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From March 4th to May 20th, nearly two months of internship life was successfully completed. During the internship, I gained a lot, not only consolidating my theoretical knowledge, improving my practical experience, but also learning to step into the society. And the professional ethics that accounting practitioners should have. This provides a valuable experience for me to enter the society and participate in the work, and has established a good foundation for future development.

It should be recognized the importance of linking theory with practice. Although I have already studied the accounting procedures and operation methods in the school, they are still different in the internship process, more flexible, more clear the operation of the work tools, the filling of the original documents, the issuance of the invoices, and the The process of the account, the steps of tax filing and tax return, etc., have benefited me a lot. We should pay attention to the importance of practice under the premise of learning theoretical knowledge, and combine the two to be competent in financial accounting. This also requires us to constantly expand the field of study, keep pace with the times, and keep pace with policies and regulations.

The internship allowed me to grow up, and I knew that enough patience and care was the guarantee for doing a good job in financial accounting. Accounting is inherently cumbersome work. During the internship, I felt that I had to worry about the boring accounts and figures all day long, and I was experiencing digital fatigue, so that I was mistaken when I went to the account. The more mistakes, the more urgent, the more urgent and the more wrong, which creates a vicious circle. Later, I realized that doing everything should be calm, careful research, and accumulation of experience with heart to improve efficiency. Therefore, the account should not be careless, sloppy, and upset. Do everything the same, you need perseverance, care and perseverance, then you will reach the other side of success!

In the work, you should also study hard and ask people sincerely. The accounting department is the core department of the unit. It is necessary to report accounting information to the mobile phone, and to report accounting information on the opposite side. It is necessary to cooperate with each other to organize accounting information. This is a relationship of mutual exchange, mutual cooperation and interdependence. As an accountant, we must coordinate the working relationship with each other, have a correct attitude and good psychological quality, and treat others with sincerity. In the work, we must constantly accumulate experience, humbly ask others for advice, improve our business level, learn legal knowledge and accounting standards, abide by the law, and master the latest accounting essentials, laws and tax laws to achieve social value, personal value and corporate value.

In the course of this internship, I also found my own shortcomings. I used to think that my accounting theory knowledge is relatively solid. Just like all the work, I have mastered the rules and then I will follow the gourd painting. Now I find that accounting is more particular. The practicality and practicality of the matter are zero when leaving practice. It is easy to be anxious when encountering difficulties in work. The original accounting work requires calmness, care and patience. I will work harder to make up for my own shortcomings through constant practice, and fly to the distance to chase my dreams!

Part 2: Accounting Internship Summary essay

The construction of financial accounting training is mainly to improve our actual application level. In the course of the training, we will consolidate our skills by making entries and filling in the voucher to create a ledger. Through financial accounting training, we systematically practice the basic procedures and specific methods of enterprise accounting, strengthen the understanding of the theoretical knowledge of the professional, the practical ability of practical operation, and improve the level of basic skills in accounting. A test of knowledge. Through the actual operation, not only each of us masters the filling and review of the original vouchers and accounting vouchers, registers the accounting work skills and methods of the account book, and has a systematic and complete understanding of the theory we have learned, and finally reaches the accounting theory. The purpose of combining accounting practices.

We use the economic business of the simulated enterprise as the training materials, and use the certificates and accounts in the accounting work to conduct systematic operation experiments on the various steps of accounting, including the establishment of the book, the original voucher, the review and filling of the accounting voucher, various Registration, reconciliation, checkout, etc. of the book. After learning the basic accounting for one semester, although we have mastered the theoretical knowledge, it is still difficult to apply these theories to practice, and we cannot combine theory and practice well. As everyone knows, if you don't make an account as an accountant, you can't count it as an accountant if you can't reflect it in the form of business accounts. So in the first semester of my sophomore year, we opened this accounting training class.

In the training, we first mastered the writing skills, such as the amount of capitalization, date, payers and so on. Then fill in the relevant data. Continue to review and fill in the original credentials. Then, according to the detailed account of each economic business, the accounting vouchers are prepared. According to the relevant bookkeeping and the attached original documents, the cash journal, bank deposit journal and other related detailed accounts will be registered on a daily basis; in the future, we will prepare a summary of the accounts for trial balance. The general ledger is registered according to the account summary table. And check with the relevant detailed accounts, journals; finally, the accounting statements should be prepared; the relevant accounting vouchers, account pages and statements should be sealed and bound into a book and a practical summary.

In this accounting training, the content of our training is based on the accounting data of a large simulation unit, combined with the content of professional teaching materials, the necessary brief introduction of accounting subjects, the provision of relevant materials, and tips on economic business. Instructions and so on. In the training, we acted as the accountant of the unit, mastered how to deal with the specific accounting business and how to cooperate with each other, make up for the shortcomings of our practical knowledge in the classroom learning, and master the specific skills that the book can't learn. Shorten the distance from the study of accounting theory to the actual operation, and also through the simulation of training, we can feel the authenticity of the training and enhance the interest in actively participating in the training.

