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Without credibility, there is no survival.

It is said that there is one of our German students who graduated with excellent grades and high school students. Of course, they stayed in Germany for job hunting. I have visited many big companies and all of them have been rejected. It is very sad and very annoying. There is no other way. I can’t let my belly be hungry. I bite my teeth, put away the shelves of high-quality students, and choose a small company. Going to job hunting, I thought, no matter how this time, I will never be driven out of the door by the blind Germans!

The results of it?

Although the small company is small, it still refuses him politely like the big company.

High-quality students couldn’t bear it, and finally took the case: "You are racist! I want to control....."

The other party did not let him finish the words and whispered to him: "Sir, please don't talk loudly. Let's go to another room to talk about it?"

They walked into the unmanned room, and Germany asked the angry international students to sit down and give him a cup of tea, then took a piece of paper from the portfolio and placed it in front of him. The foreign student picked it up and looked at it. It was a record. He was recorded on the bus and he was caught in the past. He was surprised and more angry: it turned out that it was because of such a trivial matter, a fuss!

It is a well-known scholar who talked about this matter. When he said this, he said that the probability of a random check-up of the evasion ticket in Germany is three-tenths of a million, which means that you may be caught three times after 10,000 votes.

The top student was actually caught three times in the evasion. In the eyes of the serious and rigorous Germans, it is probably unforgivable.

When I first heard about this, I just thought that our international student should not be so cheap and cheap that it was too small. Until recently, I have been listening to people, the international economy is a credible economy, it seems that I understand why the Germans see the little thing about the evasion of the ticket as important - a person can not rely on the small profits of the three corners, you still Can you expect to trust him in other things? Once you are tempted by money beauty, how can you trust him to sell you and not to the company? Once you have loaned the bank money, you can find him back. Can you still believe that he will perform without compromise once he has signed the contract?

A person's credibility and personality must of course be self-study, but if it is all self-conscious, it is difficult for everyone to be conscious. The result can only be more and more indulgence, and the result of indulgence is that "despicable is a pass for the despicable." "And people who are truly conscious can only suffer more and more." A blind emphasis on conscious can only show that this society is still immature and too weak.

I also heard people say that at the Singapore airport, our compatriots took the ticket without boarding the plane because there is evidence that the books he borrowed have not been returned to the library. Those who have had a bad track in Singapore, as long as he still uses his real name, he will not want to set foot on the land, because his previous actions have been recorded, the relevant departments can always find out.

A mature society, a powerful society, must not only examine each individual, but also establish the necessary files for them. The necessary files are not black files, but can confirm your credibility to the relevant parties. In this way, the bank can lend money to you, the businessman will dare to do business with you, others can cooperate with you, the company can hire you, of course, you can also purchase in installments... as long as there is evidence that you are A reputable person, reputation is your passport, you can be respected in this civilized society.

If you don't talk about credibility? As long as you dare to owe money, or you dare to evade the ticket, smuggle the contract, evade taxes, evade taxes, lie, lie, and lie, as long as you dare not credibility once, you You will be on the blacklist of those who are not credible, you will lose many opportunities, the bank can of course borrow money from you, no one is willing to cooperate with you, the neighbors are hiding from you, which company is not If you are willing to hire you, naturally no one will be willing to be friends with you. You will not be able to stand in this civilized society.

Only when this society has not only public opinion, but also the ability to punish those who have no credibility, this society is sound, and we can be trusted by others, and we can truly participate in the international economy.

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