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I have been here, I am very embarrassed.

First, helpless father

There is a beautiful little girl, her name is Yan Yan, she has a pair of big eyes with sparkling crystals. She has a transparent childlike heart. She is an orphan. She has only lived in this world for 8 years. The last sentence she left in this world is "I have been here, I am very embarrassed." She hopes to die in the autumn, the slim body is like a flower. The process of flowering naturally thank you. When the yellow flowers are piled up everywhere, and the deciduous air dances, she will see the wild goose. She voluntarily gave up treatment, divided the 540,000 Chinese donated to her by the world into seven, and gave life as a hope to seven children who are on the line of life and death.

Second, I voluntarily give up treatment

When she was born, she did not know who her biological parents were. She had only one adoptive father.

On November 30, 1996, it was the October 20th of the lunar calendar. Because "Daddy" Yu Shiyou found a newborn who was dying in the grass next to Shen Jiachong in Yongxing Town, she found that her chest was inserted. A small piece of paper with the words "12 o'clock on October 20th"

She lived in the second group of Yunya Village, Samsung Town, Shuangliu County, Sichuan Province, at the age of 30. Because the family is poor, I have been unable to find the object. If I want to adopt this child, I am afraid that no one will be willing to marry into this house. Looking at the baby crying like a kitten in the arms, Yu Shiyou put it down and picked it up and turned away. Looking back, this little life has been cold and crying, no one is afraid that it will be dead at any time! Biting his teeth, he picked up the baby again and sighed. "What do I eat, what do you eat with me?" ”

Yan Shiyou named her child Yan Yan, because she was born in the autumn harvest season. When she was a father, she didn’t have breast milk and couldn’t afford milk powder, she had to feed rice soup, so she was so sick and sick, but she was very clever and sensible. Spring and spring back, like a small flower on the bitter vine, Yan Yan grew up day by day, surprisingly smart and well-behaved, neighboring said that the dolls with high IQ are very fond of her, even though she was sick from an early age. In the fear of Dad’s fear, Yan Yan grew up.

The child who is bitter is indeed not ordinary. From the age of 5, she knows how to help her father to share housework, laundry, cooking, and mowing. She does a good job. She knows that she is different from other children. Other children have Mom and Dad, she only has her and her father. This family relies on her and her father to support her. She is very embarrassed and embarrassed, and does not let her father worry a little more, and give her a little bit of anger.

When the country is small, Yan Yan knows that she should study hard, and she must go up and test the first place. The illiterate father will have light in the village. She never let her father down. She sang to her father, told the father the same thing that happened in the school, and carefully attached the little red flower to the wall. Occasionally, the mischievous debut question will be taken down by Dad... Whenever I see the smile on my father’s face, she will secretly satisfy her. “Although I can’t have a mother like other children, I can live happily with my father. Happiness"

Since May 2005, she has often nosebleeds. One morning, Yan Yan was washing her face. Suddenly she found a basin of clear red water. At first glance, the blood in her nose was dripping down. No matter what measures were taken, I couldn’t stop it. There was no way for Dad to take her to the township hospital. Injection, but a small needle eye also bleeding, there are a lot of red spots on her legs, the doctor said to go to the big hospital to see, came to the Chengdu Grand Hospital, is the peak of the consultation, she can not line up, Sitting alone on the bench and holding the nose, the nosebleed like two lines, straight down, dyed the floor, she felt embarrassed, had to pick up a potty to receive blood, less than 10 minutes, the blood in the basin was full Half. When the doctor saw it, he quickly took the child to the examination. After the examination, the doctor issued a critical notice. She got "acute leukemia"!

The medical expenses for this disease are very expensive and generally cost 300,000 yuan. Looking at the daughter on the bed, he couldn't think too much. He had only one thought and saved his daughter! The money that was borrowed from relatives and friends was just a drop in the bucket. It was too far away from 300,000. He decided to sell the only adobe house in the house that could change money, but the house was too worn and could not find the buyer.

Looking at his father's melancholy eyes and his thin face. Yan Yan always has a feeling of sorrow and grief. Once, Yan Yan took the hand of her father. The words have not yet come out, but the tears came out: "Dad, I want to die..."

Father looked at her with a pair of horrified eyes. "You are only 8 years old, you are dying."

"I am a doll that I have come to. Everyone says that I am a life-threatening person. I can't afford this disease. Let me leave the hospital..."

On June 18th, the 8-year-old Yan Yan replaced the illiterate father and signed a signature on her medical record to "voluntarily give up the treatment of Yan Yan"

The three-year-old 8-year-old girl’s well-behaved arrangement

After returning home that day, from childhood to big, I didn’t ask any daddy with Dad. At this time, I asked for two requests like Dad. She wanted to wear a new dress and took a photo. She explained to her father, “I will not be in the future. Now, look at me on the photo when you think about me."

