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Youthful inspirational maxim

1. Don't complain when you are in trouble. If you can't change the past, then try to change the future.

2. Willpower is a lifeline for people. It can help us get out of trouble and lead us to victory.

3. Use your own hands to create life and realize the dream of life with hard sweat.

4. Face the hardships of life, use your perseverance to create a miracle of life!

5. Do everything to be frustrated, have perseverance and perseverance, and persist in the end with confidence.

6. Only self-reliance, self-reliance, and self-confidence can you afford the bill for life.

7. As long as you don't let your beautiful dreams drift away with your youth, success will one day appear in front of you.

8. Discover your own sparks, tap your potential, and do what you really like.

9. Everyone has a beautiful dream. Only by persistence can your dream come true.

10. Face the fate without compromising, face the difficulties and not back down, so that you can be your own hero.

11. Our dreams are on the high mountains. If you climb the first step every day, you will be fulfilled.

12. There are many obstacles in life. These obstacles are like blocking the curtains of us. We must bravely pick it up.

13. All success comes from action, and only action can lead to success step by step.

14. There is hope and there will be motivation. As long as we persist, the darkness will pass, and the welcoming will be infinite light.

15. Choose a path that suits you and stick to it. If you persist, you will succeed.

16. The more times you ask, the easier it is for you to get what you want and enjoy more fun.

17. Beautiful dreams are not as good as doing things. Just start acting, even if it is late.

18. Stay confident, recognize your value, and be a treasurer who can truly strengthen yourself.

19. Those who are afraid of hardships will suffer for a lifetime, and those who are not afraid of suffering will suffer for a while.

20. Only with courage and hardship can you achieve greater success.

21. In the face of difficulties, many people bring a magnifying glass, but if you struggle with difficulties, you will find it difficult.

22. Success is close to you. Just stick a little more and you will taste the fruits of victory.

23. When no one is cheering, let us not give up our efforts and learn to applaud ourselves.

24. In the journey of life, you must learn to save yourself so that you can move forward in adversity.

25. Meet the difficulties with an optimistic attitude, because you can only defeat yourself.

26. Be brave enough to accept the challenge and constantly surpass yourself so that you can reach your unlimited potential.

27. For a strong person, unfortunately, like an iron plow, he opened the earth inside him. Although it hurts, he can sow.

28. Being brave enough to meet adversity, even if you can't achieve your original dream, will open the door to another dream.

29. The most dependable in the world is not others, but yourself. Don't expect others, be strong and self-reliant.

30. Suffering, like happiness, is a flower of life.

31. What many people lack is not beauty, but confidence.

32. Don't complain about your environment. If you can't change your environment, then change your mindset.

33. The so-called strong is a person who has both the will and the opportunity to create.

34. Efforts may fail, but giving up means that success will never be possible.

35. To be successful, you must be willing to delve into it. Only the same hand that can be taken out, then you are a successful person.

36. Even if you don't succeed, you try your best, and your life must be different.

37. If you want to make a difference, then you must stick to it in the right direction, from beginning to end.

38. Use diligence to achieve your dreams and use wisdom to make life.

39. Be kind to every dream of life, give yourself confidence, know that you have the ability to achieve it.

40. The suffering of understanding is to test our “deaf”. As long as we work hard, life will eventually turn into a butterfly.

41. If you are determined, you will have strength; if you have perseverance, you will succeed!

42. In the face of difficulties, we must adhere to our own beliefs, just like holding a precious “Agarwood”.

43. Life requires patience, needs courage, needs passion, and needs confidence-----

44. If we live negatively, then sooner or later we will be deeply trapped in the “house” we built.

45. No one can predict the fate of the future, but we can face the fate with a happy expression.

46. ​​Let yourself mature while looking for opportunities. When the time is ripe, the ideal can be achieved.

47. We cannot choose fate, but we can change our destiny.

48. Life is like a mirror. If you laugh at her, she will laugh at you.

49. Establish the belief that you must believe, don't say "I can't do it". If you are successful, you can succeed.

50. The god of destiny closes a door and must open another window.

51. The more you are rejected, the faster you grow up; the more you learn, the more successful you will be.

52. The big ones don't have to be late, they are young and try to make their talents create the greatest value.

53. Remember, don't give up easily, success will meet you with a smile when you next slammed the door.

54. The secret of success is to work harder. How many times have you worked hard to succeed?

55. Don't give up when you are in trouble. Remember, sticking to the end is victory.

56. Show your own style and double your efforts to win.

57. Even if learning and life are tough, you have to hurt, smile and give your life a beautiful face.

58. A confidence, an effort, a success; very confident, very hard and very successful.

59. Youth Inspirational Motto: Giving yourself a cliff with no retreat is giving yourself a chance to charge to the heights of life.

60. In the face of the adversity of life, do not compromise, but choose to be strong and stand up.

61. In the face of setbacks and hardships in the journey of life, we must not only have the courage, but also have strong beliefs.

62. When encountering difficulties, we must overcome our difficulties with confidence and overcome ourselves.

63. “Trouble” allows you to learn a lot and is an opportunity to exercise yourself, so don’t be afraid of “trouble”.

64. The easiest thing in the world is persistence. The hardest thing is persistence. Remember, sticking to the end is victory.

65. Success is the courage and effort to constantly surpass yourself and be the best.

66. The person who creates the opportunity is the brave, and the one who waits for the opportunity is the fool.

67. Prepare the seeds and harvest the fruits; prepare for the effort and harvest the success; prepare for today and harvest tomorrow.

68. There is no insurmountable scorpio in life. Just step by step, the front is the other side of happiness.

69. If you are forgotten by the lucky god, please don't be sad, I believe that the sun will always shine on you.

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