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Classic love maxim

1. Love is like water, and it is still boiled water. It is used every day. When you are hot, you can drink it. If you are cold, you can drink it. You can use it to wash your face and wash your hands overnight. It is pure and simple. I want to say how it is delicious or how to have it. Nutrition is difficult, and it is not necessary. Wonderful and romantic are things like fish and water. When expressing love in silence, it expresses the most love.

2. I admit that there is no more pain in the world than the punishment of love, and there is nothing more happier than serving it.

3. The inexperienced first love is fascinating, but the love that can stand the test is priceless.

4. Love is the beacon of the ancient Changming. It is fixed in the hope of the storm but it is not moving. Love is the fulfilled life, just like the wine glass filled with wine.

5. If you love her, let your love surround her like the sun and give her freedom.

6. Sincere and long-lasting love is not “falling at first sight”. Because mutual understanding and mutual understanding of ideas and ideas can not be achieved in a short period of time, it is necessary to go through a considerable period of time to truly understand and actually measure each other’s feelings. The flower of love is not open in the spring, but dying in the fall; the music of love is not in the sun, but in the clouds.

7. If you say that you are an insurmountable obstacle to friendship, then suspicion is the most dangerous enemy of love.

8. In love, without mutual loyalty, there is no mutual trust.

9. Everyone has shortcomings, both men and women who fall in love. The problem is not to find a completely flawless object, but to find a partner who can both know each other's shortcomings, recognize each other, and be willing to gradually change, and at the same time tolerate each other.

10. Poets often say that love is blind, but not blind love is more complete and reliable.

11. I have never had a "love first" opinion in my life. The words "the truth is supreme", "the moral supremacy", and "the supremacy of justice" should be the principle of standing. Love can't violate these principles in the climax of how frenzy. It is stupid to try to hide the shortcomings of your love in order to succeed in love.

12. True love requires not only love, but also mutual insight into each other's inner world.

13. People in love should open their hearts to each other. As they usually say, they express their feelings and reveal their entire thoughts. The concealed, unfair behavior here is a manifestation of selfishness.

14. Love is the ideal unity and the integration of the will.

15. Love is not seen with the eyes, but with the mind.

16. If love is noisy and has nothing to do with it, it is not true love.

17. A deep love can be poor.

18. Love is like an oil lamp. After the wick burns out, its flame will also dim and disappear.

19. Don't forget that “beauty” can only last for a few years, and we have to live together for a lifetime; once the youthfulness of the youth becomes a thing of the past, the only beautiful thing exists in the kindness and understanding expressed in the heart. It is where you are better than others. It is always a beautiful thing to love a lover for morality.

20. The lover must be at least lacking in the mind. If it is only the lack of the body, it is still cute.

21. The object of love should be a person with a good character, a person who has been flawed and willing to work hard. This is the love that should be maintained. It is the noble and beautiful love that starts from the love of God in heaven.

22. It should be learned to look at the beauty of the soul as being unsightly and aesthetically pleasing, and to love him, and to nurture the truth that is most suitable for the benefit of the young.

23. People are not beautiful because they are beautiful, but because they are beautiful and beautiful.

24. Even though someone temporarily blocked love with icy wisdom, he did not lock the wings of love forever.

25. The basic element of love is to believe that love itself is immortal.

26. True free love is not a love of pleasure, but a love of personality. Love is a combination of two souls.

27. Love is to believe in it.

28. The first love sees only life, and the continuous love sees eternity.

29. Women are prone to anger, love to think, troubles are not cloth, and cut off and cut, the only way is to awaken, face and transcend.

30. If you want to enjoy happiness, you must have the courage to bear the sorrow behind it.

31. We grow in change. If you reject the change, you reject new beauty and new opportunities.

32. A person's upbringing is something deep in the bone marrow, love and marriage, which may be more important and subtle than the cultivation in our daily life. The world is hard to measure, especially the inner changes of the wet. For a while, those once undercurrents are like our two most common greetings: hello, goodbye.

33. How much weight can life bear, how much resilience life has. Many people will forget the strange strangeness that brought them instant warmth after many years.

34. A woman who has no interest, even if she is wearing a collarless low-cut dress, she will not be in a sexy relationship. Excessive tossing for women, from the face to the soul, will only accelerate aging.

35. In the age when love is an adventure, loyalty or affection may be more practical, more direct, and easier to operate than the self-shaping of candlelight dinner.

36. What does it mean to love someone? This means being happy for his happiness, doing everything he needs to do to make him happier, and getting happiness from it.

37. I want you to know that there is someone in the world who will wait for you forever, no matter when, no matter where you are, anyway, you know, there is always such a person.

38. Love, it turns out that there is no name. What is waiting before the encounter is its name.

39. When you know each other, you can be undoubted. If you don't doubt, you can always know each other.

40. Men are mud, women are water, mud is more, water is turbid; water is too much, muddy; no more, a lot of clay people - a pair of gods and monks. This category, because it is rare to see, God always wants to take back one, get the palm to see and see what the gods look like. When you really love someone, in addition to his lofty talents, he has some lovely weaknesses. This is also the key to your love for him.

41. The right time, the right person, is a happy life; the right time, the wrong person, is a heartache; the wrong time, the wrong person, is a ridiculous; wrong time, meet the right person It is a sigh of life.

42. Wanli Henan is in the north, and the two minds talk about life and death.

43. Once I met, I once fell in love, once in the light of each other's life, I remember that good, sweet. Although there is no chance, there is no regret.

44. Love is not the sweet words in the shade of flowers, not the secret words in the peach blossoms, not the light tears, not the hard-pressed coercion, and love is based on a common foundation.