The next day, my father called the aunt to bring Yan Yan to the town, spent 30 yuan to buy two sets of new clothes for Yan Yan, Yan Yan chose a set of pink short-sleeved shorts, and her aunt chose a set of white red. The skirt of the point, she tried to wear it, she was reluctant to take off, the three came to the photo studio, Yan Yan was wearing pink new clothes, her hands were more than a V-shaped gesture, she smiled hard, and finally she could not help but shed tears. ...

She couldn't go to school anymore. She stood on the small road in front of the village with her bag for a long time, and her eyes were always wet.

If it wasn't for a reporter named Fu Yan of the Chengdu Evening News, Yan Yan would quietly float down from the wind like a leaf that slipped silently.

The reporter Auntie learned about the situation from the hospital and wrote a report detailing the story of Yan Yan. The story of "8-year-old girl arranging later generations" was spread in Rongcheng. Chengdu has been touched, the Internet has been touched, and countless citizens have been heartbroken by this poor girl. From Chengdu to the whole country, and even the whole world, the real world and the Internet space are linked, and all the loved ones donate to this small life. "Harmonious society" has become the strongest person in everyone's mind. In just 10 days, the donation from the global Chinese has exceeded 560,000, and the cost of surgery is enough. Xiao Yanyan’s fire of life is once again ignited by everyone’s love!

After the announcement of the fundraising activities, we are still receiving donations from all over the world. All the money is in place. The doctors have done their best, and one after another, the treatment difficulties have been met one by one! Everyone smiles and waits for success. That day... Some netizens wrote, "Yan Yan, my dear child..."

On June 21, she gave up treatment and went home to wait for death. Yan Yan was re-accepted to Chengdu, and she was admitted to the Children's Hospital of the city. The money was there, and the humble life had hopes and reasons for living.

Yan Yan accepted the unbearable chemotherapy. In the glass door, Yan Yan was lying in bed with infusion, a chair was placed beside the bed, and there was a plastic basin on the chair. She had to vomit sideways from time to time, the girl’s strong and everyone was surprised, her attending doctor introduced During the chemotherapy, the gastrointestinal reaction was strong. When Yan Yan started, one spit was half a pot, but she didn’t even scream. She just had a bone marrow puncture in the hospital. The needle pierced from the rib. She didn’t cry, she didn’t cry. No flow, no movement.

Yan Yan from birth to death, did not get a trace of maternal care, when Dr. Xu Ming proposed "佘艳, give me a daughter", Yan Yan eyes flashed, tears came out, the next day, when Dr. Xu Ming came When she arrived at her bed, Yan Yan shyly replied that her life "Xu Mama" Xu Ming began to sneak, and then smiled, and sweetly returned a "daughter 乖"

Dr. Xu Ming said to Yan Yan: "When you are sick, my mother will take you to KFC."

Yan Yan's eyes are full of confusion, she really can't imagine what KFC is.

The next day, Xu mother went to the ward and put on a pair of white socks for Yan Yan. She casually said to her: "Put this on, so as not to be cold." Yan Yan said happily, "Mom, this is my first time wearing socks." ”

Dr. Xu Ming felt that his heart was as uncomfortable as a needle, and then asked her "Tell Mom, what do you want?"

Yan Yan looked down and shy for a long time, then said slyly, "I want to have a pair of red shoes, wearing white socks, like Snow White."

On the night of the same day, Dr. Xu Ming got off work and took a taxi to a specialty store selling children's wear. He bought a pair of red shoes for 80 yuan and bought two pairs of white socks.

The next day, I went to the ward and put on red shoes and white socks. Yan Yan sat on the edge of the bed, her feet were not touched, and she liked it.

It’s a pity that it’s just a short while, the time for the injection is up, the needle is infused with the needle, and the socks and shoes are taken off in a short time.

All the people are looking forward to the miracle. All the people are looking forward to the moment when this is gorgeous. Many citizens came to the hospital to visit Yan Yan. Many netizens on the Internet are asking this poor child. Her life has filled this strange life with light!

During that time, the ward was full of flowers and fruits, and there was an intoxicating fragrance everywhere. After two months of chemotherapy, Yan Yan passed through 9 ghost gates, septic shock, sepsis, hemolysis, gastrointestinal bleeding... Everything is fierce. The chemotherapy program determined by the provincial and even domestic authoritative children's blood disease experts has a good effect. The "leukemia" itself has been completely controlled. Everyone is looking forward to the good news of Yan Yan's recovery!

