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Stray dog ​​and panda

The more things in life that there are no intersections, they may know each other in another field of time and space.

There are two very good poor people who come together to find God. In front of God, the Lord of all things, the two men confided their tragic and poor life. They suffered from the fate and life. The bondage of poverty, like a walking dead, was tormented, but one still worked hard and cultivated. A place where life is lazy and does not yield to fate. And they said that the poor are destined to be destined, and God who has not said a word finally uttered a message, and asked: "Really? Is the poor poorly destined to be fat?" God smiled and continued to remain silent. After the two poor people confided their own difficulties, they prayed to God: "Being too tired, both the poor and the rich have troubles, let them reincarnate into animals, and that is the kind that is born to enjoy. God thought about it and said, "Well, I will introduce you to two animals, one is the national treasure giant panda, everyone knows; one is the famous dog Saint Bernard, because of the mild nature, often used as a pet. Come raise, you just choose a reincarnation, but I have a condition, that is, you must come to me to report your situation on time, can you?" Hearing God promised them, they readily agreed to this request.

In this way, under the arrangement of God, one of them came to the home of a rich man as a pet dog, and the other fell in the special protection zone specially prepared for him by the country as a national treasure. From then on, they passed without Carefree life in the ideal. Of course, at the beginning, they reported to God as scheduled to enjoy how good they enjoyed, such as having a lot of delicious and nutritious food, and taking a bath like humans. God just listened quietly and said nothing. .

The good view is not long or the original shape is revealed, the one who reincarnates into a pet dog, because of the leisurely and happy life of eating and drinking, becomes more lazy, does not follow the owner’s will to do things, eats all day, sleeps, eats, and is completely dirty. Awkward, the master has just begun to discipline him. Because it has been for a long time, the owner gave up and ignored it. The master’s endurance was limited, so he drove it out of the house and became a wandering dog. The dog, and the other who became a giant panda, was gentle and very well-behaved. He listened to the trainer's arrangement and became a favorite panda.

When I came to God again, the stray dog ​​complained about how the master was indifferent, and why he was a famous dog. He didn’t care for himself, he would regret it... The giant panda looked at it very sympathetically and said that he would pray again for God. The stray dog ​​stopped complaining and once again prayed that God was giving a chance to reincarnate. God refused it and said: "Opportunity will only favor those who are prepared, opportunities are rare, take care of it." Then they left. Yes, God gave them the same opportunity. The giant panda cherishes and works hard, and the stray dog ​​is not a stray dog. It is dragged by the lazy weight, lacking initiative, now it, Strolling around the street all day, the whole body is black and smelly, and pedestrians will hide from the ground when they see it.

It lasted for a few days, and every time I met, God still said nothing, silently listening to them.

By chance, when the stray dog ​​chased the cat who bullied it, the heroic figure, the beautiful pace was seen by a police dog, recognized that it was the St. Bernard, and brought the stray dog ​​to the army, giving it After the grooming, I can't help but feel: What a good dog! Follow me later, to play your value. The word "value" wakes up the stray dog ​​all day long. Yes, he is a famous dog and has excellent physical fitness. He should not be buried like this. I must seize this opportunity and make my own destiny this time. Some changes, so I tried hard to listen to the training, coupled with the unique qualities of my body, quickly became an excellent police dog, and repeatedly made great achievements in many tasks.

Once again, I came to God, and the stray dog’s face leaked a long-lost smile. The giant panda asked the reason. The stray dog’s answer was simple: try to seize the opportunity, find the value of life, and live seriously. When the giant panda looking for the bottom wants to continue to ask questions, the stray dog ​​suddenly rushed back after receiving an urgent task. The giant panda continued to ask God, God laughed and did not answer, God went on to say: "Some people think that the poor What is lacking is money; some people think that the poor are poor and the opportunities are lacking; some people think that the poor lack skills; others say that the poor lack help and care... They don't know that the poor lack money, but they are the enterprising spirit of the rich. Enterprising is the eternal "treatment" special medicine, the germination point of all miracles, the poor are mostly poor because they have an inescapable The weakness of medicine, that is, the lack of enterprising spirit to get rich, and the attitude of life that is comfortable with the status quo."

The poor are not destined to be poor, from pet dogs to stray dogs to police dogs. Although life is full of twists and turns, if God asks me which one I will choose, I will not hesitate to choose a stray dog. There is always life in life. Such temptations and challenges may be unable to extricate themselves because of the greed of temporary greed, but overcome it with reason and a clear brain, and brave the courage to climb out of the quagmire, so that you will find your value.

Friends, if God also gave you such an opportunity, how would you choose? Will you complete the transition from stray dogs to police dogs?

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