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Gentleman and different

There were two prime ministers in the Northern Song Dynasty, one called Sima Guang and the other called Wang Anshi. One is conservative and the other is reform. Sima Guang was very clever when he was young. When he was young, his companion accidentally fell into the water tank, and he was drowned. Sima Guang was weak and unable to rescue him. In a hurry, he moved the stone to break the cylinder and the water flowed. Come out, the companion is saved. "Sima Guangxuan" has become a beautiful talk that has been passed down through the ages.

He has a gentle temperament, treats others with generosity, and has become a prime minister. He also follows the old law, adheres to the ancestral system, and advocates "doing nothing", with a lot of words and decent dress, and is a modest gentleman.

Wang Anshi read very well from the small book, "Ming Chuan Lane", he is old and heavy, and he does not laugh at his young age. Juvenile dedication, official transport prosperous. He is in charge of the imperial power of the court. In addition to not love to take a bath, wearing clothes is not particularly exquisite, often hair unkempt on the pilgrimage to see the emperor, order Wenwu. According to the standard at the time, he was basically a neuropathy. However, the emperor appreciated him very much. Although Wang Anshi was a typical "dirty mess", he was still "the emperor was very thick" and became the prime minister of the DPRK. He was determined to reform and promote the "one whip" method, trying to collect taxes for the Song Dynasty and fill the national treasury.

Sima Guang and Wang Anshi, who have different personalities and political enemies, are two people who sing and sing, and I will take turns to be prime ministers, and they will not be able to deal with them. The political propositions of the two of them differed by a hundred thousand miles. On the temple, Sima Guang and Wang Anshi are dead rivals, and each other thinks that the other party's governing policy is ridiculous. They feel that they are better than each other, better than each other, and better understand the national conditions than the other. Therefore, in the process of competing for power, the two were indifferent, using various means to kill the other side. The result of the struggle was that Wang Anshi won, and Sima Guang was driven down from the prime minister's throne.

Wang Anshi was in power, and the emperor asked him about his views on Sima Guang. Wang Anshi greatly appreciated that Sima Guang was the "leader of the country" and gave him a high evaluation of his character, ability and literary attainments.

Because of this, although Sima Guang lost the emperor's trust, but did not fall into a tragic situation because of the fall of power, he was able to calmly retreat from the rivers and lakes, and poetry and poetry.

The wind and water turns. It is the so-called thirty years of Hedong, thirty years of Hexi. The cynicism of Wang Anshi's strong implementation of reforms not only touched the interests of the emperors and relatives, but also caused strong dissatisfaction from the local officials. The ruling and the opposition were booing, and there must be impeachment in the dynasty. "Zeng Shen is a murderer. The emperor had already trusted Wang Anshi very much. He couldn’t help the three to become a tiger. Every day he heard someone saying that Wang Anshi was not. He finally lost his patience and removed him from office. He re-appointed Sima Guang as prime minister.

The wall is pushed down by everyone, and the number of people is broken. Since Wang Anshi has been dismissed, many of the officials will jump out and tell the emperor his black. For a time, the complaint is like snow, filling up Dan. The emperor listened to the rumors and wanted to rule Wang Anshi's sin and seek advice from Sima Guang.

Many people think that Wang Anshi’s Sima Guang lost his official. Now the emperor is going to cure his sin. It is a good time to go down the stone. However, Sima Guang did not intend to make the last straw to crush the camel. He eagerly told the emperor that Wang Anshi was hateful and hateful, with a heartfelt loyalty and a gentlemanly wind. You must not listen to rumors.

After listening to Sima Guang’s evaluation of Wang Anshi, the emperor said one sentence: Qing and other gentlemen also!

Gentlemen are different and different. My relationship with you is very good, and I respect your character. However, this does not mean that I must agree with your political opinions. My opposition to your ideas, methods, and means of governing does not imply a denial of your personal moral qualities. There is a principle that there is a bottom line in dealing with people, and this is a gentleman.

When he was young, Churchill had been a member of the House of Commons for a long time. He had a portrait called Margaret who could almost be called an ugly female colleague. Their political opinions were very different. Margaret often objected to what Churchill agreed, and, similarly, Margaret’s claim that Churchill generally voted against it. The two men were arguing in the House, blaming each other, and blaming each other in the end.

One day, Churchill drank more wine at lunch, drunk and smoked and swayed to the House of Commons, and happened to meet Margaret in the hallway. Margaret yelled at him angrily: Winston, you are drunk again! Your look is disgusting!