45. Love is a sweet pain, and sincere love is never a smooth road.

46. ​​Love is a permanent belief.

47. Romantic love must have mutual gaze and be watched, appreciated and appreciated, understood and understood, examined and examined, revealed in the heart and accepted. This is the core of love and the essence of love.

48. The secret of living with a loved one for a long time is to give up the idea of ​​changing objects.

49. True love is based on mutual understanding and understanding between two free people.

50. A sensible person may be like a madman when he is in love, but he will never be like a fool.

51. The eye plays an extremely important psychological role in the germination of love. True love develops in the process of gradual unification of aesthetics and morality.

52. The opinions and feelings are the same, and the two people can be combined more than the contact; in this way, the two people are very close, although they are far apart.

53. Love gives us a distance, and distance makes us love forever.

54. True love is the “unconditional surrender” of the two sides.

55. Just like the kiss of gunpowder, it disappeared at the most proud moment. The sweetest honey can make the taste numb; the less warm love will last a long time.

56. The Ghost Dictionary says: Love is given without hesitation, and then it has to be recovered.

57. The secret of talking about love is that you don't have to be serious, but you must be serious!

58. Choosing a good man requires a method. Just learn to say “no” before you have caught it!

59. Even if you have reached the mouth-to-mouth relationship, keep your hands on hand!

60. The obvious symptom of a love affair is a stagnation!

61. Love veterans, usually do not easily talk about the results of love!

62. Love that emerges from the eyes is less likely to be faked!

63. Be kind to love, because it will not follow you forever!

64. There are two kinds of reactions to men's guilty consciences, courtesy and rogue!

65. Marriage is the most difficult love, because you have to talk about it while you lick the bread!

66. The so-called affair is the feeling of wanting to eat a cake after having love and bread!

67. There are no men in the world who can't do housework, only husbands who don't want to do housework!

68. Be a smart woman, know how to love a man and his money!

69. The so-called romantic is to help the wife buy back the cabbage when they will bring back the rose!

70. There is no doubt that you can easily walk to the kitchen along the direction of the red carpet! There is a feeling that in the insomnia, it is recognized as "Acacia"; there is a kind of fate that always believes to be "eternal" after waking up; There is a kind of gaze that always sees when it is breaking up. It is a "love"; there is a feeling that after a parting, I understand that it is "lost."

71. Perhaps every man has had two such women, at least two. I licked the red rose. Over time, the red one changed the mosquito blood on the wall. The white one was still "the moonlight in front of the bed". When the white rose was smashed, the white one was a sticky rice stick on the clothes, but the red one was It is a cinnabar on the heart.

72. Love and Meteor--People often say: For a meteor that flies in the night sky, close your eyes and make a good wish, your wish will be fulfilled. Legend has it that meteors are seen by two loved ones, and they can grow old.

73. The doctor said: Love is a cold, and people infected by love viruses can neither stand up nor be able to marry others. The doctor also said: high blood pressure is not appropriate, love constant will increase blood pressure. It is not appropriate for people with fear of heights, and love is not suitable for people who are dizzy because they must give.

74. The right-handed scholar said: Love is like water, and it is hard to cover. Love is like porcelain, broken and hard to recover. Love is like an unearthed artifact, both ancient and fresh.

75. History Theory: The love of primitive society takes birth as a totem, "You are born for me"; the medieval love frame is the knight to save the beauty, "I die for you"; the love mode of the feudal society is the talented person, the fate: "We are going to die"; the label of modern love is "as long as I love - no matter if you have no object, no matter how old you are."

76. Meteorology: Love is not afraid of darkness, the darker corners in the park, the more lovers love to go there; love is not afraid of heat, even if the temperature is 100 degrees Celsius, lovers will stick to it; love is not afraid of cold, ice and snow still "Rolling the road".

77. Folklorists say: Lovers are enemies, or why do you call lover "damn" and "family"? Copier experts say: Love can't be copied, and everyone's love story will have different plots and problems.

78. The philologist said: When I urge my friends to write a love letter, it is better to write "love" than to write a few more pens to write traditional characters. There is a "heart". Ai Qing can't be without heart. Simplified words don't know. What is the "heart", love can not be without heart, simplify the word do not know why the "heart", to simplify, but fortunately, a "friend" word.

79. Many happy women know that a good husband is not the best man, but that he is like her most comfortable shoes at all times.

80. Love has different ways of expression at different stages. It is passion before marriage, and there are many affection after marriage. It looks exactly the same, but it is essentially the same, just like the relationship between cockroaches and frogs, caterpillars and butterflies. Love after marriage is not dead, but feathered.

81. The principle of childish love is: “Because I love, I love.” The principle of mature love is: “Because I love, I am loved.” The feelings that really touch people are always unpretentious. No sound, no publicity, and deep burial.

82. Mature love, respect, and loyalty are not easily expressed. Its voice is low. It is humble, concessionary, lurking, waiting and waiting.

83. Love and kites--When you cherish, you should cherish the line of kites, love like us flying kites; when you let go, you have to let go of your kites and let the kites go with the wind.

84. Love and besieged city--no love is too lonely, love is too deep and painful. Love is a besieged city, people outside want to go in, people inside think of it. Marriage, unlike love, can not tolerate sand. Marriage is -- it is 'tolerance is big'!"

85. Love is very heavy for marriage. I think, getting married doesn't require too much love, as long as it's right. This is suitable, it is suitable for marriage.

86. It is the most classic and poetic aphrodisiac in the world to complain about the opposite sex.

87. If you can't remember the most stupid thing you made for love, you are not really in love; if you haven't talked about the benefits of your lover and the impatient people, you don't Really loved.

88. Choose what you like and love what you choose.

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