After learning the theoretical knowledge of the textbook, we will carry out this comprehensive simulation training. The training is focused on doing things, and the business that happens in the enterprise can be skillfully reflected, so as to prove the strength of being an accountant. For example, in the textbook and in the accounting simulation experiment, there are original vouchers, accounting vouchers, general ledgers, detailed accounts, bank deposit journals, etc., although there are still some hands, but as long as careful, step by step, I am going back to myself. Skilled to fill in is very confident. Then it is necessary to cut out the various forms and vouchers on the training book and attach them to the accounting vouchers for later viewing. Finally, they are bound into a book.

As a future accountant, we are just getting started, we will learn more in the future, and there are many things we need to mine. Moreover, the accounting discipline is a highly practical discipline, so the accounting theory teaching and accounting simulation training is like the two rounds of the car and the two wings of the bird. The organic connection and close cooperation between the two can significantly improve the quality of the content we have learned. . There is also a future accounting staff, we should have a high professional ethics and professionalism. Therefore, our school combines theory with practical thoughts, let us learn practical training so that we are not only theoretically strong, but also strong in hands-on ability. In this way, we can get out of the work better after we have graduated from the school after three years of graduation.

The first day of the training was recorded. Although I have never had any training before, I feel that it is not too strange for such a job, but it is only a rough one without the "ambience", and I still do it with my classmates. The teacher simply mentioned it on the top! When the teacher said that he started to register the voucher, facing the work items on his desk during the training, I had the feeling that I couldn’t get started. I didn’t dare to write a pen for a long time, I was afraid to make a step by step. Later, under the patient's patient guidance, I began to register. Soon, a normal class has felt that the long time has passed, but the work in hand is far from the progress required. In the evening, I will continue to work on tasks that I have not finished on the day. But then again, I am very happy to see my own bill. Although very tired, but very substantial! With the first two days of experience, the next fill in the original voucher; according to the original voucher, the voucher, and then according to the accounting voucher to fill the ledger and various ledgers, cash journal bank diary Accounts: The work of filling out balance sheets and income statements, etc., is relatively more skilled. But I know that I am far from the real accountant, but I don't worry because I am trying to learn this knowledge.

After these days of manual accounting, my basic accounting knowledge has been verified in the actual work, and has a certain basic practical operation ability. While achieving practical results, I also found many shortcomings in my operation: for example, I am not careful enough, often misreading numbers or missing business, resulting in errors in accounting results, causing unnecessary trouble; almost every training in training The entries for a business are explained by the teacher, but the actual work must also prepare the accounting entries. In this respect, I still have certain deficiencies, and I have to strengthen the practice in the future.

Through this semester accounting training, I deeply realized the importance of accounting work in the daily operation of the company, and the strict requirements of accounting work for our accounting practitioners. In the actual operation process, I find out the shortcomings of my own existence and have a clearer direction and goal for the future accounting learning. Through practical training, our perceptual knowledge of accounting has been further strengthened. Deepen understanding of the basic principles and methods of accounting, comprehensively apply all relevant courses such as basic accounting, financial accounting and cost accounting, understand the basic requirements of accounting internal control, master the transformation process from theory to practice and the basics of accounting operations. Skills; combining the theoretical knowledge of professional accounting with professional practice, broadening our horizons, enhancing our understanding of the practical operation of enterprises, and laying a solid foundation for us to graduate and take up jobs.

Part 3: Accounting Internship Summary essay

Dear leaders and colleagues:

Hello! I am.

I’ve been in the company for three weeks, and I learned a lot during school.

The things I got, I also really got into the real accounting work, which made me have a deeper understanding of the post of accounting, and I love this job even more. It is very gratifying that I have experienced a lot of experienced, very professional colleagues and leaders. Their rigorous and meticulous and patient teaching has made me understand the accounting work and finally completed the accounting process for nearly two months. . Although the process is full of mistakes, it is also constantly improving. For more than two months, I have worked hard to do all kinds of work. Because I don't have much experience, I often fail to complete the task immediately. Currently, I am constantly improving my personal work ability. Combined with the specific situation, my work is summarized as follows:

1. Learn to use the accounting speed software, and use this to complete the voucher entry for the business that occurs every month.

2. Complete monthly billing, checkout and accounting processing with the assistance of the financial controller and the help of the cashier, and complete the tax declaration and payment in a timely manner.

3. Prepare monthly financial accounting statements.

4. Registration and accounting for engineering materials and purchased materials.

5. Classification, binding and filing of various types of accounting files, vouchers and statements. 6, other daily business work. Insufficient work:

3, only work, not good at summing up, so some work is laborious, but not proportional to the results, the phenomenon of half the effort often occurs, in the future to gradually learn to use scientific methods, good summary, diligent thinking, and gradually achieve twice the result with half the effort .

In the end, we should strictly perform the duties of accounting positions and do our job well:

3. Support the work in a rigorous, meticulous, solid, realistic, and down-to-earth work. It is also necessary to do more brains, listen to more ears, write more hands, and run more legs, as always, dedicated dedication. Consolidate and enrich comprehensive knowledge so that its comprehensive capabilities are continuously improved.

Here, I sincerely thank the company for giving me a learning opportunity and development platform for this new accounting student with no relevant work experience. I know that accounting is a very professional job, but in the future I will work harder to improve my work level and never let the leaders expect me.

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