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1. Today is life - Carnegie

2. Respect life and fully respect life. —— Dugar

3. Life is tempered by all kinds of experiences. —— Monsen

4. Cherish life and cherish today. —— Proverb

5. The purpose of life is to enjoy life. —— Weiss crown

6. If you are good at using, life is long. —— Seneca

7. As long as you are willing to do it, people have nothing to do. —— Elliott

8. Life is a weaving shuttle. —— Shakespeare

9. The shortening of life is directly proportional to the virtual consumption of thought. —— Darwin

10. If you move, you will be happy. —— Yang Wanli

11. Unknown students, knowing death? —— Confucius

12. Work hard to make a living and work hard to die. —— Zhou Enlai

13. Life is complicated, —— Campbell

14. Life, that is the gem that will naturally be carved by humans. —— Nobel

15. Life is a bow, and the bowstring is a dream. ——Roman Roland

16. There are many shortcomings in the activities of the world, but they are still beautiful. - Rodin

17. A waste of life is the greatest tragedy of being a man. —— Manjie

18. Spring flowers are not as good as grass, and teenagers are not as beautiful as old ones. —— Yuan Mei

19. Do you love all beings, don't love life? Love the extremes of life, and then love the group. —— Autumn 瑾

20. Life is not equal to breathing, life is activity. —— Rousseau

21. We can't wait for us to steal our lives! - Lincoln

22. Life is a day that symbolizes a lifetime. —— Proverb

23. Life is shining in the glory, and it is true in the ordinary. —— Burke

24. My favorite is that life has all kinds of experience and is tempered. —— Monsen

25. Those who know the true meaning of life can prolong their short life. —— Cicero

26. Life is a difficult canyon that only brave people can pass. —— Michele Pan

27. Between the heavens and the earth, if there is a gap between the white and the white, it will suddenly. —— Zhuang Zhou