However, the complications that may be caused by the use of chemotherapy drugs are very terrible. Compared with other children with leukemia, Yan Yan's body is very weak. At this time, her physical condition is even worse after the operation. On the morning of August 20, she asked Fu Yan, "Auntie, tell me why they donated money to me."

"Because they are all kind people"

"Auntie, I am also a good person."

"You are naturally good people, and good people will help each other and become more kind."

Yan Yan took out a math homework from the pillow and handed it to Fu Yan, "Auntie, this is my suicide note..."

Fu Yan was shocked and quickly opened it. It turned out to be the later generation of Xiao Yanyan.

This is an 8-year-old child who wrote a three-page suicide note in a bed with a pencil when his life is in jeopardy. Because the child is too small, some words are still not written, and there are many typos, see this, this The article was not written in one go. It is divided into 6 paragraphs. The beginning is "Fan Yan Auntie" ending with "Fu Yan Auntie Goodbye". The whole article "Fu Yan Auntie", or "Fu Ayi" public appeared 7 times, and 9 times referred to as reporters as "Auntie" After the 16 names, all of them are about "Please" after her death and she wants to express "thank you" and "goodbye" to the people who care about her through the whole society.

"Auntie see you again, we see you in a dream, Fu Ayi, my father's house is going to be awkward, Dad don't want to be angry, don't jump off the building. Fu Auntie, you have to be optimistic about my father, aunt, give me a little money to give our school a little, thank you Auntie. To the president of the Red Cross, after I died, I will give the rest of the money to the patients who are like me, so that their illness will be better..."

This suicide note made Fu Yan burst into tears and couldn't make a sound.

"I have been here, I am very embarrassed."

On August 22nd, due to gastrointestinal bleeding, Yan Yan, who could not eat for almost a month and supported by infusion, was the first to "steal the food." She took a piece of instant noodles and put it in her mouth. Soon, the gastrointestinal bleeding was aggravated. The nurse urgently gave her blood transfusions, infusions... Looking at Yan Yan’s unbearable abdominal pain and painfulness, many doctors and nurses were crying. Everyone was willing to help her share the pain. However, trying various methods still did not help.

Yan Yan’s abdominal pain was unbearable. She pleaded to all the doctors and nurses, “Let me die, I am uncomfortable...”

The doctors and nurses comforted her, let her insist, and soon it will be fine.

In the end, Yan Yan left the world in extreme pain. After she stopped breathing, the doctor still spared no effort to save for 80 minutes, and eventually failed to recover this young life.

The 8-year-old Xiao Yanyan finally escaped the ravages of the disease and died peacefully.

Everyone can't accept this fact. Is the "little fairy" who is as beautiful as poetry and pure as water really go to another world? Reporter Fu Yan feels that Xiaoyan's cold face is crying. I can’t call her aunt anymore, and I can’t laugh again.

Sichuan Online, Netease and other websites are immersed in tears, the Internet is soaked by tears, "heartache can not breathe". There are tens of thousands of posts under the message posts of each website. The wreaths are like mountains, and the eulogy is like the sea. The middle-aged man murmured "Child, you are the little angel in the sky, open your wings, fly in the air..." On August 26, her funeral was held in the rain, the cremation hall of the funeral home in the eastern suburbs of Chengdu. Inside and outside the station filled with tears and sorrows, they are all 8-year-old girls who are not acquainted with the "daughter mother" in order to let this birth be abandoned, voluntarily give up their girl after suffering from leukemia, and finally not too lonely when leaving The "Mom and Dad" from all directions came to see you in the rain.

She has a smiling photo on her graveyard. The front of the inscription reads: "I have been here, I am very embarrassed."

In the back is a brief introduction about Yan Yan's life experience. The last two sentences are "In her lifetime, I feel the warmth of the world. Little girl, please rest in peace, heaven is more beautiful."

In accordance with Xiao Yanyan's last wish, the remaining 540,000 yuan of medical expenses as a gift of life, left to other children with leukemia. The seven children are Yang Xinlin, Xu Li, Huang Zhiqiang, Liu Lingwei, Zhang Yuqi, Gao Jian, Wang Jie. These seven poor children, the oldest 19 years old, the youngest is only 2 years old. They are all poor children who are struggling on the death line.

On September 24th, the first girl who received a gift from Yan Yan, Xu Li, after a successful operation at Huaxi Medical University, put a smile on her pale face: "I accepted your life gift, thank you Yan Yan sister. You must look at us in paradise. Please rest assured that our gravestones will be engraved in the future: I have been here, I am very embarrassed...

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