Churchill shouted recklessly: Yes, you are right. I am really disgusted when I get drunk. It will not be disgusting when I wake up tomorrow. But you Margaret? You are born very ugly, yesterday was ugly, today is ugly, and tomorrow will be ugly!

This is simply too much. Margaret didn't expect Churchill to be so vicious, crying on the spot.

In all fairness, Churchill's approach is very gentle, it is estimated that the wine is too much. This unpleasant thing is widely circulated in the House of Commons. Everyone believes that Margaret must have hated Churchill.

In 1939, Nazi Germany invaded Poland. At that time, the British prime minister was Chamberlain. Because he blindly applied to Appease's appeasement policy, he was strongly opposed by the people and was forced to resign as prime minister. King George nominated Churchill to replace Chamberlain as prime minister, but it must be approved by more than two-thirds of the parliament. Some people opposed Churchill as prime minister and contacted some members to vote against it. They went to Margaret and hoped that she would join the camp against Churchill as prime minister. Margaret refused straight away. She said: I fully support Churchill. In this critical moment, I can't think of anyone who is more suitable to lead the UK than him. Among the people I have met, his courage and wisdom and his patriotism can no one out. right.

This is another form of harmony and difference. Margaret disapproved of Churchill’s political claims and did not even recognize his way of life. However, she was deeply rooted in her heart and respected Churchill’s talent and patriotism. Therefore, as a political opponent, when the opportunity to crack down on political opponents came, she chose to give up.

In this sense, Margaret is a true gentleman.

George Washington was a hero of the American Revolutionary War and a founding father. He was called the "Father of the United States." His personal prestige reached its peak after his militia led the North American colony defeated the British army to win independence. Many subordinates embrace him and hope that he will be a king. In the face of the temptation of the crown, Washington refused without any hesitation. He said: If I promised you to become a king, then the blood of the people of the 13 states who fight for freedom has no value at all.

His subordinates were moved by his noble personality and unanimously elected him as the President of the United States of America.

Thomas Jefferson, a good friend of Washington and one of the drafters of the mainland declaration, agreed that Washington should be president, but he insisted that the president must have a term of office and that he could not grasp the supreme power of the state without limit and without time limit. At the same time, he strongly advocated the establishment of the Senate and the House of Representatives. He strongly recommended that the three powers be established, and that the Congress and the Senate and the House of Representatives should limit the power of the president and constrain the behavior of the president.

Jefferson said: We all know that Mr. Washington is a noble person. But we don't know what kind of person he will become after he has served as president for a few years - because human nature has weaknesses and it will change. We are even less able to know, what kind of guy will the elected American president be a hundred years from now? So we have to legislate today to limit the power of the president and to protect the basic rights of the American people from being violated at any time.

Jefferson was a close comrade in Washington. In the struggle of the people of the thirteen states against British rule, he fought side by side with Washington and supported him unreservedly. They appreciated and respected each other. However, Jefferson did not change his political stance because of this intimate relationship. He did not worship him because of his great achievements. He did not give up the principle because of the deep affection between friends. Gentlemen are different and harmonious, because they agree with the character, and the difference is to uphold justice.

During Washington’s tenure as president of the United States of America, Jefferson, who was the leader of the Congress, often opposed the president’s policy guidelines. Many times, they would be angry with each other’s actions and speeches, and the noise would be disappointing. After calming down, each other will explain, apologize and reaffirm their political position. On the road to leading the country, they cannot be called unity. In a sense, they are enemies.

Four years later, Washington returned to his hometown of Mount Vernon Plantation and settled in his old age as a farmer. Before leaving office, he nominated Jefferson as the presidential candidate, enthusiastically praised Jefferson's character and talent, saying that Mr. Jefferson is a "trustworthy gentleman."

Mr. Washington is also a respectable gentleman.

God cares for the United States. The American people are very fortunate, because at the beginning of the founding of the country, there are gentlemen like Washington and Jefferson who have made today's prosperity prosperous.

The philosopher Voltaire once said: "I totally disagree with your point of view, but I am willing to use life to defend your right to speak."

This is the gentleman's principle of being a man. I disagree with your opinion. It does not mean that I do not respect your character, nor does it mean that I can deprive you of your rights. Respect for each other is not only reflected in the close relationship between each other, but more importantly, respect and allow the other party to make different voices. Only in this way can ideas be free and society can progress.

I hope that there are more gentlemen in this world.

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