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Security aphorism

1. Safety measures are carefully set, accident prevention is guaranteed, and it is better to be safe and to avoid accidents that harm the people.

2. You tell people about violations, and the accident is not merciful to you. Ruthless in violation of the rules, affectionate families.

3. Go out without concern, first check the fire source. Fire is not difficult to defend, and it is important to keep the rules.

4. Building a high-rise building depends on the foundation, and the preservation depends on the team. The system has few strict loopholes and the measures are effective and safe.

5. Not afraid of a thousand days, I am afraid that it will be loose for a while. The disease came from the mouth and the accident was released.

6. Safety should be said, accidents must be guarded, and safety should not be forgotten.

7. On the safety production hanging mouth, it is better to run a few times on the spot. The safe production of the monthly gardens is quite illegal.

8. Safety management is perfect, and personal accidents are realized to zero. Safety comes from long-term vigilance, and the accident stems from instant paralysis.

9. It is better not to be idle for a thousand days, not to prevent accidents. Grasp the foundation from the big picture, and prevent hidden dangers from starting small.

10. Be careful not to make a big mistake, and carelessly cast it. Production is disorderly and accidents are everywhere.

11. People are the most precious and safe first. I want to be safe and safe for me.

12. Let each other take half a step and go all the way. Be careful step by step, peace is gold.

13. Safety For production, production must be safe. Always pay attention to safety and prevent accidents everywhere.

14. Don't ask for more, just ask for peace.

15. One person puts a good steering wheel and everyone sits in a safe car.

16. The personal security line is the lifeline.

17. Hard hat - love you not to discuss.

18. Seat belt: is to maintain

19. If work is a book, then security is the preface.

20. It is illegal to smoke on the pole.

21. Install the grounding wire and check the power first.

22. Annual Safety Regulations, Year-old Years of Peace.

23. The management of the warehouse should be standardized, flammable and explosive.

24. The wise man becomes a norm, and the person is blind.

25. Power safety, hidden dangers should be eliminated.

26. On the road of power development, safety regulations refer to the road lights.

27. The hidden danger is as fierce as it is, and it must be cleared at all times.

28. The accident was paralyzed and security came to vigilance.

29. Quality is the basis of safety and safety is the prerequisite for production.

30. Ignorance is more dangerous than protection, and the protection and security are guaranteed.

31. Safety is the foundation of life, and violations are the source of accidents.

32. The preservation is less than a thousand days, and there is more than one day of accidents.

33. Safety and efficiency go hand in hand, and accidents and losses occur simultaneously.

34. Enterprise benefits are the most important, and fire safety is the first.

35. Safety is saving, and safety is life.

36. Safety is the cornerstone of life, and safety is the ladder of joy.

37. Pride and complacency are the fuses of accidents. Modesty and prudence are the paving stones for safety.

38. Safely weave a wreath of happiness, which violates the rules and produces a bitter wine of remorse.

39. There are thousands of safety warnings and the first article of safety production. Thousands of dollars, the first measure of safety education.

40. Take a look at the safety insurance. Take more steps and reduce accidents.

41. Security does not leave the mouth, the regulations do not leave. Don't forget the danger, the rule can't be forgotten.

42. The safety regulations are written in blood, and violations of the rules and interests of their loved ones.

43. Security is the guarantee of a happy family, and accidents are the bane of life’s tragedy.

44. Don't be fortunate in safe production.

45. Everyone is safe and self-sufficient. Safe two natural enemies, violations and paralysis.

46. ​​Safety comes from vigilance and the accident is paralyzed. It’s hard to bring security, and it’s a slap in the face.

47. Safety management, you control me, everyone is safe. Hidden accidents, you check me, everyone is safe.

48. Adventure is a friend of the accident, and caution is the basis of safety.

49. Security cannot be counted on the aftermath of the matter, and it is necessary to think twice before it is safe.

50. Tolerance of danger is tantamount to self-defeating and prudent action.

51. Safety is the lifeline of employees, and employees are the responsible person of safety.

52. Fire prevention must not let go of a kind of ignition, and it is necessary to avoid accidents.

53. It is better to keep the wind and protect the whole, and do not want to go to the reputation.

54. Work with illness, such as taking a job; if the disease is not removed, it will not stop.

55. Security is the foundation, and violations are the link between life and danger.

56. Moin was lucky for a moment and caused misfortune in his life.

57. Safe production: Width is the danger is love.

58. Equipment hazards are a hotbed of accidents.

59. Violations are the root cause of accidents.

60. Fortunately, it is the bane of an accident.

61. Security is the life of the company.

62. Safety is the umbrella of your life.

63. The sea sails by the helmsman and the electricity production is safe.

64. Life is valuable and safer.

65. Neglecting security is tantamount to contempt for life.

66. Violation is the safest enemy.

67. Production is busy again and it is safe to forget.

68. Beware! Powered nearby.

69. Enter the work site and see and do it again.

70. The small hole is not blocked, and the big hole is bitter.

71. Pouring a safe tree and opening a happy flower.

72. The business is based on hard work and the work is safe.

73. Violent command is equal to murder in disguise.

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