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1. The book is as rich as the sea, and there are all department stores. People's energy can't be taken together, but they have to ask for it. I hope that scholars will make every effort. —— Su Shi: The Story of Dongpo Collection

2. Look at the text to be a big part of the wonderful look, shrug your spirits, erect your muscles, don't be sleepy, if there is a sword in the back. In the first paragraph, it is necessary to pass through, and the first one should be hit, and the last one should be the first. You can't follow the booklet, you will forget it when you cover it. —— Zhu Xi: “Zhu Ziyu Daquan”

3. There are three readings, which means that the heart is coming, the eyes are coming, and the mouth is coming. If the heart is not here, then the eyes will not be careful. The mind is neither specific, but only the waves are read, and it must not be remembered. It can not be long. Among the three to the heart, the heart is the most urgent, the heart is not only stunned, but the eyes are not sorrowful?—— Zhu Xi: "The Training Regulations"

4. Learning expensive is not expensive. ... knowing ten things and not going to the ground, it is better to know one but to the ground. —— Dai Zhen: “Dai Dongyuan’s Chronicle”

5. Reading is a good thing, and it is the most difficult thing. —— Zheng Banqiao

6. The omnipotent person is really powerless, and the experts who are all-inclusive are really nothing...

7. Step up to learn, grab the center, Ning Jing do not be mixed, Ning special do not want more. - "Zhou Enlai Selected Works"

8. Reading is also like mining, "Shari gold." —— Zhao Shuli

9. When I read a book about a topic I don't understand, the method used is to first obtain the insights of the topic table of the topic. First, browse through many pages and many chapters before re-reading from scratch to obtain precision. Intellectual knowledge. I know the attack of the book at the end of the book. This is the only way I can introduce you to the positive solution. ——Di Cigen: The Logic of Dialectics

10. There is no easy way to learn. There is no shortcut to learning.

11. Learning is not a pure imitation. - Anonymous

12. A person can't ride two horses. If you ride this one, you will lose that one. A wise man will put all the demands of distracting energy out of his mind and only concentrate on learning one.

13. For the students, there is no doubt, the doubts will advance, the minor doubts will advance, and the big doubts will advance.

14. Those who know the inadequacy are eager to learn, and they are complacent.

15. If you learn to go against the water, if you don’t advance, you will retreat.

16. Three more lights and five chickens, it is the time when men read. The black hair did not know how to work hard, and the white head regretted reading late. —— Yan Zhenqing

17. Sexual idiots, then Zhi Zhi: The book is idiots will work, the art idiots will be good. ——-The world’s fall and no one, they all say that they are not crazy. —— Pu Songling: “A Bao”

18. What matters is not the quantity of knowledge, but the quality of knowledge. Some people know a lot, but they don't know the most useful things. - Tolstoy

19. Finding what you can draw yourself deep in the books you read, throwing everything away is to throw away everything that overburdens your mind and seduce yourself. - Einstein

20. Good reading, not asking for a solution; every time there is a will, you will forget to eat. —— Tao Yuanming: Biography of Mr. Wu Liu

21. Read a book and make a thousand strokes. —— Du Fu: “The Department of Dugong”

22. We automatically read books, that is, hobbies, and it is useless to ask others. We have to go through an overview first, and then decide to enter one or more of the more specialized ones we love. However, there are ills in reading books, so Kun must Engage with the real society to make the books you read alive. —— Lu Xun: “Reading and Talking”

23. Young people who love reading books can look at books other than their own points, that is, extracurricular books... For example, if you study science, look at literature books, learn literature, look at science books, and see what others are studying there. What is the matter. In this way, for others, other things, you can have a deeper understanding. - "The Complete Works of Lu Xun"

24. Looking at a person's work, the result is not very big: you will not get the advantages of many aspects. Many flowers must be taken like a bee to make honey. If you are in one place, the income is very limited and boring. —— Lu Xun: “To Yan Limin”

25. I have eight good friends who are willing to guide me in everything. If you want to ask the real name, the name is different, the name is: what, why, who, when, where, where, how, like the younger brother and brother. There is also a western-style sect, whose name is reversed and called geometry. If you ask the Eight sages often, it is not wrong to be a fool. —— Tao Xingzhi: “Eight Advisors”

