentle blessings of youth. The happiness of the past is like a distant dream. When the dream wakes up, it disappears. The happiness has passed.

5. When I look out the window again, the night is quietly waiting.

6. I always want to pick up the memories that are broken like light and shadow, and put together the picture of the past. I understand that the sword of time flies in the past, and the fragmented fragments do not grow up.

7. Is it true that when the youth and the green are settled together, the 17-year-old bicycle will no longer despise the dust.

8. There is always a kind of love. There is always someone who deserves our memory for a lifetime.

9. After 90, we left the green of the spring, forgot the stars of the summer night, and lived up with the maple leaves in the late autumn, ignoring the snow in the winter. You took me out of the world, but I also dropped me on the road. I was always looking for the way to come, but I still lost my way.

10. The medicine of time must also alleviate the pain of separation, but it cannot hide the broken years.

11. Never promise anything about the future, because time will make the oath a lie. Everyone around is a passer-by, but some people slow down and create a story that belongs to them.

12. Happy can be forgotten in an instant, but it can hurt but linger.

13. No matter how tight you are, time will slip away from your fingers and everything will be a memory.

14. How to start to tell a story, youth is the beginning and the end, we have paid a whole process of youth exchange, but some laughter and tears will never be heard by others.

15. There are too many stories in the flower season of youth, and time drops a little bit, like warm tears, breaking friendship, love, leaving only memories, waiting for the next round of reincarnation.

16. I am greedy for the young boy who is about to be buried. We want two lonely leaves scattered around the horizon.

17. The dreams and beauty of the past, in my tender dreams, a little bit, a little bit scattered, I used the most perfect loneliness, fell in love with your footprints.

18. We have been waiting at the ferry waiting for the ship, looking at the clear sky, but we can't find a way back.

19. Write down the sadness and pastness of youth with the pen in your hand and the pen of life. Indus rain, broken lonely, not accidental, is God.

20. If the youthful vigor and the curiosity of advancing disappear, life will be meaningless – Muller

21. Human youth is short-lived, but if you spend this short-lived youth in a despicable way, it seems too much---Shakespeare

22. Who can maintain eternal youth, is a great person - Guo Mo weak

23. Youth must be early, and you can grow up for a long time - Mengjiao

24. No sowing in spring, no growth in summer, no harvest in autumn, no taste in winter - Hyde

25. Hope will make you young, because hope and youth are brothers - Shelley

26. Youth is a book that is too hasty - Xi Murong

27. Youth is the most attractive when it is about to die - Seneca

28. Self-confidence and hope are the privilege of youth - Wilde

29. Young people are full of energy and as rich as spring water – Byron

30. Adolescence is a great time to search - Stevenson

31. What to plant when you are young, what to gain when you are old - Ibsen

32. The main task of youth is to learn - Zhu De

33. Youth is a short-lived dream, when you wake up, it has disappeared without a trace - Shakespeare

34. There is no better world than youth. It is no more precious than youth! Spring is like gold. What do you want to do? What can you do? Gorky

35. Youth is not a period of life, but a state of the mind - Seneca

36. Youth is a year of youth, youth is the spring of life - Hugo

37. The most beautiful decoration of youth should be courage - Dray Mark

38. Youth is always beautiful, but true youth belongs only to those who always strive for the upper reaches, those who forever forget the labor, and those who are always modest – Lei Feng

39. The spirit of an era is the spirit of youth representation; the character of an era is the character represented by youth - Marx

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