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Life perception motto

1. The pursuit of the steps should be like time, can only enter and not retreat.

2. The face of reading is not only about learning knowledge, but more importantly, understanding how life knows how to behave.

3. The best way to get rid of the shallow and vulgar is to study.

4. Friends are the bright moon in the dark; books are the navigation lights in the heart.

5. The poverty of material life and the lack of spiritual life are not terrible. The terrible thing is that they will not suffer to change this situation.

6. Life is a mirror, optimistic people see their own smiles; pessimistic people see their own bitter pens.

7. Life is inevitably subject to setbacks and failures. Instead of using tears to wash remorse, it is better to use a smile to meet new challenges.

8. The greedy person is rich and greedy, the contented person is poor and the heart is rich; the sorrowful person, the flying will be high, the pioneer, the Xie early.

9. If you want to be a fine gold jade character, you will be forged from the fire, and you will be able to reveal the merits of the heavens and the earth.

10. Although you are in a hurry, you can be a thousand miles away;

11. Those who talk about the music of the mountains and forests may not really have the interest of the mountains and forests; those who are not good at fame and fortune may not forget the fame and fortune.

12. A flattery is like a counterfeit, it can't be exchanged for pure friendship; spending time on solving today's things is far more meaningful than spending regrets for yesterday's things.

13. There is no need to have no evil neighbors, and you will not have to lose your friends, but you will have two in your own possession; if you are full, if the water is over, you should not add another drop; if you are in crisis, if the wood is not folded, Don't add another one.

14. Hide and write in sorrow, use repentance to clear; clarify in turbidity, bend to stretch; don't complain about the difficulties and frustrations encountered in life, but regard this as an opportunity to hone yourself.

15. The language of the Ganren, no matter what its right and wrong; the words of the people, regardless of their interests.

16. Light fortune is enough to gather people, and the law is enough to serve people; the amount is wide enough to win people, and the body is enough to lead people, and it will be able to bear the man's inability to bear the touch, and can't do things for people.

17. The position of Pu Liu, looking at the autumn and zero; the quality of pine and cypress, through the frost.

18. A greedy person can be a good person, and he is a natural one. He can drop out of school and work hard.

19. Recognizing yourself is often more important than ignoring others.

20. The beauty of life comes from your love for life; the innocence of friendship comes from your sincere treatment of your friends.

21. There is only one life, it reminds me to cherish this evanescent time.

22. Open your heart and know that it is no longer difficult to find.

23. The most precious thing in the world is not the one that is not available, nor the one that has been lost, but the happiness that is in front of you. The lost thing is not necessarily your happiness. The reason why it is nostalgic is because it gives people a good life. Imaginary space, but life is not imagining. Happiness is not to imagine that they are all real bits and pieces. When all the good things are easily destroyed by external forces, it means that it is not so strong, perhaps its foundation is not solid. Concrete, but a pile of foam.

24. The mirror can only show your appearance, but life can shine into your heart.

25. You are the biggest enemy of your life.

26. The heaviest burden in life is not work, but boring.

27. In the most sad moments, you must not lose your faith; in the happiest time, you must not forget the setbacks.

28. Sincerity and understanding are the most precious gifts in a person-to-person relationship.

29. People often lament the lack of beauty in their lives, because they lack a pair of eyes to discover beauty.

30. First light and then thick, first sparse, first, then close, and the way to make friends.

31. Repeating the path that others have taken is because they have neglected their own feet.

32. Love is like poetry. It does not appeal to a gorgeous appearance, but only to pure connotation.

33. True love is like tea, not to say it, but to produce it.

34. All the sophistry stems from the hypocrisy of our hearts.

35. Hard work has wealth and knowledge is successful.

36. Life is like a dance, and the person who teaches you the first dance may not be able to accompany you to the field.

37. The slack of the strings will never give a wonderful piece of music.

38. Life is like chess, one step is wrong, and all loses. - Freud

39. Between the heavens and the earth, if the white space is over, it will suddenly. - Zhuang Zhou

40. The meaning of life does not care about the changes of the outside world, but cares about the inner experience.

41. Life is an irresistible advance.

42. Happiness is a very simple matter when you are young; when you grow up, simplicity is a very happy thing!

43. When I was a child, I felt that my father was not simple. Later I felt that I was not simple. Later I felt that my child was not simple.

44. Life is a great treasure, and I know that I choose the most precious jewels from this treasure.

45. Life does not sell round-trip tickets, once you leave, you must never return.

46. ​​Show off what is lacking; what to hide, what to humble. The so-called normal person is only a person with better self-defense. True mental health is undefended and harmless.

47. We are always too polite to strangers and too harsh to intimate people.

48. The value of life is not measured by time, but by depth. --Leo Tolstoy

49. Life is a business, some people run their own feelings, some have business interests, some have business happiness, and some have business conspiracy.

50. Today is life, the only life you can know. --Leo Tolstoy

51. It is a mediocrity not to be tempted by the world.

52. Everything can’t be perfect, only the pursuit of best effort. This way, there is no pressure, and the result will be better. - Fang Haiquan

53. Learning must be like a bee, and many flowers are taken to make honey. - Lu Xun

54. Study hard, work hard, and make your youth more radiant. ——Wang Guangmei

55. There are two tragedies in life: one is to be mad and the other is full of ambition. - Shaw

56. People's lives, like floods, do not encounter islands and reefs, it is difficult to stimulate beautiful waves. - Alexander Nikolaevich Ostrovsky

57. The reality is this shore, the ideal is the other side, with a rushing river in between, and the action is a bridge over the river. - Krylov

58. The value of a person is determined by himself. - Rousseau

59. The more beaten the meteorite is, the brighter the light is. - Rousseau

60. Just as bad qualities can be exposed in luck, the finest qualities are also shown in bad luck. - Bacon

61. Sometimes, garbage is just the wrong person.

62. The ultimate value of life lies in the ability to awaken and think, not just to survive. - Aristotle

63. The heart is not good for good fields, and good for the best. We should have a pure heart and build good for the public. It will be blessed. - Fang Haiquan

64. In the subversion of fate, the most important thing is people's integrity. - Shakespeare

65. Life is made up of all kinds of different causes, pains and joys that are endless. The ever-changing blue sky only exists in the middle of the mind, and it is a luxury to ask for a realistic life. - Balzac

66. Hard work is far more valuable than gold. - Sadie

67. Living by yourself is to make others live better. - Lei Feng

68. Whoever is a game life, he will accomplish nothing; who can't dominate himself is always a slave. - Goethe

69. Hope is attached to existence, there is existence, there is hope, there is hope, it is light. - Lu Xun

70. There is no eternal night in the world, and there is no eternal winter in the world. ——Ai Qing

71. The past is a god of death, and the future belongs to you. - Shelley

72. Winter has arrived, will spring be far behind? - Shelley

73. If life deceives you, don't worry, don't worry. Be calm in the gloomy days, believe it, that happy day will come. - Pushkin

74. Life is like taking a bus. Some people are very calm and can enjoy the scenery outside the window. Some people are very embarrassed and always in the middle of shoving and crowding.

75. Both lions and antelopes must run; whether they are poor or rich, they must fight.

76. To have a positive attitude towards life, don't worry about it if you have some setbacks. The most honorable person in life is nothing more than life. - Fang Haiquan

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