26. Accumulating knowledge, there should also be the strength of farmers to build fertilizer, the scope of cockroaches should be wide, do not limit too much, ... cow dung, human dung, sheep dung are all back, let them all become useful fertilizer, nourish crop growth . —— Deng Tuo

27. Some books are available for tasting, some books can be swallowed, and a few books should be chewed and digested; that is, some books are enough to read a part of them, and some books can be read altogether, but some books can be read altogether, but You don't have to read it too carefully; there are still a few books that should be read aloud, read hard, and read with care. - "Bacon's Anthology"

28. Don't put a lot of cluttered words in your head, but inspire the ability to understand things so that they can flow out of this ability—like the flow from a living spring—and a stream. —— Comenius: "The Great Teaching Theory"

29. You should study and learn everything at any time; you should concentrate on it so that you know more and know everything. —— Gorky: The Literary Tablet

30. After reading a good book, I have paid a friend. —— 臧克家

31. People who are able to take the necessary nutrients are healthier than those who eat a lot. Similarly, true scholars are often not people who read a lot of books, but people who read useful books. —— Aristib

32. Second only to choose Yiyou is to choose a good book. —— Calder

33. Reading a book that is not suitable for reading is worse than not reading it. We must have the ability to choose the most valuable and suitable reading material for your needs. —— Belinsky

34. Bad books, like bad friends, may kill you. —— Fielding

35. A person who loves books, he must not lack a loyal friend, a good teacher, a lovely partner, a good comforter. —— Isaac Barro

36. To climb the same peak of science and culture, we must break through the limitations of adverse conditions, make use of the favorable conditions provided by life, and create new conditions. —— Gao Shiqi

37. Books have inspired my wisdom and my heart. It has helped me to get out of the rancid muddy. Without them, I will die there and be stupid and stupid. - "Gower is on youth"

38. The taste of long-lasting things is annoying for a long time; the taste of reading is longer and deeper. —— Cheng Hao

39. The book is also a medicine, and it is a good thing to read. —— Liu Xiang

40. I love books. I often stand in front of the bookshelf, when I feel that I am in front of a vast world, a vast ocean, a vast universe. —— Liu Baiyu

41. There is no book in life, as if there is no sunshine; there is no book in wisdom, just as a bird has no wings. —— Shakespeare

42. Books are the nutritional products of all human beings. —— Shakespeare

43. Books – a contemporary real university. —— Thomas Carlisle

44. All kinds of stupid things, under the influence of reading books every day, seem to melt on the fire. —— Hugo

45. The book, this is the spiritual legacy of this generation to another generation. This is the advice of the dying old man to the young people who have just begun to live. This is the sentinel who is preparing to go to rest and take the place to replace his post. The order to send the sentinel instead of his post. - "Herzen's Thesis"

46. ​​There is no real education without going to school, and there is no possibility of discernment. - "Herzen's Thesis"

47. Good books are the most precious treasures. —— Belinsky

48. The book is the life of our time. —— Belinsky

49. The ideal book is the key to wisdom. —— Tolstoy

50. Books are inseparable life partners and mentors for young people. —— Gorky

51. Love books - this is the source of knowledge! Only knowledge is useful, only it can make us spiritually strong, loyal and rational, to truly love humanity, respect human labor, People who sincerely appreciate the beautiful fruits of the uninterrupted great labor of mankind. - "Gorky on Youth"

52. The more you read, the stronger and more brave the spirit will be. —— Gorky

53. To love books, it will make your life easier; it will help you to understand complex thoughts, emotions and events; it will teach you to respect others and yourself; it will love the world and love human emotions. Inspire wisdom and mind. - "Gorky on Youth"

54. Living in our world, it is impossible to understand people without reading. —— Gorky

55. A book, like a human being, is also a phenomenon of life. It is also a living, talking thing. —— Gorky: Thesis

56. Reading, the ordinary process that we take for granted, is actually the process of combining the human mind with the great wisdom of all nations, from ancient times to today...——Gorky on Youth

57. Young comrades must remember that if they want to hop all the cultural heritage of the past, they can’t do it. This requires firm tenacity and hard work. Be aware that overcoming difficulties on this road is a very good stimulant in itself. -- "Ostrovsky"

58. Learning requires the greatest tension and enthusiasm for people. —— Pavlov

59. ... Science is everywhere, and it is just a place where it is not planted. It does not make it a good harvest. —— Hu Erzhen: “Science and Unrealistic Style of Science”

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