28. Life seems to be a bacterium. —— Hanshan

29. Life is a direct work for centenarians, and it is also a moment of time. —— Anonymous

30. Life cannot be twice, but many people are not good at spending it once. —— Lukate

31. Life should be like a candle, burning from the top to the end, always bright. —— Xiao Chu female

32. Long life may not be good enough, but good life is long enough. —— Franklin

33. Amateur life must be meaningful and not deviant. —— Washington

34. Life is only emptiness and plainness in the eyes of ordinary people. —— Chernyshevsky

35. No one is alive forever, nothing can last. —— Tagore

36. There is a problem in life, that is, how to make an inch of time equal to one inch of life. —— Anonymous

37. Life is real, life is sincere, and the grave is not his end. —— Longfellow

38. Human life is constantly adapting to adaptation. —— Hardy

39. The value of life is measured by the work that one has done for the present. —— Xu Wei’s life

40. Life is like the ocean, and only strong-willed people can reach the other side. —— Ma Zaisi

41. The perfection of man is not what he has, but what he is. - Wilde

42. Life, as long as you make the most of it, it is long-lasting. —— Seneca

43. Our life is the weather in March, and it can be violent and calm in an hour. —— Emerson

44. Life is like chess, one step is wrong, and all loses. —— Freud

45. There are two tragedies in life: one is to be mad and the other is full of ambition. - Shaw Bernard

46. ​​Life is short-lived and must not be sloppy or narrow. —— Dissley

47. Being able to pin your life in the memory of others seems to have lengthened life. —— Montesquieu

48. A person's life may burn or decay, I can't decay, I am willing to burn! - Ostrovsky

49. Human life is like a novel whose value lies in contribution rather than shortness. —— Anonymous

50. Life is a difficult and narrow valley that only brave people can pass. —— Michele Pan

51. Our life is only once, but if we can use it correctly, it will be enough. —— English proverb

52. No one loves life as much as the old. —— Sophocles

53. This belief is empty only because life continues to blindly produce convictions. —— Josanta

54. Life is like this cup of strong wine, it will not be so delicious without three times of refining! —— Guo Xiaochuan

55. The fate of those who are the first to devote themselves to a new life is enviable. —— Marx

56. If people's activities are not inspired by ideals, they will become empty and small. —— Chernyshevsky

57. Who can enrich each moment with profound content, who is infinitely extending his life. —— Kurtz

58. There is only one kind of heroism in the world, that is, people who understand life and love life. ——Roman Roland

59. We cried and died, lived in pain, and died in disappointment. —— Anonymous

60. Life and life, that is the gem that will naturally be carved by humans. —— Nobel

61. One hundred days are empty, and youth is no longer coming. —— Byron

62. The night quietly opened the flowers, but let the day go to receive the thanks. —— Tagore

63. Originally, life was only once, and it was precious to anyone. —— 瞿秋白

64. Life is only emptiness and blandness in the eyes of ordinary people. —— Chernyshevsky

65. Human life is like a flood, without islands and reefs, it is difficult to stir up beautiful waves. -- Ostrovsky

66. Life is a school, and it is a better teacher than happiness. —— Frick

67. The revenge for shameful acts is the salvation of life. ——Roman Roland

68. Life is beautiful, everything is beautiful, wisdom is beautiful, love is beautiful! - Dugar

69. Society is like a boat, and everyone has to be at the helm. —— Ibsen

70. A person's life should be like this beautiful flower, and he has nothing to ask for, but it gives beauty to the world. —— Yang Mo

71. Life is a precious thing, and death is the greatest sin. —— Heine

72. There is only one truth in the world that is faithful to life and loves it. ——Roman Roland

73. In order to play a role in life, love life. - Rodin

74. If you are succumbed to death, you will not be motivated, though you will die. -- anonymous

75. Cherish every moment of youth so that it emits the greatest possible light and heat within a limited life line. —— Anonymous

76. Making a difference is the highest state of life. —— Engels

77. You should face life with a smile, no matter what. —— Fucik

78. A life full of content is a long life. We must measure life by behavior, not by time. —— Small Seneca

79. Life is like a flowing water. Only when his rapids and rushing forward, is it beautiful and meaningful. —— Zhang Wentian

80. Life is not a pleasure, but a very heavy job. -- Leo Tolstoy

81. When I am alive, I am to be the master of life, not to be a slave to it. —— Whitman

82. Our lives, like the concertos of the world, are made up of different factors - Montaigne

83. If you want to love your own worth, you have to create value for the world. —— Goethe

84. Life is an arrow - Van Dyck

85. Life cannot be twice, but many people are not good at spending it once. —— Lukate

86. If you feel that your daily life is poor, don't blame life, but blame yourself. —— Rilke

87. Say no to people, life is the highest thing in all treasures. —— Felbach

88. The value of a person should depend on what he contributes and not what he gets. —— Einstein

89. To love life from work is to implement the deepest secrets of life. —— Gibran

90. Making a person’s limited life more effective means equalizing the life of a person. —— Lu Xun

91. If you don’t see the boy’s head, it’s like a cloud, and it’s as strong as a cloud. ——

92. With the truth, life will be eternal. —— Tegel

93. Health, what I want, righteousness, and what I want. The two cannot be combined, and those who are born and taken out are also. —— Meng Hao

94. The end of the journey will be the end of our lives. ——Metlink

95. Life is like playing rugby. You can't foul, don't dodge the ball, but rush to the bottom line. —— Roosevelt

96. The value of life is not measured by time, but by depth. -- Leo Tolstoy

97. Let the dead go to bury the dead. Since we have life, we should live and live happily. -- Leo Tolstoy

98. The struggle is sweet. —— Hugo

99. If there is a second edition in life, how will I seriously correct the proofreading! —— Claire

100. Life will give you what you need, as long as you keep asking for it, as long as you are telling it when you want it. —— Einstein

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