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Grandpa's sheepskin

When Grandpa was ninety years old, he called me to the front, and pulled out a piece of sheepskin from the bottom of the box and turned over the lining. There were three words written with blood! Grandpa sighed and told me the story of him and the sheepskin.

Grandpa was arrested for being a 28-year-old. At that time, Grandpa was taken by the township public security guard and brought to the home with ropes. Grandpa said to his grandfather if he had nothing to do: "Go out to exercise and exercise." Grandpa white grandfather said at a glance: "You don't know if I was arrested as a soldier? Others have spent money to buy a strong man, you can pour it well." But let me go to exercise. I went to nine deaths, isn't I a superfluous son?" Grandpa suddenly stunned and widened his eyes, and said, "I will spend money to buy a strong man for you!" "My grandfather is waiting to turn and leave, and suddenly heard a voice coming: "Is it still rushing? It is about to leave." Grandpa looked at it and was the soldier of the village. Ma Sanzheng official Ren Qing, ranked third, when the child fell a pockmark face because of smallpox, so people called Ma San. Ma San lowered his voice and said: "You don't have to pay for it. When I get to the army, I will help your son to escape." Grandpa listened to Ma San's words, which is not so self-blaming.

At that time, he was a strong man, and he was unwilling to go to the army to die. He wanted to bribe the district and the township chief, and spend money to buy the replacement. Under this circumstance, there appeared "arms of oil". They played on behalf of others and earned some silver. After waiting for the troops, they tried to escape. The "Binger" who sold the Ding Ding had the experience of being a "flying soldier" several times, saying that the escape could escape.

Ma San and Grandpa were included in the third regiment of the 20th Supplementary Training Division, and they began the intensive training before and after the night. When there was a day of training, Guan Renqing quietly discussed the escape with Grandpa. Grandpa said: "The trick can't just run on your own. Let's take some people to run. They are all caught." Guan Renqing agreed, they contacted Thirty people in the same room, but the two soldiers at the door seemed to know that they were going to escape, and they were full of spirits and could not find opportunities for many days.

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